8th January 2013 Archive

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  • China to build ANOTHER 100 petaflops hybrid supercomputer by 2014?

    Intel Inside the Middle Kingdom

    HPC 08 Jan 00:18

  • Judge OKs Novell investor suit over Attachmate sale

    Novell board's actions were 'essentially inexplicable'

    Business 08 Jan 00:32

  • Bacterial quantum tricks could help solar power

    Deep-sea microbe re-energises incoming light with molecular vibrations

    Science 08 Jan 01:02

  • After December surge, Apple has sold 40 BEEELLION iOS apps

    Possible last call for Apple in numbers game

    Applications 08 Jan 01:33

  • Intel bets the farm on touch-enabled 'convertible and detachable' Ultrabooks

    Beats own deadline for sub-10W Core chips

    Tablets 08 Jan 02:16

  • US nuke lab drops Chinese networking kit

    Report says Los Alamos ditched H3C kit over security concerns

    Security 08 Jan 02:31

  • Curiosity gives Martian rock its first scrub down

    DRT – a pretty fancy name for a wire brush

    Science 08 Jan 03:05

  • Segway daddy unveils DIY weight-loss stomach pump

    Make sure you leave room for dessert

    Hardware 08 Jan 03:07

  • Intel uncloaks 'no excuses' smartphone for emerging markets

    Enough features to make an iPhone user green with envy

    Mobile 08 Jan 03:08

  • Lenovo, EA, Intel unite to DESTROY our childhood memories

    Today's happy nuclear family basks in the glow of a 'Table PC'

    Hardware 08 Jan 03:47

  • Adobe offers free trip to PowerPC era

    'Free' download of CS2 is real, but crusty

    Software 08 Jan 04:11

  • Chinese go online to protest censorship

    Celebs and activists mobilise support for hacked-off hacks

    Policy 08 Jan 04:47

  • Bob Dylan's new album is 'Copyright Extension Collection'

    The times they are a-changin', thanks to Cliff Richard

    Law 08 Jan 05:54

  • Chinese man pleads guilty to $100m piracy scam

    Microsoft, Oracle and SAP among victim, NASA was one buyer

    Law 08 Jan 06:10

  • 2013 in storage: Flash, file systems and... Is CDMI actually HAPPENING?

    Plus - Storage arrays: The Next Generation

    Storage 08 Jan 07:04

  • New gov rules stick pin into bloated ICT frameworks

    Cabinet: Suppliers 'of all sizes' need to get a fair crack

    Government 08 Jan 08:03

  • Facebook snubs storage barons for cheapo Far East kit - insiders

    EMC? HP? We'll get our own arrays... bitch

    Storage 08 Jan 09:05

  • FAVI smacks your dumb TV with £30 Android SmartStick

    El Reg tests Raspberry-Pi-media-player-for-the-lazy

    Hardware 08 Jan 09:31

  • China throws 3G net over disputed island chain

    Where there's coverage so follows ownership

    Mobile 08 Jan 10:02

  • Nokia chief Elop: 'Android? Hey, anything's possible!'

    Will HTML5 lure away Windows Phone mobe maker?

    Operating Systems 08 Jan 10:28

  • UK Apple cart Square punched in the wallet as sales, profit fall

    Loss of major customer and sick economy blamed

    The Channel 08 Jan 11:03

  • Sir James Dyson slams gov's 'obsession' with Silicon Roundabout

    Actual inventor of stuff disses Cameron's crush on Media2.0 websluts

    Small Biz 08 Jan 11:19

  • Tablets to out-sell notebooks this year, reckons tech prophet

    But laptops will become de facto fondleslabs

    CIO 08 Jan 11:39

  • Ten affordable mid-sized Full HD monitors

    Give your PC a facelift

    Hardware 08 Jan 12:00

  • Hey Lenovo, want to kill Apple? Look to Samsung hitman for tips

    If it walks like a ThinkPad and quacks like a ThinkPad it's not an iPad

    Hardware 08 Jan 12:31

  • Nvidia fixes hole that turns PCs into remote-control toys for hackers

    More importantly, new driver boosts Call of Duty graphics

    Security 08 Jan 12:57

  • Switching to IT: Which qualifications are worthwhile?

    Commentards, help a fellow reader

    Jobs 08 Jan 13:24

  • 5.6TB helium disks could balloon, lift WD onto enterprise throne

    So says a number-cruncher, but is it all hot air?

    Storage 08 Jan 13:38

  • NASA: There are 17 BEEELLION Earth-sized worlds in Milky Way

    Plus: Kepler sniffs out 4 'potentially life-bearing planets'

    Science 08 Jan 14:32

  • Oracle, Dell, CSC, Xerox, Symantec accused of paying ZERO UK tax

    MPs reel off more 'unethical' titans 'avoiding bills on industrial scale'

    The Channel 08 Jan 15:03

  • German ebook firm pushes cheapo ereaders into US drug stores

    The txtr, sir? It's in the laxatives aisle

    Media 08 Jan 15:29

  • FBI-wanted US bank hack suspect chills in Bangkok cooler

    Algerian cuffed for allegedly siphoning millions

    Security 08 Jan 16:02

  • Dell dangles dongle PC at enormo-display-desiring road warriors

    USB stick-sized Android mini computer, anyone?

    Hardware 08 Jan 16:27

  • 'Not even Santa could save Microsoft's Windows 8'

    Didn't buyers know it was Christmas time at all?

    Developer 08 Jan 17:02

  • Bite us, Apple: Samsung hauled in $8.3bn in Q4

    South Korean shiny things rival had a fat Christmas

    Financial News 08 Jan 17:17

  • Red Hat Linux: Now with Microsoft's Hyper-V drive

    Menace of Umbongo, VM sees Hatters engage Redmond warp

    Operating Systems 08 Jan 17:38

  • EMC gobbles storage and robo-cloud maker iWave

    The bit that Oracle spat out

    Storage 08 Jan 18:06

  • Dell chief biz gobbler Johnson flees for hedge-fund Blackstone

    IT giant commits to continued embiggening

    Business 08 Jan 18:31

  • Seagate: Stuff the cloud, back it all up on our box

    Storage, media streaming plus wireless backup for home networks

    Storage 08 Jan 19:04

  • Guitar-playing keys enable extremely thin keyboards

    With Strategic Polymers, you don't touch keypad, keypad touch YOU!

    Hardware 08 Jan 19:24

  • New York's Chelsea gets free Wi-Fi courtesy of Google

    Leonard Cohen has something else to do in Chelsea

    Networks 08 Jan 20:09

  • Scientists snap first film of giant squid in action

    Don't worry, it was armless

    Science 08 Jan 21:42

  • Do Not Call Register operator breaches Register

    Left hand, meet right hand, write $AUD110k cheque to cover fine

    Law 08 Jan 21:48

  • Drones could help predict fire paths, say researchers

    Irony: bushfire research funding dries up

    Science 08 Jan 21:49