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The 'Digital Economy' in 2012: A big noisy hole where money should be

Thank the Zuck! We should all remember Mark Zuckerberg as we sing Auld Lang Syne this year. Facebook's photographic landgrab via its freshly acquired Instagram service has helped put some vital perspective onto 2012 - bringing home issues that were abstract or buried by political posturing.
Andrew Orlowski, 30 Dec 2012

Chinese court orders Apple to cough £100k to writers for violating copyright

Apple got a nasty post-Christmas present in China on Thursday when a Beijing court hit it with a 1.03m yuan (£102,000) fine after ruling the fruity tech titan was responsible for applications which appeared on its App Store containing unlicensed content.
Phil Muncaster, 30 Dec 2012
Ubuntu RHS teaser

The year GNOMES, Ubuntu sufferers forked off to Mint Linux

Linux in 2012It's been a rough year for Linux on the desktop. More specifically, it's been a rough year for GNOME-based Linux on the desktop. But a glimmer of hope may have appeared thanks to a Mint-flavoured distribution of the open-source operating system.
Scott Gilbertson, 30 Dec 2012

Boffins use laser to move maglev disk

Readers may wish to skip to the video, below, if they’re too holidayed to want to read too many words. For the rest: a group of Aoyama Gakuin University researchers has demonstrated a magnetic-levitation disk that can be moved using lasers.
Richard Chirgwin, 30 Dec 2012

From post-coital squid to high-res Playboy bunnies: The 2012 'IT angle?!' quiz

How much do you remember about what really mattered in 2012? You're about to find out.
Rik Myslewski, 30 Dec 2012

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