16th January 2013 Archive

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  • NASA aims Curiosity's percussive drill at pink, veiny target

    It's hammer time for first Mars drilling mission

    Science 16 Jan 00:14

  • Patent trolling surges, but righteous cavalry on the way

    The next battle in the troll wars is up to you, Reg reader

    Law 16 Jan 00:54

  • Juniper to build its own software-defined networking stack

    Carving up network software even more than OpenFlow

    Data Networking 16 Jan 01:14

  • Symantec to offload Altiris: report

    Vision for 'total package' of security and endpoint management slipping away

    Financial News 16 Jan 01:22

  • Security audit finds dev OUTSOURCED his JOB to China to goof off at work

    Cunning scheme netted him 'best in company' awards

    Business 16 Jan 01:29

  • Microsoft to give free TV ad to top-voted Windows Phone 8 app

    App dev deathmatch offers thousands in prizes

    Developer 16 Jan 01:57

  • Myanmar to open telecoms to foreigners

    Two licenses up for tender

    Policy 16 Jan 02:04

  • Soot forces temperatures more than thought: AGU

    Dumping diesel, fireplaces, could buy time while world sorts out CO2

    Science 16 Jan 02:39

  • IT boom driving candidate hungry Honkers

    Job opps galore out East, but you may have to do the talking

    Jobs 16 Jan 02:40

  • Social networks give Australia a throat to choke

    Regular government meetings the prize for signing complaint-handling plan

    Policy 16 Jan 03:47

  • Korean boffins crack art of bendy batteries

    Discovery could herald more flexible phones

    Science 16 Jan 04:29

  • China shoves Beidou intro tractors, trucks and buses

    Latest decree from on high turns up heat on GPS

    Networks 16 Jan 06:06

  • EMC polishes up entry-level VMAX for biz types

    Enhanced VMAX 10K

    Storage 16 Jan 07:03

  • Speaking in Tech: Why EMC is like a club, geek gifts and more

    Chad Sakac: 'There is no API that defines storage services'

    Cloud 16 Jan 07:28

  • Amazon rainforest starts making phone calls

    Trees get Gemalto radio tech, can ring the cops

    Mobile 16 Jan 08:03

  • The forkers saving open source from a corporate bear hug

    Promising tale of Portugal's Salt man

    Developer 16 Jan 08:33

  • Wanna really insult someone? Log off and yell it in the street - gov

    Being rude in Blighty now lawful unless you're on Twitter or Facebook

    Law 16 Jan 09:03

  • STEC's flash daddy on SSD rivals, NAND and having your OWN controller tech

    3-bit flash needs TLC, says Mark Moshayedi

    Storage 16 Jan 09:29

  • Facebook shoves biz pal Microsoft aside, unzips new Graph Search

    Everyone invited to the party, except Bing... bitch

    Networks 16 Jan 09:58

  • Datatec sets off profit drop klaxon as Westcon sales slip

    Year's predicted revenue slides $100m

    The Channel 16 Jan 10:23

  • NRA: Video games kill people, not guns. And here's our video game

    First-person shooter for Second-Amendment drum bangers

    Games 16 Jan 10:33

  • Spy romp Zero Dark Thirty: The tech behind the special effects

    Captain, we need those digital files, NOW!

    Storage 16 Jan 11:34

  • France stalls plan to make Google and pals foot broadband rollout

    'Obscure panel' mulls web giants funding new high-speed networks

    Hosting 16 Jan 11:47

  • BT's 'six-month free broadband' offer is a big fat FIB - ads watchdog

    Misleading advert banned in second ruling of 2013

    Broadband 16 Jan 12:12

  • Lynch mob of bankers say they'll stump up cash to take Dell private

    Financing deal not a problem for four top banks, whisper sources

    Business 16 Jan 12:41

  • Here we go again: New NHS patient database plan sets off alarm bells

    Health Sec Hunt wants your records in the cloud by 2018

    Government 16 Jan 13:15

  • Look out, fanbois: One in two nicked mobes is an iPhone - cops

    But at least you're 'young', 'professional' and 'partying'

    Security 16 Jan 13:55

  • Skytap fires up Hadoop data-chewer as cloud crash-test dummy

    Eager to work with and compete against Amazon – someday

    Cloud 16 Jan 14:13

  • Playboy fined £100k by Blighty watchdog for FLASHING SMUT at kids

    Websites didn't verify age, Ofcom rules

    Media 16 Jan 14:36

  • Viruses infect vital control systems at TWO US power stations

    'Sophisticated' malware snuck in via USB drive

    Security 16 Jan 14:58

  • Fusion-io touts cheap-as-chips flash to Apple, Facebook and chums

    Want a retail discount? You'll need to buy in bulk

    Storage 16 Jan 15:27

  • Bloke blasts Sprint for fingering his home as phone thieves' den

    Welcome to Wayne's world: Multiple missing mobes mistakenly tracked

    Mobile 16 Jan 16:04

  • Last call for your chance to win an HP ENVY x2 tablet

    The slate for folk who like their laptops skinny

    Tablets 16 Jan 16:11

  • Climate watch: 2012 figures confirm global warming still stalled

    'One more year of numbers not significant', says NASA

    Science 16 Jan 16:28

  • Another Apple retail chief crashes out the door

    Third 'great leader' in as many months moves in

    Business 16 Jan 16:57

  • Fans of dead data 'liberator' Swartz press Obama to sack prosecutor

    'Aaron's Law' to ease 'outlandish' US computer laws

    Law 16 Jan 17:29

  • Woz flash firm Fusion-io has a gift for Facebook open-sourcers

    Open Compute Project given ioScale designs

    Storage 16 Jan 18:02

  • AMD+friends forge 'Roadrunner' Open Compute server mobo

    Opteron 6300s get a thumbs up from Facebook

    Servers 16 Jan 18:16

  • Globalstar: Don't be afraid of our private Wi-Fi superhighway plan

    Bluetooth SIG and Wi-Fi group: But you'll run us off the road!

    Mobile 16 Jan 19:33

  • Surprised? Old Java exploit helped spread Red October spyware

    New Java exploit can be yours for $5,000

    Security 16 Jan 21:12

  • AMD lawsuit claims spying ring took secrets to Nvidia

    Over 150,000 documents slurped by four managers

    Business 16 Jan 22:02

  • Facebook friends bash servers, storage, and racks into bits

    Realizing the dream of independently upgradeable subsystems

    Servers 16 Jan 22:32

  • Canada rejects US bid for Megaupload info, kind of

    Not quite a win for Kim Dotcom

    Law 16 Jan 23:29