24th December 2012 Archive

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  • China seeks ‘Oceanauts’ for deep sea exploration

    Six scientists, two of them hyper-intelligent women, sought for marine mining mission

    Science 24 03:22

  • AWS’ gift to sysadmins: a cloudy command line

    Bah humbug! The documentation is scanty

    Cloud 24 05:05

  • Boffins build elastic wires with liquid metal

    Headphone cable stretches, band keeps playing

    Science 24 06:48

  • Trust the cloud with my PRECIOUS? You gotta be joking

    Violated, deleted... put your data up there and bad sh*t HAPPENS

    Cloud 24 11:02

  • Review: Kingston Hyper-X 3K 240GB SSD

    Kingston targets fans... and mostly doesn't disappoint

    Hardware 24 12:26

  • Boffins build substrate for 'peel and stick' solar cells

    Technique suitable for LEDs and printed circuits

    Science 24 22:00