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Halfbrick takes gaming to another level

Australian game developer Halfbrick Studios has partnered with mobile analytics outfit OtherLevels to accelerate its global mobile gaming strategy across 13 languages and markets.
Natalie Apostolou, 04 Dec 2012

MySQL gains new batch of vulns

A series of posts on ExploitDB by an author signing as “King Cope” reveal a new set of MySQL vulnerabilities – along with one issue that could just be a configuration issue.
Richard Chirgwin, 04 Dec 2012

Facebook invites users to vote away voting rights, some privacy

Voting has officially opened for users of Facebook to decide if they agree with the proposed changes Zuckerberg and his crew want to make to the site's terms and conditions.
Iain Thomson, 04 Dec 2012
Mike Lynch

Autonomy founder attacks HP fraud charges with new website

British software entrepreneur and Autonomy founder Mike Lynch has launched a new website dedicated to airing his ongoing grievances with HP, which has accused him and other former Autonomy execs of misrepresenting the company's finances.
Neil McAllister, 04 Dec 2012

Internet shut-down easier, in more countries, than you think

Given Syria’s recent “have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again?” Internet experience, analysing what other countries this might happen to is a good idea.
Richard Chirgwin, 04 Dec 2012

Assange: Google, Facebook run 'side projects' for US spooks

WikiMartyr-in-waiting Julian Assange has emitted another screed in which he shares his belief that democracy is being dangerously undermined by government monitoring of the internet, and that Facebook and Google are helping those efforts.
Simon Sharwood, 04 Dec 2012

China Mobile squares up to Siri with voice portal

China Mobile, is set to launch its own Siri-like voice assistant service on Wednesday, a move which will provide more unwelcome local competition for Apple in the world’s biggest smartphone market.
Phil Muncaster, 04 Dec 2012
Artist's impression of Voyager 1 in space

Voyager 1 arrives on ‘magnetic highway for charged particles’

Venerable spacecraft Voyager 1 has arrived in the most distant part of space that can be considered part of the solar system.
Simon Sharwood, 04 Dec 2012

Chinese student fails job interview because of iPhone

An incensed university student in China’s Jilin province has taken to the web to vent his frustration at being rejected during a job interview after his interviewer spotted that he owned an iPhone.
Phil Muncaster, 04 Dec 2012

UK.gov: 'Foreign cyber reconnaissance' underway in UK

Foreign states may already have used malware to map the networks that support the UK's critical infrastructure systems, the government admitted.
John Leyden, 04 Dec 2012

LG ramps up fabless chip plans - report

LG could be set to take its first major leap towards carving out a new role as a fabless chipmaker next month when it debuts its H13 processor inside a smart TV at CES in Las Vegas.
Phil Muncaster, 04 Dec 2012

Littlest pirate’s Winnie-the-Pooh laptop on the way home

The ten-year-old girl accused of piracy in Finland will probably still find it hard to stay off Santa’s naughty list, but has at least cost her family only €300 after attempting to pinch a Finnish pop song.
Simon Sharwood, 04 Dec 2012

Xboxes stay on sale but may cost Microsoft money in Google case

Google-owned Motorola won't be granted an injunction against Microsoft's Xbox games console, but only on the grounds that Redmond will cough up the readies if necessary.
Bill Ray, 04 Dec 2012
Licence graphic

Adobe demands 7,000 years a day from humankind

FeatureI'm not a very good liar, I haven't got the memory for it, which is why it always pricks my conscience whenever I tick the yes box to the prompt "I have read and understood…" when installing software. I am, of course, fibbing. I never read a word. In fact, even though we all tick yes to these agreements every day, unless you're a legal bod, I doubt you could find anyone you know who could quote a single line from any of them.
Bob Dormon, 04 Dec 2012
AMD Opteron 3200 die

AMD finishes its 'Piledriver' Opteron server chip rollout

AMD has had a wrenching couple of years, and its executives are wrestling with so many transitions in the processor market and inside AMD that they are just punting out the new Opteron 4300 and 3300 CPUs for entry servers without making a fuss with the press or analyst communities.

Hero Playmonaut lost at sea as SPEARS ditches in Channel

It's with heavy hearts that we report the loss of the Special Project Bureau's heroic playmonaut, after the Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) balloon launch on Saturday ended in the English Channel off the coast of Sussex.
Lester Haines, 04 Dec 2012
Nutanix NX-3000 server-storage node

Nutanix server-storage half-bloods armed with Xeon E5s

Nutanix, which uncloaked last year peddling a virtualisation-driven all-in-one compute-and-storage appliance, is updating its server iron to keep pace with the rest of the tier-one players while also tweaking its underlying systems software.

Lovefilm does a Wii after rival gets loaded on new Nintendo

Britain’s eight million Nintendo Wii owners now have a reason to blow the dust off their console and power it up once more. Well, at least those of them who also happen to be Lovefilm subscribers do.
Tony Smith, 04 Dec 2012

Is it all over for UK.gov's G-Cloud 3.0? A footnote in history awaits

The clock is ticking on G-Cloud, the UK government's IT shopping catalogue for the public sector. A year in, those running the programme are already dreaming of life after the project and admit significant cultural hurdles stand in the way of their success.
Gavin Clarke, 04 Dec 2012
Computer worm photo via Shutterstock

Rumble in the Tumblr: Troll-worm infected thousands of blogs

A worm spread like wildfire across Tumblr on Monday, defacing pages on the blogging website with an abusive message penned by a notorious trolling crew.
John Leyden, 04 Dec 2012
WD RE4 Enterprise disk drive

WD to crash down five terabyte desktop job, mutterings suggest

A Russian tech website has revealed what appears to be Western Digital's roadmap for 5TB desktop and NAS drives.
Chris Mellor, 04 Dec 2012

Oracle suffers premature remuneration: Spaffs $900m on shareholders

Oracle is paying shareholders $867m in quarterly dividends early to beat a possible 2013 US tax hike.
Gavin Clarke, 04 Dec 2012

Irish data-cops 'fooled' by Facebook, claims Austrian privacy group

Skint campaigners fighting against proposed changes to Facebook's privacy policy are threatening to force the Irish Data Commissioner's office to defend its decisions in court.
Kelly Fiveash, 04 Dec 2012
Motorheadphones Overkill earphones

Motörheadphönes Overkill earphones review

I like Motörheadphönes’ cans, but when I’m out and about I’d prefer a pair of ‘phones that are a little more discreet and, yes, easier to stash when not in use. Enter the band’s in-canal cans: Overkill.
Tony Smith, 04 Dec 2012
Quantum CEO Jon Gacek

Quantum axes one in ten workers, insists it was not investor's idea

Troubled tape'n'disk biz Quantum has laid off roughly 10 per cent of its workforce.
Chris Mellor, 04 Dec 2012

Qualcomm throws Sharp a $120m bone for IGZO display tech

US chip designer Qualcomm will take a bite out of Sharp for up to 9.9bn yen ($121m), and plug its mobile display subsidiary Pixtronix into the Japanese telly biz.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 04 Dec 2012

Operation Hunt the Hunter: Anonymous targets 'revenge porn' man

Hacktivist collective Anonymous has set its sights on the former owner of a "revenge porn" website.
John Leyden, 04 Dec 2012

The Times offers subsidised Nexus 7s to get subscribers

One day on from the announced closure of The Daily - which was Rupert Murdoch's first attempt at a fondleslab-only newspaper - his British broadsheet the Times is flogging cheap Nexus 7 tablets to those who subscribe to the paper.
Team Register, 04 Dec 2012

Yahoo! comes! out! guns! blazing! to! end! $2.7bn! Mexican! standoff!

Yahoo! isn't worrying about a Mexico City civil court's $2.7bn preliminary judgment against it because it has loads of grounds for appeal, a source insisted.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 04 Dec 2012

Windows 8 fails to revive world CPU biz

IHS iSuppli, a market watcher, has admitted that its expects world PC sales to fall this year even further than it previously thought they would. Whatever the degree of decline, it will mark the first time global personal computer shipments have fallen in 11 years.
Tony Smith, 04 Dec 2012

Wi-Fi routers able to manage bandwidth by app are offered

The latest wi-fi routers know which applications are asking for wireless connectivity and can prioritise those that matter while still letting data trickle to those which don't.
Bill Ray, 04 Dec 2012

Brr, feeling cold? Galaxy is home to plenty of WARMER Earth twins

Boffins believe terrestrial planets orbiting Sun-like stars in the galaxy are probably more hospitable to life than Earth, thanks to their balmy subsurface temperatures.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 04 Dec 2012
Larry Ellison @ OpenWorld 2008, by Wicho

Revealed: The gift that keeps on giving to Oracle ... is dying

Open ... and ShutEven as traditional enterprise IT vendors come under pressure from modern cloud and open-source applications, these old-school businesses have one strategy that is the gift that keeps on giving: Enterprise licence agreements.
Matt Asay, 04 Dec 2012
Paul Maritz VMworld keynote

EMC mashes up big data, clouds, coders into SECRET crack team

The rumor mill has been buzzing that EMC and its virtualization and cloud minion VMware and its much smaller big data and programming sidekick Greenplum would be mashed up into some kind of new company group. And it turns out the rumors were right.

HP salivates over the future brontobyte digital universe

Discover 2012The amount of digital data that the world is creating and passing around is swelling a lot faster than revenues and profits at Hewlett-Packard and its peers in the traditional IT racket, but you can't blame them for getting excited about trying to capitalize on that data explosion. You can, however, blame them for overdoing it a bit. Or maybe a megabit.

US and UK spooks alerted over massive Swiss data leak

The Swiss intelligence agency (NDB) has been warning its US and UK counterparts that it may have lost terabytes of their secret information, thanks to one of its IT administrators pulling an inside job.
Iain Thomson, 04 Dec 2012

Half of all app store revenue goes to just 25 developers

Apple's App Store and the Google Play store each claim to offer over 700,000 apps to choose from, but only a tiny fraction of them bring in significant revenue for their developers, according to research from analyst firm Canalys.
Neil McAllister, 04 Dec 2012

Pioneering spidernaut snuffs it after short Smithsonian stay

America's first spacefaring jumping spider has died, three days after being delivered for display in her new home at the Smithsonian Museum’s Insect Zoo.
Iain Thomson, 04 Dec 2012

Whitman: HP '100 per cent committed' to Autonomy

Discover 2012Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman kicked off the Discover 2012 customer and partner event today in Frankfurt with a keynote address meant to calm everyone down about HP and its future. And she trotted out her lieutenants in the enterprise hardware and software groups to help make her case.
Right Shears cutting wire mesh

Removing the irrational from application rationalisation

Are you hoping to forklift some of your applications over to the cloud, to take advantage of cost savings? By all means evaluate it, but understand all of the implications for the applications and the business processes that they support.
Robin Birtstone, 04 Dec 2012

Court slaps down Verizon, upholds FCC data roaming rule

A US federal appeals court has unanimously upheld a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rule that required wireless carriers to offer roaming data service at "reasonable" rates, rejecting a challenge by leading mobile telco Verizon Wireless.
Neil McAllister, 04 Dec 2012

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