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Sandia National Laboratories fin fan test bed

Build a BONKERS test lab: Everything you need before you deploy

Part oneEvery systems administrator needs a test lab and over the course of the next month I am going to share with you the details of my latest.
Trevor Pott, 31 Dec 2012

China turns the screws on netizens with real-name registration plans

Any hopes that the recent change in Communist Party leadership would signal a relaxing of online restrictions in China appear to have been dashed after state media revealed plans for the roll-out of real-name registration for all internet users.
Phil Muncaster, 31 Dec 2012

2012 in tech: Apple up the Cook without a paddle, ARM, slab wars... and MORE

Review of 2012Great Britain reminded the world who invented the web at London 2012 Olympics, Apple cocked up its maps, Microsoft returned to hardware with Surface, we saw a rise of the machines on Wall Street and many of us rubbed our hands with glee as Facebook IPO's deflated. This was the last 12 months in technology. So put the in-laws on hold and tell your partner you've got some crucial, top-level code that needs debugging. Settle in behind your screen... it's The Reg's review of this year's big stories.
Gavin Clarke, 31 Dec 2012

Tibetan monks lose their TVs as China's censors raid monasteries

It’s been a tough year for Tibetan monks and things have just gotten tougher after Chinese authorities confiscated TVs in 300 monasteries and wrecked satellite gear that Beijing claimed was broadcasting "anti-China" content.
Phil Muncaster, 31 Dec 2012

Yes, hundreds upon hundreds of websites CAN all be wrong

One day a couple of years ago I happened to hear an old song called “The Endless Enigma,” by Emerson, Lake & Palmer, that I remembered from when I was a teenager. Listening to it again reminded me that there was a line in the lyrics that I’d never been able to understand: I’m tired of ________, with tongues in their cheeks… This nearly drove me mad when I was 14, and listening to the song again a few decades later I realised that I still couldn’t figure out what the missing words were. Ah, but now I finally had a way to find the answer instantly! I typed “emerson lake palmer endless enigma lyrics” into Google, and got this:
Dave Mandl, 31 Dec 2012

ANOTHER Huawei partner accused of slipping US tech to Iran

Documents offering to supply embargoed technology to Iran have been unearthed by Reuters, showing Huawei partner Skycom Tech Co Ltd bidding to provide HP servers to an Iranian mobile network - in breach of sanctions.
Bill Ray, 31 Dec 2012

US, UK probe HP claims of accounting mischief at Autonomy

The US Department of Justice is investigating Hewlett Packard's allegations that British software company Autonomy cooked its books before it was bought up by HP.
Anna Leach, 31 Dec 2012

Hm, nice idea that. But somebody's already doing it less well

We know there's massive amounts of invention going on. Innovations are popping up all over the place. And while this should be increasing economic growth, none of this invention and innovation is being reflected in our economies. My own diagnosis: when it comes to the "creative destruction" that capitalism is supposed to be good at, the creation stuff is working just fine, but the destruction part? Not so much. And it's holding back that most creative of current sectors: technology.
Tim Worstall, 31 Dec 2012

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