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Otellini with wafer - IDF 2003

Intel: Everything is absolutely fab-u-lous, particularly in servers

Paul Otellini may be stepping down in a few months as president and CEO at Chipzilla, but you wouldn't know it by listening to him talk about the company, its strategies to take on a slew of new competition, and evolve to serve new kinds of customers with devices that are largely not Intel Inside.

Black holes bigger than first thought

A bit of “astronomical shorthand” applied to make galactic mathematics easier to deal with might have to be abandoned, according to researchers from Swinburne University.
Richard Chirgwin, 18 Jan 2013

Lenovo offers Chrome OS ThinkPad for well-heeled schools

Google has won over another convert to the Chrome OS cause, signing up Lenovo to sell a ThinkPad X131e Chromebook into the education market – albeit at a very high price.
Iain Thomson, 18 Jan 2013
Parallels log

Cisco takes stake in virtualiser Parallels

Cisco has taken an one per cent equity stake in Parallels, a minor virtualisation software vendor.
Simon Sharwood, 18 Jan 2013

Office 2013 now available for some home users

Office 2013 is still a few weeks away from release, but Microsoft has made it available to certain customers as part of its Home Use Program (HUP), a scheme it uses to sell cheap software to folks whose employers have a Software Assurance deal.
Simon Sharwood, 18 Jan 2013
The encryption key generation screen from Kim Dotcom's preview of his new cloud storage service

Dotcom's Mega to launch with mini call centre

The new mega.co.nz will launch with 50 gigabytes of cloud storage for all comers and a global customer support line, but just 15 to 20 staff to handle calls.
Simon Sharwood, 18 Jan 2013

Wikimedia gets the travel bug with Wikivoyage

The Wikimedia foundation has extended its “mission is to empower a global volunteer community to collect and develop the world's knowledge” by adding a travel site to its portfolio of online services.
Simon Sharwood, 18 Jan 2013

PR people 'put duty to the public ahead of employers' interests'

Public relations professionals, often thought generally to lie on a spectrum somewhere between Edina Monsoon (Ab Fab) and Malcolm Tucker (The Thick Of It) are actually "fervent about serving the public interest", and typically place their duty to the public above any loyalty to their employers.
Lewis Page, 18 Jan 2013

Did ZDI snub your 0-day attack? Packet Storm will buy it for $7k

Long-running computer security website Packet Storm has launched a bug bounty scheme to reward folks who find and report holes in software. Details of qualifying flaws will eventually be publicly disclosed.
John Leyden, 18 Jan 2013
Sliced Bread

Use your loaf, Europe! Eat more fibre - high-speed web lobbyists

InterviewLobbyists demanding superfast web access in Europe fear the continent's economy could suffer if nations fail to hook fibre-optic broadband directly into homes.
Kelly Fiveash, 18 Jan 2013

'Like most convoluted theories, it was an incorrect one'

This was the week when Aaron Swartz's suicide called into question the blanket severity of maximum sentences faced by those accused of crimes under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Angry supporters of Swartz partially blamed the pressure he was under as the subject of 13 different counts that could have resulted in over 30 years in jail. His family said:
Brid-Aine Parnell, 18 Jan 2013

Cybercrooks send in Bouncer to guide marks to phishing sites

Cybercrooks have begun bundling whitelisting technology with phishing kits in a bid to restrict access to phishing sites to only their intended victims.
John Leyden, 18 Jan 2013
Steve Jobs and the Apple Lisa

Happy birthday, Lisa: Apple's slow but heavy workhorse turns 30

Read a press release from Apple in the 1990s and it'll end with something along the lines of:
Bob Dormon, 18 Jan 2013

McDonalds burger app gives it to you straight from the horse's mouth

As Britain spits out its dinner in disgust after admissions that “beef” burgers sold in some UK supermarkets contain horse DNA, down under in Australia punters can relax because there's now an app for that. Or rather for proving that there's no horse cantering about beneath the golden arches.
Simon Sharwood, 18 Jan 2013

Google's JavaScript assassin: Web languages are harder than VMs

The problem with programming languages is that everybody’s got an opinion - just ask Lars Bak, the Virtual Machine guru who is building Google’s planned (by Google at least) replacement for JavaScript.
Gavin Clarke, 18 Jan 2013

LIVE TODAY: Windows 8 licensing - Speak your brains, believe your eyes

Taking a snow day today? You might want to join your fellow Reg readers in assessing what Windows 8 actually costs. We don’t mean in the sense of estimating the financial fallout of poor Q4 sales for Microsoft and the PC makers, but rather: what do you get for your money?
Gavin Clarke, 18 Jan 2013

Brits' privates furtled in TWO-THIRDS of UK fraud cases

Two out of three fraud cases in the UK involved identity theft, according to Blighty's Fraud Prevention Service, CIFAS.
Anna Leach, 18 Jan 2013

Hark! Mark McHale hailed as new Arrow ECS UK boss man

ExclusiveArrow Electronic Computing Solutions has hoisted sales director Mark McHale to the UK manager's office as industry vet Steve Pearce moves to a European role.
Paul Kunert, 18 Jan 2013

What’s a computer? Eat yourself fitter!

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Despite the saturation of oh-so-hilarious pre-Christmas comedy TV shows summing up the year before it has actually finished, January strikes me as the more logical time to do like Antony Worrall Thompson: have a good look around, take stock and move on. In December, we wallowed in the Olympics and something to do with Sgt Pepper’s grandma on a boat during a rainstorm. January, on the other hand, is our opportunity to think back on the innumerable shit things that happened while convincing ourselves that next year couldn’t possibly be any worse.
Alistair Dabbs, 18 Jan 2013

EMC fires anti-Dropbox torpedo to sink off-site biz clouds

Data centre haunter EMC is testing its Isilon and Atmos storage systems with Syncplicity - the corporate-friendly Dropbox contender it bought in May.
Chris Mellor, 18 Jan 2013

VXers exploit users' confusion over Java to punt fake update

Cybercrooks have begun distributing an item of malware that poses as a Java security update.
John Leyden, 18 Jan 2013

Google sinks millions into plush new £1bn London HQ

Google's new digs in Blighty's capital - as widely expected - are being built in Kings Cross, London, the company has confirmed.
Kelly Fiveash, 18 Jan 2013

UK.gov told to get a brain in wake of £1bn IT deals collapse

IT suppliers who wasted thousands of pounds bidding for public-sector work that never materialised have urged the government to rethink the way it tenders technology contracts.
Paul Kunert, 18 Jan 2013

Why no one wants to Joyn GSMA's Skype-killing expedition

Operators are bleeding revenue to over-the-top players, and pinning their hopes on the GSMA-based Joyn standard, but a year after launch platform developer OpenCloud thinks the GSMA might be the problem rather than the solution.
Bill Ray, 18 Jan 2013
Larry Page at I/O


Google chief Larry Page has shared the secret to his success: the billionaire search engine nerd reckons companies must make their products TEN times better than their rivals to be successful.
Anna Leach, 18 Jan 2013

Facebook's sexy pick 'n' mix OCP model is great... for Facebook

Blocks and FilesFacebook's Open Compute Project (OCP) could potentially destroy the business models of the mainstream server, storage and networking vendors. It is an attempt to turn back time and return to a pick-'n'-mix server, storage and networking world where suppliers happily build to common interfaces, and component sets aren't integrated for greater overall efficiency.
Chris Mellor, 18 Jan 2013

Top Gear isn't TV, not when it's on YouTube

Ofcom has overruled its appointed VOD regulator in deciding that chunks of Top Gear and BBC Food channel programmes found on YouTube don't constitute TV-like services and thus fall outside regulation.
Bill Ray, 18 Jan 2013

US general: Beware of Iran's Revolutionary Cyber-Guard

Cyber-attacks on Iran have forced the country to beef up its defences, with the result that the country's cyberwar capabilities have become far more complex, a US general has said.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 18 Jan 2013

Microsoft promises big shiny tool to cheer glum Windows resellers

Microsoft has vowed to end its reseller partners' woes by fixing the unstable website used to register customer sales: by the end of next month Redmond's deal-registration website will be upgraded and will include a new business intelligence and analytics tool.
Paul Kunert, 18 Jan 2013

Cash-ravenous Sony will flog Manhattan HQ for $1.1 BEELLION

Sony is ready to flog its sky-scraping US HQ in Manhattan for $1.1bn to get hold of some much-needed cash.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 18 Jan 2013

Software Box banks double-digit profit spike in fiscal 2012

Microsoft Large Account Reseller Software Box Ltd (SBL) tucked away an improved set of financials in fiscal 2012 with profits pumping out comparatively healthy double digits.
Paul Kunert, 18 Jan 2013

Fujitsu Tech Solutions boss: I am an industry 'insurgent'

Fujitsu UK and Ireland bigwig Michael Keegan is trying to highlight and exploit any uncertainty surrounding Dell and HP to win over distribution partners sitting at those vendors' top tables.
Paul Kunert, 18 Jan 2013

Smarm-bot Siri seeks side-splitting script-writer for charm transplant

A witty writer is being sought to make Apple's voice-activated personal assistant software Siri spout super-scintillating backchat. The chatty iOS app, which attempts to answer any questions and obey commands spoken into Cupertino's latest iThings, is famous for its whimsical responses to fanbois.
Anna Leach, 18 Jan 2013

Paging Dr Evil: Philips medical device control kit 'easily hacked'

Researchers have discovered security problems in management systems used to control X-ray machines and other medical devices.
John Leyden, 18 Jan 2013

GridIron gobbled up by Violin Memory

All-flash array startup Violin Memory has bought GridIron Systems, a startup supplying the TurboCharger SAN accelerating flash cache.
Chris Mellor, 18 Jan 2013

Google files patent for eyewear that SHOOTS LASERS

Google has filed a patent for mounting twin lasers on the sides of a pair of glasses to display a keyboard on a user's body parts and use a camera to track a hand's gestures for control.
Iain Thomson, 18 Jan 2013

Microsoft to end Windows 8 discounts on January 31

Say what you will about Windows 8; at least the upgrade from Windows 7 is cheap. Or it is for now. After January 31 will be a different story.
Neil McAllister, 18 Jan 2013
Microsoft Surface tablets

Microsoft's ARM blunder: 7 reasons why Windows RT was DOA

AnalysisIndustry doomsayers were circling Windows 8 like buzzards before it even launched, but they picked the wrong carcass. Microsoft's real 2012 roadkill was Win8's ARM-powered cousin, Windows RT.
Neil McAllister, 18 Jan 2013

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