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China seeks ‘Oceanauts’ for deep sea exploration

China is set to recruit six intrepid “oceanauts”, including two women, as it increases the frequency of its deep-sea exploratory missions.
Phil Muncaster, 24 Dec 2012

AWS’ gift to sysadmins: a cloudy command line

With Christmas all-but upon us, Amazon Web Services has issued a gift to a certain type of Sysadmin: a command line interface for its cloud computing services.
Simon Sharwood, 24 Dec 2012

Boffins build elastic wires with liquid metal

Researchers at North Carolina State University have shown “conductive wires that can be stretched up to eight times their original length while still functioning.”
Simon Sharwood, 24 Dec 2012

Trust the cloud with my PRECIOUS? You gotta be joking

Being a hardcore music geek of a certain age, I own several thousand LPs, CDs, and cassettes that I accumulated over the course of several decades. But as any serious record buff knows, collections like this are not remotely scaleable. I have several closets bursting with music in assorted physical media and I know people who literally need to rent separate spaces just to store their LPs. So at a certain point, making the move to the digital realm can be too tempting to resist.
Dave Mandl, 24 Dec 2012
HyperX SSD

Review: Kingston Hyper-X 3K 240GB SSD

Feeding the 10Gbit monsterTo build storage capable of running tests that can challenge 10Gbit network cards and switches, a flash array is required. I chose eight Kingston Hyper X 3K 240 SSDs to provide this high-speed storage layer. Before I built my VMware cluster of ultimate doom, however, the SSDs needed some torture testing.
Trevor Pott, 24 Dec 2012

Boffins build substrate for 'peel and stick' solar cells

A team of scientists from Stanford University has developed a "peel and stick" solar cell to demonstrate a new flexible substrate with the potential to be used by the wider electronics industry.
Iain Thomson, 24 Dec 2012

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