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‘That’s not art’ says Apple as it pulls nudes from AppStore

Cupertino’s prudery has struck again, after photography market 500px’s app was pulled from the AppStore over its depiction of nudity.
Richard Chirgwin, 23 Jan 2013
IBM's System zEC12 mainframe

IBM continues to squeeze blue blood from IT stones

As has been the case for so many quarters that it has become normal, IBM has managed to boost its profits even as its revenues were down a smidgen in the fourth quarter ended in December.

Big Data about to bottom out, says Gartner

Big Data hype has peaked and adopters are about to enter Gartner’s dread trough of disillusionment, says one of the firm’s analysts, Svetlana Sicular.
Simon Sharwood, 23 Jan 2013

Your eyeballs bagged Google $50 BEEELLION in 2012

Haters who gloated over the surprise dip in Google's revenues last quarter can stop now, as the Chocolate Factory has posted strong results for its fourth quarter and for fiscal 2012 as a whole.
Neil McAllister, 23 Jan 2013

AMD alllllmost promises profitability by year end

AMD, slapped around by what CEO Rory Read and other corporate honchos like to refer to as "the challenging macro environment," looks to regain profitability in the second half of this year.
Rik Myslewski, 23 Jan 2013
HotLink logo

HotLink punts freebie SuperVisor virty control freak

The SuperVisor control freak that lets VMware vCenter to do unnatural things to non-VMware hypervisors and clouds is getting a 2.0 rev with a bunch of new features. This update comes just as HotLink, the company behind the tool, has decided to make it up in volume and provide a full and freebie version of SuperVisor that we can all mess around with on a modest server/cloud setup.

Google's Native Client browser tech now works on ARM

UpdatedNative Client (NaCl), the Google technology that allows developers to write client-side web application modules in compiled languages like C and C++, has been updated to work on devices based on the ARM processor architecture.
Neil McAllister, 23 Jan 2013
Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard in the operations centre at Macquarie Telecom's new Intellicentre 2 data centre

Australia puts digital frontier at heart of national security plan

Australia is tooling up for a “long, persistent fight” online, and believes digital combat will be as important to the nation’s future security as involvements in Iraq and Afghanistan were in the last decade.
Simon Sharwood, 23 Jan 2013

Hydrogen on demand from silicon nanospheres - just add water

“Instant energy, just add water” – you might expect the expression under an ACME label in an old Warner Bros cartoon, but not from a University.
Richard Chirgwin, 23 Jan 2013
Google Compute Engine

Google to devs: Fork with our cloudy code

Google has released a substantial trove of code for its Cloud Platform to github.
Simon Sharwood, 23 Jan 2013
Die Another Day invisible Aston

Chinese boffins crack cloaking tech for camouflage

Chinese boffins have invented new cloaking technology which distorts light in a way that could be used to disguise soldiers, or even aircraft, during combat.
Phil Muncaster, 23 Jan 2013
Toshiba Qosmio DX730-102 all-in-one desktop PC

APAC PC shipments FALL for first time ever in 2012

The launch of more shiny new ultrabooks, Microsoft’s much-anticipated Windows 8 and the APAC region's often-strong growth all failed to stop PC sales receding over 2012, the first time the region has experienced a full year drop in PC shipments.
Phil Muncaster, 23 Jan 2013

Storage firms can win big if they buy the RIGHT trendy tech

Blocks and Files:Three weeks into 2013, not even the end of January, and three storage companies have been bought. Are we seeing the first stirrings of a buying frenzy as mainstream suppliers get better placed for flash, software-defined data centres and the cloud?
Chris Mellor, 23 Jan 2013
DARPA logo

DARPA shells out $194m for 'phase 6' of STARnet chip project

War tech agency DARPA is not happy with the pace of progress in semiconductors, so it has been funding primary research through a program called Semiconductor Technology Advanced Research Network - or STARnet for short, for the past several years. And it has now announced that it is kicking in another $194m over the next five years to fund phase six of the project, which incorporates studies on nanomaterials, spintronics, and swarm computing, among other things.

Speaking in Tech: 'VCs hate open source because the path to money is longer'

Team Register, 23 Jan 2013

Jocks strap into new gov-funded White Space boffinry base

The Scottish Funding Council has bunged Strathclyde University cash to set up a boffinry base to develop cunning uses of spare radio frequencies known as White Space.
Bill Ray, 23 Jan 2013

Cautious Brits less likely than US firms to puff on clouds - survey

A "fragmented" legal framework, the "attitude" of regulators and a naturally cautious approach to security issues are among the reasons why UK businesses have made less use of cloud computing than US counterparts, according to experts.
OUT-LAW.COM, 23 Jan 2013

Liferay's not dead yet - but what's keeping it alive?

Open ... and ShutThe enterprise portal market should have died years ago. With new-school collaboration tools like Yammer and newfangled integration frameworks like MuleSoft (ESB in the cloud) and Apigee (APIs), the market was being written off almost as soon as it began. More bluntly, in a market that was limping to single-digit growth in 2008, with growth stalling since then, how could an open-source player like Liferay hope to survive, particularly given its penchant for using the company as a vehicle for doing as much social good as company profit?
Matt Asay, 23 Jan 2013

EU-wide mega-Leveson 'needed' to silence Press, bloggers

A group reporting to the European Commission has recommended the regulation of the media and bloggers. It also called for the creation of several new regulatory apparatus for fining, monitoring and chivvying the Press.
Andrew Orlowski, 23 Jan 2013

Hackers on anti-Egypt spree bury Egyptology journal in the sand

Hackers waging war against Egyptian websites have forced the closure of Egyptological, a journal on Egyptology.
John Leyden, 23 Jan 2013

Flash, cloud boom flings storage startups into piles of money

Nasuni, Nimbus, TwinStrata and Whiptail have all announced flying starts to 2013, suggesting it's going to be a quite a year for both cloud storage and flash array technology.
Chris Mellor, 23 Jan 2013

Dead Steve Jobs' patent war threat to Palm over 'no-hire pact'

Steve Jobs threatened the CEO of Palm with a patent bash-up if he didn't stop nicking Apple employees, a court filing in an antitrust lawsuit has revealed.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 23 Jan 2013

Raytheon to build low-orbit, disposable satellites for DARPA

The fighter-deployed satellites in DARPA's latest plan - which will deploy them in orbits so low they burn up in a month - will be built by Raytheon, which reckons it can do the job for $2m a pop.
Bill Ray, 23 Jan 2013

WHOMP! Micron drops middle ground server and storage SSD

Micron has launched the P400M solid state drive targeted at the data centre server and storage array market. With a 7PB written endurance level, it's not an outstanding drive performance-wise, but let's have a look at its overall features.
Chris Mellor, 23 Jan 2013

UK 4G auction kicks off in total silence

The UK has opened its auction of radio frequencies suitable for high-speed 4G mobile internet services. Who exactly is bidding in which bands will remain a secret until the sale ends.
Bill Ray, 23 Jan 2013

National Audit Office tears government's savings claims in HALF

The National Audit Office has questioned the Cabinet Office's weighty ICT savings claims and revealed it still does not know how many small biz suppliers are winning public sector contracts.
Paul Kunert, 23 Jan 2013

Wad of BlackBerry OS 10 pics 'leaks' from RIM's inner circle

A "leak" of more than a hundred screenshots purporting to be from the release version of BlackBerry OS 10 has washed up on a blog.
Andrew Orlowski, 23 Jan 2013

BT in £52m contract tussle: West Country bumpkins hit with broadband delay

A £52m government-subsidised superfast broadband project in rural parts of Somerset and Devon that was won by national telco BT has been delayed over "contract issues".
Kelly Fiveash, 23 Jan 2013

Telefónica slapped with €67m anti-competitive fine from EU

Spanish communications giant Telefónica has been fined €66.8m by the European Commission for agreeing not to compete with Portugal Telecom, which was slapped with a lighter €12m penalty by Brussels officials.
Kelly Fiveash, 23 Jan 2013

Dotcom's Mega smacks back: Our crypto's not crap

Kim Dotcom's comeback cloud storage service, Mega, has responded to criticism about its approach to cryptography and password security after security researcher Steve Thomas (@Sc00bz) released his MegaCracker tool, which cracks hashes embedded in emailed password confirmation links.
John Leyden, 23 Jan 2013

Ofcom: You like to make CALLS, yeah? Tell us what you want from mobiles

Ofcom has discovered that mobile phones are used for making calls, and that mobile data is generally used to access the internet, so now it wants help deciding what to find out next.
Bill Ray, 23 Jan 2013

UK malls use Google in desperate stab at luring shoppers off the web

The UK's largest commercial property company Land Securities has signed a deal with Google to try to stem the flow of shoppers from its managed malls.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 23 Jan 2013

Red supergiant Betelgeuse heads for SMACKDOWN with 'dust bar'

Earth's nearest supergiant red star Betelgeuse is on its way to a spectacular collision when it smacks into a "nearby" dust bar. The whole process will take thousands of years, however.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 23 Jan 2013
VMware's monster VM

VMware ponies up $30m for Puppet Labs partnership

VMware injected a little money into systems management software upstart Puppet Labs in its third round of funding back in November 2011. But now the server virtualization juggernaut has its hands firmly up the backside of Puppet Labs as it has become one of the bigger investors in the company after doing the fourth round of funding, weighing in at $30m, all by itself.
Cartoon of Psy gangnam style

'Op! Op! Op!' Gangnam Style earns Google $8m

Google has pulled in $8m from the over one billion YouTube views of Korean rapper – or K-pop entertainer, your call – Psy's Gangnam Style (강남스타일) video.
Rik Myslewski, 23 Jan 2013

Tech firms face massive tax bill if Dutch vote to end loopholes

US corporations including Dell, Yahoo!, and Google could be facing an extra $90bn in taxes if the Dutch government presses ahead with plans to stop the country being used as a conduit for companies looking to avoid paying local revenue officials.
Iain Thomson, 23 Jan 2013
Super Micro's 4-node FatTwin server

Embiggened x86 servers help Super Micro set revenue records

Last year was not an easy one for whitebox king Super Micro, which makes a living selling x86 servers as well as the components for those who want to compete with it. But the latest record-breaking revenues and improving profit picture shows the company has overcome its setbacks.

Apple shares dive after quarterly report disappoints Wall Street

Apple released its financial results for the first quarter of its 2013 fiscal year after the markets closed on Wednesday, and disappointing results immediately drove its stock price down by over 5 per cent.
Rik Myslewski, 23 Jan 2013
New telstra logo

Telstra bets on a software future

Telstra has announced a new software unit it hopes will deliver revenue streams to help replace the doomed old-telco income from fixed line services – and to protect its mobile business against the threat posed by app businesses.
Richard Chirgwin, 23 Jan 2013

Samsung beat Apple for most chip purchases in 2012

Samsung surpassed Apple as the leading consumer of semiconductors worldwide in 2012, while slumping demand for traditional PCs and notebooks caused several other competitors to reduce their demand, according to the latest figures from research firm Gartner.
Neil McAllister, 23 Jan 2013

Cisco pays $475m for Israeli mobile network firm Intucell

Cisco has bought Israeli mobile network traffic management software firm Intucell for $475m in cash as it seeks to expand its footprint on the mobile market.
Iain Thomson, 23 Jan 2013

Squillions of bytes in one cup of DNA

It’s not the first time that digital data has been encoded on DNA, but new research published today in Nature brings bio-storage a significant step closer to reality.
Richard Chirgwin, 23 Jan 2013

AMD to get dense about servers – but in a good way

Maybe SeaMicro, the upstart maker of low-power microservers that dragged Intel kicking and screaming into the market, should have bought AMD instead of the other way around. Or maybe after the AMD transformation is all done some years hence, it will look like that is what happened anyway so the difference will be moot.

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