30th December 2012 Archive

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  • The 'Digital Economy' in 2012: A big noisy hole where money should be

    No free lunches here - unless you're Zuck or Google

    Policy 30 08:09

  • Chinese court orders Apple to cough £100k to writers for violating copyright

    Fruity tech maker comes a cropper in China

    Law 30 09:02

  • The year GNOMES, Ubuntu sufferers forked off to Mint Linux

    It is only wafer-thin, and no cheque required

    Software 30 10:10

  • Boffins use laser to move maglev disk

    Not as fast as a Japanese train

    Science 30 20:52

  • From post-coital squid to high-res Playboy bunnies: The 2012 'IT angle?!' quiz

    Test your knowledge of the year's most stimulating stories

    Bootnotes 30 21:26