3rd December 2012 Archive

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  • ‘Hyperspectral’ camera surprises aurora researchers

    41-band snapper spots Northern Lights interacting with airglow

    Science 03 Dec 00:20

  • IETF bakes Google's SPDY protocol into HTTP 2.0

    Chocolate Factory's web accelerator looks to be going mainstream

    Networks 03 Dec 01:52

  • Flash memory made immortal by fiery heat

    Macronix's 'Thermal annealing' process extends SSD life from 10k to 100m read/write cycles

    Science 03 Dec 03:02

  • Xero gets $NZ60m to account for

    Kiwi accounting software house expands

    Financial News 03 Dec 03:24

  • Speak2Tweet resurrected after Syria goes offline

    Google and Twitter dust down phone tweet platform

    Networks 03 Dec 03:59

  • Microsoft claims £3.6m piracy scalp in China

    Shanghai retailer apologises after reaching settlement

    Business 03 Dec 05:21

  • Saucy Star Wars strip show - sorry, burlesque - to tour Down Under

    'Wookierotica', sexy stormtroopers and yes, gold bikini

    Bootnotes 03 Dec 06:01

  • Don't worry, Apple: iPad still dominant in China

    Cupertino approach suits the People's Republic

    Hardware 03 Dec 06:58

  • Adobe's revenge on Steve Jobs: HTML5

    Bloated Flash daddy offers web a new hope

    Software 03 Dec 08:00

  • Ready for ANOTHER patent war? Apple 'invents' wireless charging

    Wait, it's already a thing? Sorry, can't hear you over the sound of our lawyers

    Hardware 03 Dec 08:31

  • British biz gets one in five of its pounds from the INTERNET

    Even though 1 in 5 firms still don't have a website

    Small Biz 03 Dec 09:03

  • EU joins Google, hippies, Uncle T Cobbleigh in fight against ITU

    We'll stop the UN doing a thing it can't and won't do!

    Networks 03 Dec 09:17

  • China Mobile to reveal how 10 MILLION people will BONK

    Will slip new NFC platform into pockets in 2013

    Mobile 03 Dec 09:39

  • Tech titans lose our loyalty: Are fanbois a dying breed?

    Apple, Microsoft, Google? Whatever does the job...

    Hardware 03 Dec 10:01

  • Google buys parcel storage service for Christmas

    'We have made rage a thing of the past'. Except at Amazon

    Media 03 Dec 10:18

  • Clap Google, Amazon in irons to end tax shenanigans - MPs

    Influential panel demands change in law

    Government 03 Dec 10:37

  • Piracy haven Newzbin2 gives up, can't pay the bills

    No more downloads, but hey, we may start a blog!

    Media 03 Dec 11:03

  • Council techie and top reseller talk Windows Server 2012

    Join us for a range of tips and advice

    Data Centre 03 Dec 11:19

  • News International big boss flings himself overboard

    Murdoch: 'Absolutely and entirely his own decision to quit'

    Media 03 Dec 11:26

  • TomTom for Android with hands-free kit review

    A step in the right direction?

    Science 03 Dec 12:00

  • Twenty years of text messages: We've reached Peak SMS

    Expensive, truncated emails finally plateau

    Phones 03 Dec 12:19

  • Who's using 'password' as a password? TOO MANY OF YOU

    Study of hacked websites reveals top 25 common passphrases

    Security 03 Dec 12:37

  • Children increasingly named after Apple products

    The fanboi doesn't fall too far from the tree, eh, Mac?

    Bootnotes 03 Dec 13:05

  • Home Sec: Let us have Snoop Charter or PEOPLE WILL DIE

    Do what I want or bad things will happen to children

    Government 03 Dec 13:29

  • HP lunges at EMC's midrange with new 3PAR StoreServ 7000s

    Bruised from Autonomy bashing, but not kissing the canvas just yet

    Storage 03 Dec 14:02

  • NetApp's dangerous dance with the killer brontosaurus - Amazon

    One wrong step and you're paste

    Cloud 03 Dec 14:28

  • Windows 8: Great for media PCs...

    ...But what else?

    Windows 8 03 Dec 14:40

  • EMC mixes database upstart into its Greenplum pudding

    Allow more users to run queries simultaneously? Now there's an idea

    Storage 03 Dec 15:33

  • Hold the front page for ETERNITY: Murdoch kills The Daily

    Nobody wanted an iPad full of Rupert

    Media 03 Dec 15:54

  • Ericsson asks for unlikely ITC import ban on raft of Samsung stuff

    Mob of pygmies hacking at Korean giant's shins grows

    Hardware 03 Dec 16:27

  • Stone Group: Beancounter Harbridge to replace flown Bird as CEO

    Can the public sector afford British computers?

    The Channel 03 Dec 16:34

  • VMware ships embiggened vCloud Suite after price brouhaha

    Discount chop looms; how many dollars per socket?

    Virtualization 03 Dec 16:58

  • Curiosity finds organics on Mars, but possibly not of Mars

    Mission director vows to hold his tongue in future

    Science 03 Dec 20:38

  • World's largest miner spooked by climate change

    BHP Biliton rebuilds coal loader to cope with hurricanes, rising sea levels

    Business 03 Dec 22:10

  • Apple's new 'Assembled in USA' iMac a bear to upgrade, repair

    Want to add more RAM? Break out your heat gun and guitar picks

    Hardware 03 Dec 22:19

  • Australian telco in $20m robot moon shot bid

    PlusComms joins Lunar X Prize team, plans for Sydney mission control

    Science 03 Dec 22:24

  • John McAfee remains on the run, but outside Belize

    'Drug crazed madman' apologizes for 'silence and misdirection'

    Law 03 Dec 22:28

  • His Holiness Benedict XVI to tweet to his Catholic flock

    First papal Twitter feed will take Q&A format

    Bootnotes 03 Dec 22:43

  • Office 2013 now on sale for business customers

    Non-subscription version available through volume licensing

    Applications 03 Dec 23:38

  • Forget fluorescents, plastic lighting strips coming out next year

    Glowing plastic mimics natural light

    Science 03 Dec 23:41