18th January 2013 Archive

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  • Intel: Everything is absolutely fab-u-lous, particularly in servers

    The chip fab edge will buy Chipzilla time in smartphones, tablets

    Financial News 18 Jan 00:43

  • Black holes bigger than first thought

    Boffins ready to ditch linear galaxy size = black hole size assumption

    Science 18 Jan 01:20

  • Lenovo offers Chrome OS ThinkPad for well-heeled schools

    Toughens up laptops for schoolyard survival

    Laptops 18 Jan 01:30

  • Cisco takes stake in virtualiser Parallels

    If VMware's Nicira is no threat, why does Cisco need another virtual friend?

    Virtualization 18 Jan 01:44

  • You're not cool enough for some malware

    Nightclub logic: If you're not hackers' lists, you don't get pwned

    Security 18 Jan 02:08

  • Office 2013 now available for some home users

    If your boss offers you cheap software, say 'yes'

    Software 18 Jan 03:45

  • Dotcom's Mega to launch with mini call centre

    50GB accounts for all!

    Networks 18 Jan 04:51

  • Wikimedia gets the travel bug with Wikivoyage

    Just what the world needs: another travel site in search results

    Networks 18 Jan 06:12

  • PR people 'put duty to the public ahead of employers' interests'

    Says press release based on what PRs said in interviews

    Media 18 Jan 07:03

  • Did ZDI snub your 0-day attack? Packet Storm will buy it for $7k

    Assuming Google didn't offer $20,000 for it, either

    Security 18 Jan 07:34

  • Use your loaf, Europe! Eat more fibre - high-speed web lobbyists

    Don't swallow BT's excuses, demand fast net access NOW

    Broadband 18 Jan 08:01

  • 'Like most convoluted theories, it was an incorrect one'

    All Hail Bob the Dev... Plus: 'A Death Star isn't on the horizon'

    Bootnotes 18 Jan 08:33

  • Cybercrooks send in Bouncer to guide marks to phishing sites

    Website for one, monsieur?

    Security 18 Jan 09:02

  • Record numbers of you are reading this headline right now

    Another year, another 700,000 readers

    Site News 18 Jan 09:32

  • Happy birthday, Lisa: Apple's slow but heavy workhorse turns 30

    The story of the machine the Mac maker would rather you forgot

    Vintage 18 Jan 10:02

  • McDonalds burger app gives it to you straight from the horse's mouth

    We're not flogging you dead horse, etc

    Applications 18 Jan 10:34

  • Google's JavaScript assassin: Web languages are harder than VMs

    Dart daddy Lars Bak: JavaScript? I have no problem with it

    Developer 18 Jan 11:00

  • LIVE TODAY: Windows 8 licensing - Speak your brains, believe your eyes

    The fine print explained: today at 14:00 GMT, 9.00 Eastern, 6.00 PT

    Cloud 18 Jan 11:19

  • Brits' privates furtled in TWO-THIRDS of UK fraud cases

    Keep your wallet close, keep your personal data closer

    Security 18 Jan 11:38

  • Hark! Mark McHale hailed as new Arrow ECS UK boss man

    Steve Pearce moves to Euro role

    The Channel 18 Jan 11:38

  • What’s a computer? Eat yourself fitter!

    Best tech of the year is forking crap

    Hardware 18 Jan 12:00

  • EMC fires anti-Dropbox torpedo to sink off-site biz clouds

    In Syn'city, the IT bosses rule the data

    Storage 18 Jan 12:17

  • VXers exploit users' confusion over Java to punt fake update

    Cheers, dears, I'll just pop through that backdoor...

    Security 18 Jan 12:32

  • Google sinks millions into plush new £1bn London HQ

    Plus: Someone tell Choc Factory veep the web was born on Franco-Swiss border

    Management 18 Jan 12:47

  • UK.gov told to get a brain in wake of £1bn IT deals collapse

    Small biz blasts ministers for cockup that cost them £££££s

    The Channel 18 Jan 13:02

  • Why no one wants to Joyn GSMA's Skype-killing expedition

    Global agreement for each tiny step turns deadly hunt into slow-mo joke

    Mobile 18 Jan 13:19


    Yeah, I don't see Facebook cars driving themselves, bitch

    Management 18 Jan 13:38

  • Facebook's sexy pick 'n' mix OCP model is great... for Facebook

    Chris Mellor discerns cunning plan behind open-source generosity

    Storage 18 Jan 14:03

  • Top Gear isn't TV, not when it's on YouTube

    Ofcom overrules streaming regulator

    Media 18 Jan 14:33

  • US general: Beware of Iran's Revolutionary Cyber-Guard

    Stuxnet and other attacks have turned country into 'force to be reckoned with'

    Government 18 Jan 15:02

  • Microsoft promises big shiny tool to cheer glum Windows resellers

    'It is painful, not easiest thing' flogging Redmond kit

    The Channel 18 Jan 15:18

  • Cash-ravenous Sony will flog Manhattan HQ for $1.1 BEELLION

    Something the Japanese biz will actually make a profit on

    Financial News 18 Jan 15:44

  • Software Box banks double-digit profit spike in fiscal 2012

    Who said there's no money in the channel?

    The Channel 18 Jan 15:56

  • Fujitsu Tech Solutions boss: I am an industry 'insurgent'

    Badboy Michael Keegan plans to upset rivals, pilfer biggest partners

    The Channel 18 Jan 16:02

  • Smarm-bot Siri seeks side-splitting script-writer for charm transplant

    Forget an Oscar or Bafta, Apple's offering the hottest writing gig in town

    Applications 18 Jan 16:33

  • Paging Dr Evil: Philips medical device control kit 'easily hacked'

    Homeland Security 'taking an interest'

    Security 18 Jan 17:03

  • GridIron gobbled up by Violin Memory

    SAN acceleration added to Violin's string

    Storage 18 Jan 18:16

  • Google files patent for eyewear that SHOOTS LASERS

    Burn a keyboard on your arm

    Hardware 18 Jan 22:02

  • Microsoft to end Windows 8 discounts on January 31

    Here's what it will really cost

    Operating Systems 18 Jan 22:32

  • Microsoft's ARM blunder: 7 reasons why Windows RT was DOA

    Redmond's low-rent tablet OS was doomed from the start

    Operating Systems 18 Jan 23:14