17th January 2013 Archive

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  • VMware CTO Steve Herrod jumps to venture capitalist

    Will remain as advisor after taking up post at General Catalyst

    Virtualization 17 Jan 00:19

  • Applied Micro ARM servers all over Open Compute Project

    Facebook friends, including Dell, spec out X-Gene microservers

    Servers 17 Jan 00:41

  • Former CEO John Sculley: Apple must adapt or die

    Prices 'dramatically different' in emerging markets

    Business 17 Jan 01:34

  • White House raises the signature threshold for petitions to 100,000

    Calm down, you're being silly

    Government 17 Jan 01:43

  • ESA, NASA agree on Orion module supply

    Your ultimate European driving experience

    Science 17 Jan 02:02

  • North Korean crackers hit South Korean hacks

    Presidential transition team targeted by Pyongyang

    Government 17 Jan 04:20

  • Obama calls for study into games ‘n’ guns link

    The only way you’ll get this joystick is to pry it from my cold, dead fingers

    Games 17 Jan 05:29

  • Iron Man to fly Chinese mobe-maker TCL around the world

    China taps celebrity power

    Business 17 Jan 06:43

  • Capgemini staffers evacuated by cops after London helicopter crash

    Chopper prang - the test of a proper contingency plan

    The Channel 17 Jan 06:59

  • EMC anoints ‘Elect’ group of IT pros

    75 members see career upside helping EMC 'span brand loyalty and advocacy’

    Storage 17 Jan 07:29

  • 2012 in supercomputing: Ceepie-geepies, a weak ARM and the need for speed

    Plus: How are algorithms like your ex?

    HPC 17 Jan 08:01

  • China visa changes could attract job-hunting IT pros

    Must speak the language, endure nasty pollution, censored internet ... what's not to like?

    Jobs 17 Jan 08:20

  • US taxman joins UK politicoes on hunt for Amazon cash

    Who would you be more scared of?

    Financial News 17 Jan 08:58

  • Top Brit Penguins spurn London Stock Exchange for NYSE

    Silicon Valley HQ to wag 50 per cent Blighty-based dog

    Financial News 17 Jan 09:24

  • The Spherical Cow lands, spits out Anaconda

    Fedora's Linux distro no slick alternative to Ubuntu - yet

    Developer 17 Jan 10:02

  • Dixons steps over Comet's bloodied body to nab bonus Xmas sales

    Four per cent growth? Yoink!

    The Channel 17 Jan 10:40

  • Spanish city renames square in Clash frontman's honour

    Granada remembers Joe Strummer

    Media 17 Jan 11:02

  • Tell Facebook who's the greatest: YOU are!

    Or you can just buy a mirror instead

    Applications 17 Jan 11:22

  • Cryptome escapes Thales' attack dogs in bank security row

    Global giant pulls DMCA nastygram, swears it wasn't stifling research

    Security 17 Jan 11:42

  • eBay's festive sales soar, but what's this? Profit DOWN 62%?

    Skype selloff aftermath and millions more mobe strokers

    Financial News 17 Jan 12:03

  • Hey HP: You may not rate Autonomy, EDS, but buyers do

    VCs are circling, true, but so are tech firms - reports

    CIO 17 Jan 12:17

  • Phone hacking saga: 3 men cuffed over alleged plod bungs

    Murdoch's News Corp accuses two cops, one journo

    Law 17 Jan 12:33

  • VIA bakes a fruitier Rock cake to rival the Brit Raspberry Pi

    Updated ARM-powered micro also brought to book

    Hardware 17 Jan 12:44

  • Pubic louse falls victim to eager Brazilian strippers

    Waxes wax, crabs wane

    Bootnotes 17 Jan 13:03

  • Nokia axes 300 IT bods, outsources 820 to Tata, HCL

    Former mobe king downsizes ahead of financial results

    Mobile 17 Jan 13:17

  • Computacenter UK beats its German biz to the pool for 2013

    Blighty in 'good shape', Euro teams woken by room service

    The Channel 17 Jan 13:27

  • What ereader decline? Kobo pumps up the volumes despite grim forecasts

    Big gains in 2012 even though world+dog in a fondleslab frenzy

    Tablets 17 Jan 13:42

  • Swartz prosecutor: We only pushed for 'six months' in the cooler

    'There is little I can say to abate the anger', says Ortiz

    Government 17 Jan 13:58

  • Orange boasts: We made Google PAY US for traffic

    Some packets are more neutral than others ...

    Mobile 17 Jan 14:29

  • New slicker Shylock Trojan hooks into Skype

    Another way to extract a pound of flesh

    Security 17 Jan 15:04

  • RIM gets thumbs up from Visa for pay-by-bonk security tech

    Trust us, we're Canadian

    Mobile 17 Jan 15:33

  • Web firms drool as ballgazer spies $11bn mobile ad spend in 2013

    Gartner forecasts cash bonanza

    Mobile 17 Jan 16:02

  • Northgate Managed Services boss to exit

    Andy Ross leaving in wake of attempts to sell biz

    The Channel 17 Jan 16:24

  • Big spike in Euro patents - but 63% were filed from outside Europe

    UK a measly 8th in filings at European Patent Office

    CIO 17 Jan 16:32

  • Storage for 'Enterprise': What does that even MEAN?

    For biz, for large deployments, backup memory for the Star Trek starship?

    Storage 17 Jan 17:02

  • AV-Test boss dismisses Microsoft criticism of malware test results

    Says Redmond's not picking up the fresh threats

    Security 17 Jan 21:16

  • Facebook rolls out new web and database server designs

    Old photos, like revenge, are best served cold

    Servers 17 Jan 21:41

  • NBN contracts reveal the state of Telstra’s ducts

    $AU300 million going down the tube

    Networks 17 Jan 21:59

  • Intel's fourth quarter a bummer, as expected

    Profits fall a lot faster than revenues

    Financial News 17 Jan 22:16

  • Linksys vuln: Cisco responds

    Working on fix for WRT54GL router

    Security 17 Jan 22:42

  • FAA grounds Boeing's 787 after battery fires on plastic planes

    Not just for iPods and laptops but Dreamliners, too

    Hardware 17 Jan 23:05