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Wireless performance will collapse, prices rise: Deloitte

Deloitte is predicting a looming spectrum crunch that will result in higher prices and poor performance, even on LTE networks.
Richard Chirgwin, 20 Jan 2013
SGI logo hardware close-up

SGI swings to a gain despite $50m in 'LMDs of profit destruction'

Supercomputer and cloud server maker Silicon Graphics ran a dog and pony show last week on Wall Street at the Needham Growth Conference, and because it was going to talk about its business the company had to release preliminary financial results for its second quarter of fiscal 2013 to avoid being busted for selective disclosure.

NASA sends Mona Lisa into space by LASER

NASA has fired a greyscale image of the Mona Lisa to its Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, as part of an experiment using optics instead of radio for deep-space communications.
Richard Chirgwin, 20 Jan 2013
The encryption key generation screen from Kim Dotcom's preview of his new cloud storage service

Mega launches with mega FAIL

Kim Dotcom's new cloud file locker, mega.co.nz, has all-but-failed to appear online, with its mastermind claiming global enthusiasm for the site has overwhelmed its resources.
Simon Sharwood, 20 Jan 2013

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