7th January 2013 Archive

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  • USB 3.0 speed to DOUBLE in 2013

    How does 10 gigabits per second grab ya?

    Hardware 07 Jan 00:00

  • Lenovo proclaims PC victory, re-orgs to take on Apple

    CEO says 'Think' brand is so strong it needs a high-end division of its own

    Business 07 Jan 00:49

  • AWS puts sysadmins on call everywhere, all the time

    Android app lets you measure cloudy bulges in your pocket

    Cloud 07 Jan 04:09

  • Dad hires online assassins to slay game-obsessed son

    Shoot-son-up strategy designed to turn youth off war games

    Bootnotes 07 Jan 04:49

  • Google turns off Chinese censorship alert service

    Chocolate factory going soft?

    Networks 07 Jan 06:01

  • Twin brothers nabbed for scrap over sex with 'shared' girlfriend

    'Open dating relationship' ends in fisticuffs, cuffs and court

    Bootnotes 07 Jan 06:59

  • Scottish Highlands get blanket 3G coverage

    ... It's a teensy blanket though: El Reg compares femto offerings

    Mobile 07 Jan 08:01

  • First rigid airship since the Hindenburg enters trials

    New tech may have solved zeppelins' great weakness

    Bootnotes 07 Jan 08:58

  • Now you can control ANY Win 8 kit with your EYEBALLS

    Sick of stroking Tiles? Now you can glare at them

    Hardware 07 Jan 09:29

  • Brit disk biz Nexsan out of the frying pan and into the firing line

    Why it needs to bring home the bacon for Imation

    Storage 07 Jan 10:02

  • Big screened quad-core Chinese beasts splash down at CES

    'Phablet' and 6.9mm slimphone battle it out at electronics show

    Mobile 07 Jan 10:29

  • Hitachi GST rummages in pocket, pulls out lint-covered storage Tardis

    Benchmark-setting pocket drive debuts at CES

    Storage 07 Jan 11:02

  • Sculpted 66-pound jubs survive lightning blast, 26ft drop

    Goddess was tribute to women

    Bootnotes 07 Jan 11:17

  • Apple supplier Foxconn could still take a bite out of Sharp

    Hon Hai might still be keen on cash-injection deal

    Financial News 07 Jan 11:31

  • 'Chinese Pirate Bay' taken down after appearance on US blacklist

    Gougou goes way of dodo

    Media 07 Jan 11:43

  • Hotel chain De Vere checks out of server rooms and into the cloud

    Tips on how consolidation can save more than just cost

    Cloud 07 Jan 11:57

  • Nvidia takes fight to Sony, Nintendo with Android handheld console

    Will the green Shield get stamped?

    Games 07 Jan 11:58

  • Review: Dell XPS 12 Windows 8 tablet-cum-Ultrabook

    The convertible computer with the swivel screen

    Tablets 07 Jan 12:20

  • Windows RT jailbreak smash: Run ANY app on Surface slabs

    No need for Microsoft's software store

    Applications 07 Jan 12:39

  • Bendy screens are the future, screams maker of bendy screens

    Plastic Logic pitches tablet that isn't

    Hardware 07 Jan 13:02

  • Brazilian slammer guards nab mobe-smuggling CAT

    Feline mule also packing saw blades and drill bits

    Bootnotes 07 Jan 13:27

  • Broadband gov subsidy should end in 2015 -Tory think tank

    Calls on state funds to educate poor, elderly, disabled about online world

    Broadband 07 Jan 14:02

  • Mega-res telly demand to boom, say ball-gazers

    Ultra HD TV demand will start slow... then explode

    Hardware 07 Jan 14:25

  • John McAfee the Belize spymaster uncovers 'ricin, terrorist plots'

    Tycoon: I gave bigwigs laptops stuffed with surveillance malware

    Security 07 Jan 15:04

  • Apple appeals judge's decision to boot out its Moto patent suit

    Filing prevents Googorola from trying to get product bans

    Law 07 Jan 15:34

  • Marvell: Ignore the $1BN PATENT JUDGMENT... Check out this new cache kit

    Firm soldiers on, launches Dragonfly NVDRIVE product

    Storage 07 Jan 15:59

  • US Dept for Homeland Security shafted by trivial web bug

    New year resolution: Go back to PHP school

    Security 07 Jan 16:32

  • 'Wide-set' twin stars can drive dirtball companions WILD, insist boffins

    Distant hot companions fling planets into space

    Science 07 Jan 16:45

  • Microsoft burgled, only the APPLE iPADS stolen - cops confirm

    Choosy thief leaves Redmond gear on the table

    Tablets 07 Jan 17:08

  • AMD taps gamer and ex-Nvidia exec to run its channel

    Interim CFO given job full time

    The Channel 07 Jan 17:33

  • Security bods rip off Microsoft's 'sticking plaster' IE bug fix

    Took them under 24 hours

    Security 07 Jan 18:04

  • Forget the internet: Americans still glued to TV sets in 2012

    289 million screens glowing for days each month

    Media 07 Jan 22:28

  • IBM services chief and CEO contender Daniels retires

    Other top brass may follow suit, letting others move up

    Business 07 Jan 22:28

  • Google boss lands in North Korea for humanitarian mission

    Mr. Schmidt (and team) goes to Pyongyang

    Government 07 Jan 23:02

  • Zombie BT mobile patent emerges in hands of troll

    Scattergun fired at world+dog

    Law 07 Jan 23:14