1st January 2013 Archive

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  • Official SCIENCE*: HIGH HEELS make you SEXY (Ladies)

    Awe-inspiring research in phwoar-inspiring breakthrough

    Science 01 06:24

  • Drobo B1200i: The heavy-duty array even your mum could use

    It sure looks pretty, but can this storage box cut the mustard?

    Storage 01 08:33

  • It's JUST possible, but Apple MIGHT not make an iWatch in 2013

    And if it did, it just might be Rather Dull

    Hardware 01 11:15

  • Anti-virus products are rubbish, says Imperva

    ‘Spend not proportional to effectiveness’

    Security 01 21:15

  • Oz R18+ game rating goes live

    World+dog yawns

    Broadband 01 21:48