17th December 2012 Archive

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  • Chinese spacecraft JUUUUST avoids smashing into Toutatis

    Chang'e-2 snaps pics during close shave with spud-shaped space rock

    Science 17 00:38

  • Report says Cisco offloading Linksys

    Barclays hired to do the deed

    Financial News 17 02:34

  • Ocean seeding a dead duck as carbon solution

    Plankton won’t save the world

    Science 17 03:03

  • Samsung mobes pwned by ANY APP, thanks to chip code hole

    Cluster of Exynos-powered Galaxies and other gear at risk

    Security 17 06:19

  • 'Metadatagate' fails to bring down Oz pollie

    Sysadmins in the news after time stamps become key to political scandal

    Government 17 06:36

  • WIN! A Viewsonic Pro9000 HD projector worth £1600

    Start 2013 with a big-screen home cinema

    Hardware 17 07:00

  • NetApp to build MARS waystation from flash dev's kit

    Will spit out top secret February product after swallowing CacheIQ

    Storage 17 08:02

  • 'We are screwed!' Fonts eat a bullet in Microsoft security patch

    Eternal vigilance is the price of wingdings

    Security 17 09:01

  • Seagate slips out super-silent 2.5in video hard drive

    Bespoke drive holds up to 38 hours of media

    Hardware 17 09:31

  • First Mac OS X fake installer pops up, racks up your mobe bill

    Russian music app? Nope, it's an SMS trojan

    Software 17 10:03

  • Huawei feeds up flash fish, offers juicy Dorado to storage-munchers

    Gen 2 flash array triples in size

    Storage 17 10:32

  • Taxpayers to cough for Comet staff redundo

    Last of stores to close tomorrow

    The Channel 17 10:55

  • What Reg readers are planning for their datacentre

    Expanding the beach head

    Data Centre 17 11:03

  • Hackers warn: We'll hit US banks... again

    Insecure PHP web apps powering zombie DDoS assault

    Security 17 11:19

  • Musos blast US copyright bods: 'ARTISTS MAKE LOUSY SLAVES!'

    Michelle Shocked shocks - You don't want sausage grinder to do WHAT?

    Government 17 11:43

  • Review: Eurocom Monster W110ER gaming netbook

    High-end gaming condensed into an 11.6in notebook

    Hardware 17 12:00

  • Mobile devices bring back that old client-server feeling

    It's deja vu all over again

    Management 17 12:18

  • Google close to deal with FTC: May fob off probe with 'tweaks' - report

    Eric Schmidt's eleventh-hour horse-trading may just have paid off

    Government 17 12:24

  • Polar drilling effort hits snag: Boffins' search for life put on ice

    Ancient Antarctic lake won't get another drilling for at least a few days

    Science 17 12:40

  • ITU to treaty haters: Enjoy your pricey roaming, boatloads of spam... suckers

    You'll be back, just you wait, say telecoms charter bods

    Networks 17 13:03

  • Samsung gobbles flash upstart for starters ... Servers for main?

    Mmmm, we'll have a side order of 64bit ARM blades

    Storage 17 13:35

  • Qualcomm bucks global chip biz slump - report

    But Intel and Samsung don't need to panic just yet

    Financial News 17 13:57

  • 2012 in the channel: The year we sold EVERYTHING as a service

    HP, Eurozone, Olympics - how the year shaped up for channel players

    The Channel 17 14:05

  • Apotheker: HP board was just as culpable for Autonomy buy

    I didn't get chance to 'implement strategy in its totality'

    Financial News 17 14:29

  • Micro-computer bakers open Raspberry Pi shop

    Mmmm, tasty apps

    Applications 17 15:02

  • Coming soon to a theme park near you: Shocking ANTI-PIRACY NAG ADS

    UK's ho-hum copyright, patent shakeup revealed

    Government 17 15:24

  • Samsung, LG 'lose confidence' in OLED TV tech

    Waiting for an organic telly? Be prepared to wait some more

    Hardware 17 16:03

  • Look out, Flash! Phase-change RAM IS HERE ... in Nokia mobiles

    I, for one, welcome our new amorphous blob overlords

    Mobile 17 16:29

  • Sorry, Apple - China's just not that into your iPhone 5

    Still, 2 million sales in 3 days nothing to sneer at

    Mobile 17 17:04

  • Germany sets date for Google vs newspapers smackdown

    Sie haben schlürfte uns zum letzten Mal

    Media 17 17:27

  • BEELLIONAIRE Paul Singer slings $2.3bn into Compuware

    Hedge fund hot on the heels of Covisint subsidiary IPO plan

    Cloud 17 17:42

  • Here's a free tip, Cisco: DON'T buy NetApp unless you're crazy

    Lest you raid the festive booze and wake up with regret

    Storage 17 18:02

  • It's official: Mac users are morally superior to Windows users

    Well, they're more generous, at least

    Tablets 17 19:01

  • Anonymous hacks Westboro Baptists over Sandy Hook protests

    Other hackers join the fray

    Security 17 19:14

  • Quadriplegic woman demos advanced mind-control of robot arm

    Achieves personal goal: feeds herself chocolate

    Science 17 21:01

  • Oracle upgrades Big Data Appliance with Xeon E5s

    Berkeley DB NoSQL database gets 2.0 rev

    Servers 17 21:10

  • North Korea's satellite a dud, say US astroboffins

    Tumbling out of control – just like the country that built it

    Science 17 21:18

  • Australia gets new CIO and CTO

    New CTO role created as AGIMO splits itself in two

    Government 17 22:08

  • Sprint offers $2.2bn to acquire second half of Clearwire

    But will minority shareholders accept buyout? Mebbe so, mebbe not

    Business 17 23:01

  • Web devs gasp: HTML5 takes big step toward standardization

    HTML 5.1, Canvas 2D specs also announced

    Developer 17 23:18