6th December 2012 Archive

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  • Long-distance robot makes landfall in Oz

    James Gosling's swimmers were bound for Botany Hervey Bay

    Science 06 Dec 00:30

  • IDC: Windows tablets won't hit 10% market share until 2016

    Less than 3% of fondleslab market for 2012

    Hardware 06 Dec 00:46

  • Being responsible, creative and motivated means you aren’t

    Your LinkedIn profile is not a beautiful or unique snowflake

    Jobs 06 Dec 01:07

  • Optus tests new approach to New Years' Eve mobile woes

    Trial will shift packet core onto blades to handle traffic spikes

    Networks 06 Dec 01:43

  • UK climate expert warns of 3-5 degree warmer world by 2100

    50% species loss and dissolving reefs 'not unlikely'

    Science 06 Dec 02:00

  • Revealed: ITU's deep packet snooping standard leaks online

    Boring tech doc or INTERNET-EATING MONSTER?

    Security 06 Dec 03:53

  • Court ruling means Kim Dotcom can sue NZ spooks

    Illegal surveillance on trial

    Law 06 Dec 04:14

  • Russian iTunes offers smut video links

    Freedom from pr0n … except in Russia

    Media 06 Dec 04:49

  • Sony and Tosh gobble chips to kick start recovery

    Japanese giants set for massive outlay

    Business 06 Dec 05:05

  • Moon riven by colossal cracks

    GRAIL mission's twin spacecraft reveal thin crust, no cheese

    Science 06 Dec 05:53

  • Explosion of DANGEROUS IT GEAR injures and CRIPPLES MEDICS

    Shocking 'effects of computer use on the human body'

    Government 06 Dec 05:55

  • John McAfee blogs from Guatemalan jail, says coffee excellent

    Report says fugitive arrested for illegal entry, deportation imminent

    Law 06 Dec 06:05

  • Qualcomm aims its latest chips squarely at China

    Enter the low cost, high volume Snapdragon...

    Hardware 06 Dec 06:35

  • Reform candidate gets CISSP tin star sheriff's job

    Listen up, e-pilgrim

    Security 06 Dec 07:06

  • Oracle bod: Tape not just for Xmas, it's for Hollywood and unis too

    Not only for mainframes, ask the BBC and Sony

    Storage 06 Dec 07:58

  • Sage unimpressed by French performance

    Profit 'solid' after UK, Germany rescue European sales

    The Channel 06 Dec 08:57

  • Why you need an interactive archive

    Real-world benefits from Taylor Wessing

    Business 06 Dec 09:21

  • ScaleIO uncloaks, offers glimpses of mighty SANitisation plans

    Virtual storage will be a pocket miracle - if it works

    Storage 06 Dec 09:31

  • Windows Phone 8 must be Microsoft's priority one, two AND three

    Woe betide Nokia if Redmond can't keep its smartphone promises

    Windows 8 06 Dec 10:00

  • 'HP has just days to cough what it knew about Autonomy'

    Former SEC aide urges watchdog to 'hold HP's feet to fire'

    The Channel 06 Dec 10:32

  • Latest Call of Duty sequel shoots past Avatar sales benchmark

    Black Ops beat blue cats

    Games 06 Dec 10:52

  • Will Westerners soon be getting their IT direct from Asian players?

    'We already see the Indians all over the world'

    The Channel 06 Dec 11:00

  • Apple-HTC patent deal doesn't include designs, 'cloned' iDevices

    Alright you can make phones. But not with round corners

    Law 06 Dec 11:31

  • Amazon unzips its digital-only Brazilian, waves Kindles at Canada

    Build warehouses in South America? We'll pass

    Media 06 Dec 11:39

  • The best e-readers for Christmas

    Nexus 7, iPad Mini, Kindle Paperwhite - the top book-reading tech of 2012

    Hardware 06 Dec 12:00

  • Musk's SpaceX gets foot in door of US secret 'black' space program

    NASA? That's peanuts, let's go for the real money

    Government 06 Dec 12:23

  • Frenchmen's sperm plunges by a third in quality and quantity since '89

    Une sabotage méchant droite dans les sphères de mariage

    Science 06 Dec 12:57

  • Apple shares take biggest one-day hammering in 4 years

    Foxconn rebrander not worth $0.7 TREELLION, turns out

    Financial News 06 Dec 13:26

  • Dutch army digs in on spare spectrum rest of Europe could use

    Needs bands no one else uses to talk to itself

    Mobile 06 Dec 13:56

  • Consolidation in the cloud

    Not just saving cost. What else?

    Data Centre 06 Dec 14:23

  • Looking closely at HP's object storage: Questions Answered

    Object of desire, or just access method?

    Storage 06 Dec 15:03

  • E-reader demand slumps, slapped down by slates

    E-ink kit falling out of consumers' favour

    Hardware 06 Dec 15:12

  • Google defames Reg columnist Verity Stob

    Auto-trawled headshot too AWFUL to contemplate

    Verity Stob 06 Dec 15:31

  • Amazon belches fragrant clouds of AWS Node.js for JavaScripters

    Come scrawl your scripts across the digital skies

    Cloud 06 Dec 15:54

  • Single? Thrill-seeking? Love selling? I've got a top job just for YOU

    Come on in, the Channel's lovely

    The Channel 06 Dec 16:51

  • Zynga throws chips down on US gambling gambit

    Taps up Nevada for online poker licence

    Media 06 Dec 17:50

  • US Army demos first robot Black Hawk helicopter

    'We told you so!' scream paranoid Californians

    Science 06 Dec 20:32

  • T-Mobile USA inks deal with Apple, will offer iPhone in 2013

    Last holdout among the Big Four US carriers

    Mobile 06 Dec 21:11

  • Tim Cook: Apple to manufacture Macs in US in 2013

    Also, why iOS headman got the ax, whether iOS and OS X will merge, and more

    Hardware 06 Dec 21:52

  • The big bully theory investigated at CSIRO

    Premium science org rife with bullying

    Government 06 Dec 21:56

  • Apple security team adds British white hat hacking talent

    From Redmond to Cupertino for Kristin Paget

    Security 06 Dec 22:43

  • John McAfee rushed to hospital over heart attack fears

    Asylum requests denied by Guatemala, US

    Law 06 Dec 23:02

  • Australian Prime Minister: Mayan calendar 'true'

    Gangnam style, not Y2K, to end world, PM says

    Bootnotes 06 Dec 23:14

  • Intel prepping Atom bombs to drop on ARM microservers

    Roadmap is top secret, dual-core 'Centerton' Atom looms

    Servers 06 Dec 23:17