23rd January 2013 Archive

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  • ‘That’s not art’ says Apple as it pulls nudes from AppStore

    I don't care what your friends download, you’re not going out like that young lady

    Mobile 23 Jan 00:02

  • IBM continues to squeeze blue blood from IT stones

    Mainframe boost more than covers Power dive

    Financial News 23 Jan 00:07

  • Big Data about to bottom out, says Gartner

    Users can't get no 'satisfiction', but they try, but they try, but they try ...

    CIO 23 Jan 01:13

  • Your eyeballs bagged Google $50 BEEELLION in 2012

    Estimate-beating Q4 capped record revenue year

    Financial News 23 Jan 01:21

  • AMD alllllmost promises profitability by year end

    Parsing the fine distinction between 'expectations' and 'goals'

    Financial News 23 Jan 01:48

  • HotLink punts freebie SuperVisor virty control freak

    Update adds EC2, ESXi 5.1, and vCloud hooks

    Virtualization 23 Jan 01:50

  • Google's Native Client browser tech now works on ARM

    Next up: making it work on every CPU

    Developer 23 Jan 02:35

  • Australia puts digital frontier at heart of national security plan

    Prepares for ‘long, persistent fight’ online with new national Cyber Security Centre

    Government 23 Jan 03:06

  • Hydrogen on demand from silicon nanospheres - just add water

    Buffalo boffins tout ‘instant energy’ for portable devices

    Science 23 Jan 03:38

  • Google to devs: Fork with our cloudy code

    Github code trove eases entry to Chocolate Factory’s Cloud Platform

    Cloud 23 Jan 05:06

  • Chinese boffins crack cloaking tech for camouflage

    Bend light here and hey presto, your aircraft becomes a bird

    Science 23 Jan 05:26

  • APAC PC shipments FALL for first time ever in 2012

    Ultrabooks, Windows 8, no match for tablet fever

    Business 23 Jan 06:24

  • Storage firms can win big if they buy the RIGHT trendy tech

    Grab The Next Big Thing early enough and the sky's the limit

    Storage 23 Jan 07:03

  • DARPA shells out $194m for 'phase 6' of STARnet chip project

    Nothing like SkyNet – we hope

    Government 23 Jan 07:27

  • Speaking in Tech: 'VCs hate open source because the path to money is longer'

    The big Dell bet, OpenStack, stalk tech on Facebook and more...

    CIO 23 Jan 08:02

  • The perfect Data Centre vision

    How can you manage to see it fulfilled?

    Data Centre 23 Jan 08:16

  • Jocks strap into new gov-funded White Space boffinry base

    Silicon Glen is after Silicon Fen's smart radio tech

    Mobile 23 Jan 08:33

  • Cautious Brits less likely than US firms to puff on clouds - survey

    'The UK attitude is it is inherently less safe with a third party'

    Cloud 23 Jan 09:04

  • Liferay's not dead yet - but what's keeping it alive?

    Enterprise portals: U iz doin' it right

    Applications 23 Jan 09:32

  • EU-wide mega-Leveson 'needed' to silence Press, bloggers

    Now write some nice stories about Europe, please - new report

    Media 23 Jan 10:09

  • Hackers on anti-Egypt spree bury Egyptology journal in the sand

    Bystanders in online war blasted offline

    Security 23 Jan 10:57

  • Flash, cloud boom flings storage startups into piles of money

    Cloud gateway, flash = storage slingshots for suppliers

    Cloud 23 Jan 11:22

  • Dead Steve Jobs' patent war threat to Palm over 'no-hire pact'

    New twist in court claims Apple, Google and pals conspired to keep wages low

    Law 23 Jan 11:49

  • Raytheon to build low-orbit, disposable satellites for DARPA

    Battlefield viewing from the edge of space

    Science 23 Jan 12:04

  • WHOMP! Micron drops middle ground server and storage SSD

    Outstanding? Well, er...

    Storage 23 Jan 12:22

  • UK 4G auction kicks off in total silence

    Money is on the table, but no details 'til the fat lady sings

    Mobile 23 Jan 12:43

  • National Audit Office tears government's savings claims in HALF

    Not sure how many SMEs suppliers working with gov either

    The Channel 23 Jan 12:55

  • Wad of BlackBerry OS 10 pics 'leaks' from RIM's inner circle

    Hundreds of screenshots overflow the web

    Mobile 23 Jan 13:22

  • BT in £52m contract tussle: West Country bumpkins hit with broadband delay

    Somerset and Devon still trying to agree terms with telco

    Broadband 23 Jan 13:43

  • Telefónica slapped with €67m anti-competitive fine from EU

    Portugal Telecom gets €12m penalty for deal with 'mate'

    Networks 23 Jan 14:04

  • Dotcom's Mega smacks back: Our crypto's not crap

    'The '90s called... they want their password security back'

    Cloud 23 Jan 14:38

  • Ofcom: You like to make CALLS, yeah? Tell us what you want from mobiles

    Watchdog asks users for metrics to help it rate operators

    Networks 23 Jan 15:07

  • UK malls use Google in desperate stab at luring shoppers off the web

    Shopping centre management firm signs up to Product Search

    Media 23 Jan 15:59

  • Red supergiant Betelgeuse heads for SMACKDOWN with 'dust bar'

    'Let's turn on the juice and see what shakes loose'

    Science 23 Jan 16:45

  • VMware ponies up $30m for Puppet Labs partnership

    Getting down to serious – and heterogeneous – control freakage

    Cloud 23 Jan 17:09

  • 'Op! Op! Op!' Gangnam Style earns Google $8m

    De gustibus non est disputandum

    Media 23 Jan 18:06

  • Tech firms face massive tax bill if Dutch vote to end loopholes

    'Dutch sandwich' may be past its sell-by date

    Business 23 Jan 20:13

  • Embiggened x86 servers help Super Micro set revenue records

    Profits on the mend after flood-driven disk drive pricing snafu

    Financial News 23 Jan 20:57

  • Apple shares dive after quarterly report disappoints Wall Street

    Revenues up, but earnings flat

    Financial News 23 Jan 22:01

  • Telstra bets on a software future

    Protect your incumbency? There’s an app for that

    Business 23 Jan 22:11

  • Samsung beat Apple for most chip purchases in 2012

    Meanwhile, PC and notebook makers cut back

    Business 23 Jan 22:12

  • Cisco pays $475m for Israeli mobile network firm Intucell

    Big payday as Chambers seeks mobile cloud control

    Mobile 23 Jan 22:15

  • Squillions of bytes in one cup of DNA

    I/O is rubbish, but DNA will be around once the LTO standard is dust

    Science 23 Jan 23:32

  • AMD to get dense about servers – but in a good way

    Hires two more chip hotshots to drive down the roadmaps

    Servers 23 Jan 23:59