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Screen grab of the original Asteroids

Chinese spacecraft JUUUUST avoids smashing into Toutatis

Chinese probe Chang'e-2 has successfully flown by Toutatis, an asteroid named for the Celtic deity often invoked by cartoon characters Asterix and Obelix.
Simon Sharwood, 17 Dec 2012

Report says Cisco offloading Linksys

Cisco's long and inglorious retreat from the consumer business may be about to reach another miserable milestone, after Bloomberg reported Linksys is up for sale.
Simon Sharwood, 17 Dec 2012

Ocean seeding a dead duck as carbon solution

Seeding the ocean with iron to encourage plankton blooms works – kind of – but as a carbon sequestration approach, it’s hugely expensive, inefficient and probably ineffective, according to a Sydney University researcher.
Richard Chirgwin, 17 Dec 2012
Samsung Exynos 4 Quad

Samsung mobes pwned by ANY APP, thanks to chip code hole

A member of an XDA developers forum who calls him-or-herself Alephzain claims to have found a flaw in several Samsung handsets and tablets that could allow attackers to enjoy full access to their RAM.
Simon Sharwood, 17 Dec 2012

'Metadatagate' fails to bring down Oz pollie

Time stamps in Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word documents briefly became the centre of Australia's political agenda today, after seemingly dodgy dates in a press release were said to point to a conspiracy.
Simon Sharwood, 17 Dec 2012

NetApp to build MARS waystation from flash dev's kit

ExclusiveEl Reg hears that NetApp has a CacheIQ SSD product coming out in February next year, which will act as an ONTAP accelerator, like the Avere products.
Chris Mellor, 17 Dec 2012

'We are screwed!' Fonts eat a bullet in Microsoft security patch

UpdatedWindows users were surprised to find that a Microsoft security update stopped fonts from working on their PCs.
Anna Leach, 17 Dec 2012
Seagate VIdeo 2.5 HDD

Seagate slips out super-silent 2.5in video hard drive

Seagate has decided the set-top box and digital video recorder market is now big enough to warrant having its own special drive - and the Video 2.5 HDD is it.
Chris Mellor, 17 Dec 2012

First Mac OS X fake installer pops up, racks up your mobe bill

Crooks have developed a new Mac OS X-specific Trojan that mimics the behaviour of a legitimate software installer.
John Leyden, 17 Dec 2012
Huawei Dorado gen 2 2100

Huawei feeds up flash fish, offers juicy Dorado to storage-munchers

Huawei, the Chinese networking and storage supplier, has tripled the performance and capacity of its OceanStor Dorado 2100 flash array as well as adding 10 gig E and QDR InfiniBand access and thin provisioning. Deduplication is not included though.
Chris Mellor, 17 Dec 2012
closed_sign shut down under collapsed liquidation

Taxpayers to cough for Comet staff redundo

The last stores of the once mighty High Street giant Comet are to close by tomorrow but the saga looks set to continue, with taxpayers potentially having to step in to cover redundancy costs.
Paul Kunert, 17 Dec 2012

Hackers warn: We'll hit US banks... again

Hackers who claimed responsibility for a series of denial of service attacks against US banks in September have warned the US they plan to renew their assault shortly.
John Leyden, 17 Dec 2012
Strings of a guitar

Musos blast US copyright bods: 'ARTISTS MAKE LOUSY SLAVES!'

The workings of the US Copyright Office rarely provoke a smile let alone a laugh, so brace yourself for this. The agency is shuffling some of its rules, thrown its doors open to the public for comment, and has been livened up by possibly the best submission ever made to any quango.
Andrew Orlowski, 17 Dec 2012
Eurocom Monster W110ER

Review: Eurocom Monster W110ER gaming netbook

It’s hard to see quite who Eurocom thinks will buy its Monster W110ER “gaming netbook”. Surely any gamer sufficiently hardcore to feel the need to be able to take a high-end gaming system around with them - and the W110ER is a high-end machine - will want to play on a larger screen than an 11.6-incher, especially when it’s capable only of a 1366 x 768 resolution?
Nick Hawkesmoor, 17 Dec 2012
Apple iPhone 5

Mobile devices bring back that old client-server feeling

If you see the phrase “any time, any place, anywhere” in relation to mobile access, and are tempted to point out the language redundancy (any place, anywhere), then you are probably not old enough to remember the birth of client-server in the late '80s and early '90s.
Dale Vile, 17 Dec 2012

Google close to deal with FTC: May fob off probe with 'tweaks' - report

A lengthy regulatory Stateside investigation of Google's search business practices is reportedly coming to an end with the outcome expected to be favourable for the company and bitterly disappointing for its rivals.
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Dec 2012

Polar drilling effort hits snag: Boffins' search for life put on ice

The British boffinry team hunting for life under the Antarctic ice-sheet over ancient Lake Ellsworth have run into trouble.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 17 Dec 2012

ITU to treaty haters: Enjoy your pricey roaming, boatloads of spam... suckers

WCIT2012According to UN agency the ITU, more than half the world's population will enjoy cheaper international roaming, faster connectivity, less spam and an improved economy.
Bill Ray, 17 Dec 2012
Samsung T24B750 monitor

Samsung gobbles flash upstart for starters ... Servers for main?

Memory and NAND foundry owner Samsung has bought a flash caching software startup called NVELO.
Chris Mellor, 17 Dec 2012

Qualcomm bucks global chip biz slump - report

Phone chip-maker Qualcomm defied the semiconductor industry decline to show double-digit year-on-year growth at a time when almost all of its rivals saw their sales slide, and the market as a whole dipped.
Tony Smith, 17 Dec 2012

2012 in the channel: The year we sold EVERYTHING as a service

Few people would argue that this year has been one of very big highs and lows. From a personal perspective, 2012 will be remembered for the Olympics and Ryder Cup (great), weather (expletive deleted!) and the continued challenges of the economy, especially in the Eurozone.
Mike Rodwell, 17 Dec 2012
Leo Apotheker photo  by Jacoplane

Apotheker: HP board was just as culpable for Autonomy buy

Leo Apotheker reckons he shouldn't be forced to single-handedly carry the can for HP's calamitous acquisition of Autonomy when there are a bunch of board members that were equally at fault.
Paul Kunert, 17 Dec 2012

Micro-computer bakers open Raspberry Pi shop

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has opened an online software shop tied to its cheap-as-chips micro-computer.
Tony Smith, 17 Dec 2012

Coming soon to a theme park near you: Shocking ANTI-PIRACY NAG ADS

While the world's economic powerhouse China uses the muscle of the state to strengthen its intellectual property industries, Britain is apologetic and embarrassed about its own.
Andrew Orlowski, 17 Dec 2012

Samsung, LG 'lose confidence' in OLED TV tech

Don’t expect reasonably priced OLED TVs to hit the market for a fair few years yet. Do, however, expect 4K x 2K Ultra HD LCD TVs to be all the rage in 2013.
Tony Smith, 17 Dec 2012
Nokia Asha 308/309

Look out, Flash! Phase-change RAM IS HERE ... in Nokia mobiles

Micron is shipping phase-change memory to Nokia for use in its Asha smartphones.
Chris Mellor, 17 Dec 2012

Sorry, Apple - China's just not that into your iPhone 5

Apple sold 2 million iPhone 5s in the three days in China after the device went on official sale on Friday. It's a sales figure that is solid, but will not see buyers in the east Asian country replacing Apple's lucrative markets of Europe and the US in a hurry.
Anna Leach, 17 Dec 2012

Germany sets date for Google vs newspapers smackdown

Google and the German newspaper industry will fight it out in a public hearing on 30 January, Angela Merkel's government announced today.
Anna Leach, 17 Dec 2012
Compuware logo

BEELLIONAIRE Paul Singer slings $2.3bn into Compuware

UpdatedNew York-based hedge fund Elliott Management has been on the hunt for undervalued software companies in which to invest. A few years back, it tried to buy Novell and failed in the attempt. But last month Elliott started amassing shares in Compuware, a systems and application management software maker, and now it wants the whole enchilada.

Here's a free tip, Cisco: DON'T buy NetApp unless you're crazy

Blocks and FilesHungry Cisco may gobble Citrix, NetApp and Rackspace, according to Bloomberg. But why on Earth would Cisco buy NetApp? We'll tell you why that's a crazy idea.
Chris Mellor, 17 Dec 2012

It's official: Mac users are morally superior to Windows users

The online donation–management company Qgiv has analyzed the charitable-giving patterns of 165,000 people and found that Mac users are far more benevolent than Windows users.
Rik Myslewski, 17 Dec 2012

Anonymous hacks Westboro Baptists over Sandy Hook protests

Anonymous has posted personal data of many members of the Westboro Baptist Church and is promising to shut down the religious sect after it announced plans to protest the funerals of those killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School last week.
Iain Thomson, 17 Dec 2012
Hector the robot arm feeds BCI patent chocolate

Quadriplegic woman demos advanced mind-control of robot arm

Scientists from the University of Pittsburg report amazing success with a new kind of brain interface that allows a quadriplegic woman to demonstrate fine motor controls with a robot arm.
Iain Thomson, 17 Dec 2012
Oracle Ellison Sparc T4 launch

Oracle upgrades Big Data Appliance with Xeon E5s

Database giant Oracle is trying to keep the myriad NoSQL and alternative data stores and big data munchers like Hadoop at bay by commercializing and integrating a bunch of proprietary and open source software onto preconfigured x86-based servers that it sells in appliance fashion. Oracle has not talked about how well or poorly these machines are selling, but the company has upgraded the underlying iron in the machines and the NoSQL database that is at the heart of the software stack – and that's a good indication that Oracle thinks the Big Data Appliance is worth continued investment.

North Korea's satellite a dud, say US astroboffins

North Korea may have successfully launched a satellite into orbit, as reported last week, but it might as well have deployed a pile of scrap metal, US-based astroboffins say.
Neil McAllister, 17 Dec 2012
Australian Government 2.0 taskforce logo

Australia gets new CIO and CTO

Australia’s Government Information Management Office (AGIMO), the nation's top technology policy body, is splitting into distinct policy and services delivery arms, after the departure of Australian Government Chief Information Officer Ann Steward led to a restructure.
Natalie Apostolou, 17 Dec 2012

Sprint offers $2.2bn to acquire second half of Clearwire

Sprint, which already owns 51.7 per cent of wireless broadband service provider Clearwire, has announced a deal to acquire the remaining (nearly) half in a deal that would pay $2.97 per share to that company's minority shareholders – a deal that is in no way a slam dunk.
Rik Myslewski, 17 Dec 2012

Web devs gasp: HTML5 takes big step toward standardization

The Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) has moved ahead with plans to develop the next two versions of the HTML web markup language, having released new draft specifications of HTML5, HTML 5.1, and related standards.
Neil McAllister, 17 Dec 2012

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