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Senate votes to continue FISA domestic spying through 2017

The US Senate has voted by overwhelming majority to extend the provisions of the FISA Amendments Act of 2008 – the controversial law that grants intelligence agencies broad authority to spy on US citizens – for another five years.
Neil McAllister, 29 Dec 2012

Hey, cloudy tech vendors on Amazon: AWS can fluff you up

Open ... and ShutMobile consumed much of the media's attention in 2012, with Apple duking it out in court and in the market with Android. But it was Amazon, perhaps more than any other company, that spent 2012 redefining how we think about technology.
Matt Asay, 29 Dec 2012

NYC mayor pins crime rate spike on iPhone, iPad theft

Major crime is on the rise in New York City, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the increase is due entirely to thefts of Apple's iPhone and iPad devices, which he says are inordinately attractive to thieves.
Neil McAllister, 29 Dec 2012

Craptastic analysis turns 2.8 zettabytes of Big Data into 2.8 ZB of FAIL

Open ... and ShutWe can't seem to get enough of Big Data. In its Digital Universe in 2020 report (PDF), IDC forecasts Big Data-related IT spending to rise 40 per cent each year between 2012 and 2020, as the digital universe, now at 2.8 zettabytes (ZB), or 2.8 trillion GB, explodes to 40 ZB.
Matt Asay, 29 Dec 2012

The amazing magical LED: Has it really been fifty years already?

Next time I hear Coldplay festively crooning "May all your troubles soon be gone, Oh Christmas Lights keep shinin' on," I'd like to think that far from lamenting some lost love, they're paying solemn tribute to the humble but illuminating LED.
Dave Wilby, 29 Dec 2012

US judge SLAMS both IBM and the SEC over bribery settlement

A US federal judge has refused to agree to a settlement between the SEC and IBM over charges dating back to 2011 alleging that Big Blue bribed Chinese and South Korean officials unless the company produces a whole new set of extensive compliance reports.
Phil Muncaster, 29 Dec 2012

UK.gov: You didn't trust us with your ID, so we gave it to private biz

2012 reviewEarlier this year your correspondent was standing tantalisingly close to Matt Smith in the ACTUAL TARDIS - long story, not gonna Facebook it, never gonna tweet it. However, many Brits are happy to noisily ricochet chunks of their private lives across any number of websites and systems, in a year in which the British government has pushed for sweeping online surveillance powers.
Kelly Fiveash, 29 Dec 2012

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