5th December 2012 Archive

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  • Twitter’s deathless spoofing bug gets the heart-stake again

    Facebook, Venmo also plug SMS vuln

    Security 05 00:32

  • Microsoft’s so.cl network now open to all

    Sign up now, once you update Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Foursquare, MySpace …

    Networks 05 01:16

  • Red Hat pushes out RHEL 6.4 beta

    Looking ahead to Fedora 18 hardened as RHEL 7 in 2013

    Servers 05 01:43

  • Facebook takes aim at SMS with new Messenger app

    Mobile-to-mobile chat, no Facebook account required

    Applications 05 01:49

  • NASA planning Curiosity v2.0 for Mars touchdown in 2020

    It's going to be a busy decade for Red Planet

    Science 05 01:51

  • Einstein almost tagged dark energy in the early 1920s

    Letter to Schrödinger was oh-so-close

    Science 05 02:04

  • AWS to ISVs: Let us vaporise your Windows apps

    Will Azure get the blues?

    Cloud 05 02:41

  • Nokia Siemens slim-down continues

    Optical sold, German services unit to close

    Business 05 02:50

  • ZTE gets $5bn Chinese government cash injection

    State handout won't play well abroad as SEC clamps down on Chinese firms

    Networks 05 04:34

  • China wants mobile app approval, tracking powers

    Smartphone makers may need to have apps pre-approved before release

    Government 05 04:51

  • First pic of Ashton Kutcher as the great Steve 'jOBS'

    Good beard but ... where is his TURTLENECK?

    Bootnotes 05 06:00

  • AI boffins take on Angry Birds

    Sydney competition pits programmers against pigs

    Science 05 06:13

  • McAfee seeks asylum in Guatemala

    EXIF data was right

    Law 05 06:47

  • 2013: No sign of flying cars, but Orange mobes will get black ice

    Sci-fi got a lot less interesting really, didn't it

    Mobile 05 06:56

  • China plans astro-farms on Mars

    Researches sustainable ecosystem to provide air, water and food

    Science 05 07:11

  • Elon Musk jumps overboard from Paul Allen's GIANT MOTHERSHIP

    Titanic plane will now fire Orbital Sciences rocket

    Science 05 07:51

  • NAND then something new came along: Nanotube men get $10m

    But can they stand out among the New Flash contenders?

    Storage 05 09:02

  • Start the clock! Public sector web MUST be disabled-friendly by 2015

    Latest proposal from European Commission to benefit '100 million' people

    Law 05 09:28

  • Google puts Nexus 4 back on sale, sells out pronto

    Hot cake impersonation continues

    Mobile 05 09:52

  • Google's ethics, cosy UK.gov chats under Westminster scrutiny

    Music industry honchos speak out in copyright inquiry

    Government 05 10:01

  • EU, US launch biggest ever global fight against online child sex abuse

    Worldwide teamwork to tackle 1m vile images

    Security 05 10:32

  • Use a Mac? For actual work? Evernote Business has arrived

    Windows, iOS and Android still on the to-do list

    Cloud 05 11:03

  • Storage veteran Murphy returns to HDS after HP fling

    Sniffed Hewlett-Packard, didn't like what he smelled

    The Channel 05 11:03

  • Yahoo! slurps! teeny! video! chat! upstart!

    Second gobble in Mayer's march to mobile domination

    Media 05 11:27

  • Copying Wikipedia's lies is not just for hacks, right Lord Leveson?

    Prankster nobbles judge's report on press ethics

    Media 05 11:43

  • 2012: an epoch-defining year for home entertainment

    Analogue telly out, 4K Ultra HD in... and more besides

    Hardware 05 12:00

  • BT to rent cheaper FTTP lines to ISPs - if they stump up £1k a go

    Hefty one-off fees demanded for 330Mbps broadband

    Broadband 05 12:29

  • Netflix wins first-show TV rights to Disney flicks

    IPTV deal puts future Star Wars movies on Xboxes, PS3s, TVs, tablets

    Media 05 12:38

  • Fred Flintstone may not have been real but his pet Dino WAS - boffins

    'Labrador sized' oldest 'saur ever discovered

    Science 05 13:05

  • Slash A THIRD off Surface RT price or it's toast, Microsoft told

    And actually sell it through the shops - who are you? Apple?

    The Channel 05 13:26

  • Samsung anoints chairman's son and heir as vice-chairman

    Set to be third generation of family to run giant chaebol

    Business 05 14:02

  • Nokia uncloaks Lumia 620: A 'budget' $249 Windows 8 mobe

    Smaller screen, less RAM, smaller battery - you get the picture (which is smaller too)

    Phones 05 14:29

  • Dozen more cities to get ultrafast broadband cash in gloomy UK budget

    Osbo dreams of £1bn savings once UK.gov goes fully online

    Broadband 05 14:30

  • Apple share dive scuppers trader's alleged get-rich-quick fraud scam

    Fruity FAIL leaves accused with $1bn of duff stock

    Business 05 14:57

  • Record €1.47 BEELLION EC fine for price-fixing display cartels

    CRT monitors - more evil than we knew

    Government 05 15:57

  • MySQL founders launch MariaDB Foundation at Oracle

    Too important to let Larry have control of it

    Software 05 16:32

  • Schmidt: Microsoft will never be as cool as the Gang of Four

    Fondle your tool as much as you like, it'll never get big

    Business 05 16:51

  • Cloudy storage new-kid Nirvanix loses CEO Genereux to Oracle

    To lose one CEO may be regarded as misfortune. Two ...

    Cloud 05 17:34

  • Instagram starts filtering out hipster pics on Twitter

    Wasn't that into tweeting anyway

    Business 05 19:55

  • Red Hat marries RHEV 3.1 hypervisor to Gluster storage

    New CloudForms control freak and virty bundles for cloud builders

    Virtualization 05 20:38

  • Microsoft's anti-Android Twitter campaign draws ire, irony

    Wags take Redmond to task on malware issue

    Mobile 05 21:21

  • HP's public cloud open for compute business

    Adds KVM hypervisor to CloudSystem box-o-private-cloud

    Cloud 05 23:11

  • Entire US Congress votes against ITU control of internet

    Unanimously against thing nobody has proposed

    Government 05 23:57