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Divorce lawyer spots increase in Christmas 'text message bustings'

A top divorce lawyer has warned that adulterous couples are increasingly getting caught out over text messages and other electronic communication sent during the Christmas period.
Iain Thomson, 25 Dec 2012

Red-faced, sweating and still in your chair: Welcome to eSports

Video games are believed by many to be a waste of time - but this is something consistently being challenged by the people who love them. And despite the fact that video games just can't seem shrug off the label of "just for kids", new research (PDF) would suggest that you're never too old for them.
The actor playing a young Julian Assange in the telemovie Underground

A year on the run: El Reg tracks 2012’s techno-fugitives

Whoever thought 2012 would be boring without Steve Jobs has been proven wrong ... Tech industry scandal-watchers have been blessed with colourful antics from the likes of Kim Dotcom, Larry Ellison, Julian Assange and more... Meanwhile, a supporting cast of folk like Eugene Kaspersky and Mike Lynch are also fun to watch.
Simon Sharwood, 25 Dec 2012

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