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Goldman Sachs: Windows' true market share is just 20%

Windows might still be the dominant desktop computing OS by a large margin, but Microsoft is in danger of becoming a small player in today's global computing market, according to a new report from financial bigwigs Goldman Sachs.
Neil McAllister, 13 Dec 2012
John McAfee

John McAfee on a plane to America

Antiviral fugitive John McAfee is on his way to the USA, after Guatemala booted him out.
Simon Sharwood, 13 Dec 2012

Hubble takes furthest peep back into universe's history

The Hubble space telescope has taken its longest look back into the beginnings of the universe and found seven galaxies formed less than 600 million years after the Big Bang, including one that may be the earlest ever seen.
Iain Thomson, 13 Dec 2012

Juniper snaps up SDN startup before it even uncloaks

Struggling switch and router supplier Juniper Networks, smacked around in the hardware business by a recovering Cisco Systems and surrounded by a bunch of upstarts who want to virtualize networks and thereby suck all the profits out of hardware, is fighting back by acquiring Contrail Systems.

Andromeda home to micro-quasar

The National Science Foundation’s National Radio Astronomy Observatory has spotted an X-ray source in Andromeda, 2.5 million light-years distant, that it’s tagged as a “micro-quasar” and says is the first discovered beyond the Milky Way.
Richard Chirgwin, 13 Dec 2012

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer named 'most improved tech CEO'

Jobs and career community website Glassdoor has named Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer its "most improved tech CEO" for 2012, though judging by the numbers it's a dubious honor, to say the least.
Neil McAllister, 13 Dec 2012

Londoners can bonk their way to work without Oyster cards TODAY

Ticket machines on London buses are set to accept pay-by-tap credit and debit cards from today, it has been announced. The capital's Underground system is expected to follow suit sometime later, wirelessly siphoning cash from commuters and bypassing the Oyster card system.
Bill Ray, 13 Dec 2012

Australian State launches IBM probe

IBM's dealings with the Australian state of Queensland will be the subject of an inquiry with the powers of a Royal Commission, after an SAP-based payroll system implemented in part by big blue failed so badly returning it to working order is expected to cost $AUD245m, with the whole project costing $AUD1.25bn.
Simon Sharwood, 13 Dec 2012

Pure Storage to VDI players: Flash array trounces the platter

Pure Storage has announced its FlashArray is ready and waiting to accelerate virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) applications at scale, ready to support thousands of skinny and full-fat desktops. It also join the rest of the flash start-up brigade - Greenbytes, Nimble Storage, Tintri, Tegile, Violin Memory and Whiptail - in saying flash acceleration makes VDI at scale possible, desirable, and compelling. What are you waiting for? Rip and replace those horrible desktop PCs with virtual ones.
Chris Mellor, 13 Dec 2012
Far Cry 3

2012: A generation-spanning year for gaming

This year has been arguably the most important year for the videogames industry in a long time. Not only did we see Sony take a final punt at the handheld market with the PS Vita - a move it may well now be regretting - but 2012 also saw Nintendo usher in the next generation of gaming with the Wii U. Sure, the Wii U may not be a graphical leap forward, but in terms of function - and definition - it certainly is.
Mike Plant, 13 Dec 2012

LOHAN fabricates full-fat fantastical flying truss

The Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) team has bounced back from the recent loss of our heroic playmonaut and the Special Project Electronic Altitude Release System (SPEARS) control board, and is busy advancing our audacious spaceplane project on various fronts.
Lester Haines, 13 Dec 2012
EMC Atmos

Atmos: Give us your tired, your poor... Heck, our cloud will even take that S3 app

EMC has launched a hat-trick of Atmos updates: new hardware, new software and new interfaces. The system holds 33 per cent more data, chews through it more quickly and provides more and faster ways of getting to it. Potential customers can try Atmos software out using a virtual edition running on any VMware-certified storage.
Chris Mellor, 13 Dec 2012

Stroustrup on next-gen C++: I didn't want to let go of my baby

C++ 11 is “far better than previous versions”, says the inventor of the language Bjarne Stroustrup. He was speaking at an online event marking the launch of Embarcadero's C++ Builder XE3, a rapid application tool targeting Windows and Mac OS X.
Tim Anderson, 13 Dec 2012

Hacking bazaar ExploitHub gets hacked, database leaked

Online boutique ExploitHub, which sells code to attack software security holes, has been plundered by hackers. A database snaffled from the marketplace was dumped online as proof of the raid.
John Leyden, 13 Dec 2012

Delegates launch dawn spitball raid in battle for INTERNET DOMINATION

WCIT2012As night turned into morning, events took a turn for the strange at the ITU conference, with a vote which wasn't a vote, a resolution which wasn't resolved and an indecent proposal from Russia wielded as a threat.
Bill Ray, 13 Dec 2012

Google maps app is BACK on iPhones, fanbois spared death

Google's maps app for iPhones, iPads and iPods is back less than three months after Apple booted it out of the iOS platform.
Anna Leach, 13 Dec 2012

Free HPC cluster to good home

HPC blogInterested in getting your hands on some serious system hardware for free?
Dan Olds, 13 Dec 2012

Punters rate Apple, Samsung more highly than ever

Are we all becoming fanboys? If you broaden the term beyond those who favour Apple products to encompass folk keen on Samsung kit, the answer appears to be yes.
Tony Smith, 13 Dec 2012

Schmidt 'very proud' of Google's tiny tax bill: 'It's called capitalism'

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt has dismissed criticism over how little corporation tax his company pays, saying it's just capitalism.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 13 Dec 2012
WinPho 7.5 email

It pays to study the habits of your email users

How many email messages do you receive in the average working day: 20? 30? 50? More? And what volume of email have you accumulated over the past year: half a gig, a gig, two gigs?
Dale Vile, 13 Dec 2012

BT broadband goes TITSUP - cripples Scots, Geordies, Northern Irish

Some of the telcos which depend on BT's network to offer broadband services to their customers have been reporting a major outage affecting thousands of people in the North of England, Northern Ireland and the two biggest cities in Scotland.
Kelly Fiveash, 13 Dec 2012

In a mobile data eating contest, Brits would win - Ofcom

Brits like to splurge more on the internet than any other major country, according to regulator Ofcom.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 13 Dec 2012

Apple and Samsung mobile monsters: 'We only eat RAW CASH'

Open ... and ShutFor years, Apple dominated mobile industry profits, charging a premium for tightly integrated hardware-to-software-to-data centre mobile solutions. It turns out, however, that this magical formula for industry profits can be replicated, as Samsung is showing. It's also increasingly clear that it isn't cheap.
Matt Asay, 13 Dec 2012

Big Data storage of the future: Fat spinning tubs smothered in NVRAM gravy

Jean-Luc Chatelain, EVP of one of the major high capacity storage firms, says he sees storage tiers collapsing, leaving only server non volatile memory (NVRAM) and massively fat spinning data tubs of up to 64TB and rendering tape irrelevant. But how do we get to this point?
Chris Mellor, 13 Dec 2012

UK taxpayers spunk £8m on lubing civil servants for data release

Millions of pounds in taxpayers' cash will be spent on encouraging civil servants to reveal more facts and figures about the government's activities to the private sector.
Gavin Clarke, 13 Dec 2012

Sinclair ZX Spectrum FAILS latest radio noise rules SHOCK

A pal of mine suggested a short while back that it might be fun to obtain the blueprints for Sinclair Research’s ZX Spectrum and have a batch built up to sell to fans of retro computing. It’s a good job this plan never made it out of the pub: the dear old Speccy would have immediately fallen foul of modern electromagnetic radiation interference regulations.
Tony Smith, 13 Dec 2012

Sleepy North Yorkshire village is first to get gov-subsidised BT fibre

After a long delay, the Ministry of Fun has finally signed off the first BT broadband cabinet - supported by BDUK funds - to deliver download speeds of up to 80Mbit/s to residents in a North Yorkshire village.
Kelly Fiveash, 13 Dec 2012
Avnet TS

Avnet Technology Solutions in UK revamp

Avnet Technology Solutions is proposing to work with fewer channel customers which buy opportunistically, and throw its support instead behind those that want a "strategic relationship".
Paul Kunert, 13 Dec 2012

Win7 hotspot hackers kick-funded - now they're network bondage pros

Having raised more than $100,000 on Kickstarter, the Windows network bonding application has gone professional, with a professional price which will only appeal to those desperate to combine internet connections.
Bill Ray, 13 Dec 2012

Shiny new UK.gov stats website a 'disaster' - MPs

The official website designed to give the British public access to government statistics has been branded a "disaster" by MPs.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 13 Dec 2012

FCC: Kids, here's 100MHz of radio spectrum - but you have to share

US regulator the FCC will hand over another 100MHz of radio spectrum to unlicensed wireless users, just as long as they let someone know they're using it, as the White Space expands to fill every gap.
Bill Ray, 13 Dec 2012

Dixons and Microsoft haggling over Surface RT Ts&Cs

Dixons Retail is currently thrashing out the terms and conditions to flog Microsoft's seemingly little loved Surface RT slab.
Paul Kunert, 13 Dec 2012

Three little words stall UN's 'bid for INTERNET DOMINATION'

WCIT2012Time is running out for the world to agree on a new ITU treaty, which will define how countries communicate electronically with each other. The daylight is failing and three words still present immovable barriers to consensus - unless the chairman can magic them away. Meanwhile, voting guidelines are starting to circulate.
Bill Ray, 13 Dec 2012

Flash makes servers go with a Bang, benchmarks show

Flash arrays have enabled Dell and Fujitsu server iron to boast brilliant VMmark results.
Chris Mellor, 13 Dec 2012

Apple loses iPhone patent lawsuit

A jury in the US District Court in Delaware has ruled that Apple infringed on three patents owned by MobileMedia Ideas LLC of Chevy Chase, MD.
Rik Myslewski, 13 Dec 2012

US sides with UK, walks away from sticky WCIT treaty

America has stated that it won't be signing the new ITU treaty after the text was pushed though on a forced vote, with the UK being the first of many to agree that the final text is not acceptable.
Bill Ray, 13 Dec 2012

Google Maps becomes Apple's most popular app

Less than a day after its release, Google's Maps app has become the most popular download in the iTunes store.
Iain Thomson, 13 Dec 2012
Facebook data center - interior, lit up

TPC kicks out quick-and-dirty virty server test

For the past two and a half years, the members of the Transaction Processing Council consortium, which creates and audits transaction processing and data warehousing benchmarks for systems, has been working on a virtualization benchmark. The new test, called TPC-VMS, has finally made it out of committee and is ready for use.
CouchBase logo

Couchbase adds JSON docs, geo replication to NoSQL

Couchbase, one of the emerging providers of NoSQL databases (or data stores) for modern web applications, is cranking up and pushing out a new release, taking on rival 10gen's MongoDB for the hearts, minds, and money of web startups looking for ways to hold, dice, and slice large amounts of data.

Facebook ditches mobile HTML with native Android app

UpdatedFour months after Facebook infamously switched its iOS mobile app from an HTML-based app to a native one, the social network has followed suit with a native app for Android, completing its transition away from web-based mobile development.
Neil McAllister, 13 Dec 2012

Cassini spots Titan ‘mini-Nile’

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has sent back images of what the space agency says is “the first time images have revealed a river system this vast and in such high resolution anywhere other than Earth”.
Richard Chirgwin, 13 Dec 2012

File-sharing mom begs US Supremes to void bloated RIAA fine

Jammie Thomas-Rasset, the Minnesota mother of four facing a $220,000 fine for illegally downloading and sharing 24 songs, has petitioned the US Supreme Court to hear her case.
Iain Thomson, 13 Dec 2012

Yet another eavesdrop vulnerability in Cisco phones

A university student presenting at the Amphion Forum has demonstrated turning a Cisco VoIP phone into a listening device, even when it’s on the hook.
Richard Chirgwin, 13 Dec 2012

Apple debuts detailed failure gauge page

Apple has quietly unveiled a more detailed way for users to check on the health of its various and sundry iServices.
Rik Myslewski, 13 Dec 2012

US Immigration service won't drop BlackBerry after all

In a surprising about-face, US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has announced that it will test-drive Research in Motion's new BlackBerry 10 operating system in January, having earlier said that it planned to drop RIM's platform in favor of iOS.
Neil McAllister, 13 Dec 2012

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