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PostgreSQL 9.2 elephant

EnterpriseDB cranks up Postgres database scalability

EnterpriseDB, the commercial entity that is helping to push development of the open source PostgreSQL relational database – and profit from it – is trying to keep the heat on database rival Oracle with its latest 9.2 release and a matching 3.0 update of its database management console.

Your brain, the Internet and the Universe

Correlation does not imply causation. However, some correlations are at least fascinating, and here’s one that’s getting a lot of attention: the apparent structural similarity between the growth of the universe, that of the human brain, and complex artificial networks like the Internet or Twitter.
Richard Chirgwin, 28 Nov 2012

85% of Windows 8 users wield the desktop on day one

Microsoft has released information about sales of Windows 8 and apps from the Windows Store, plus data on users' interactions with the new operating system.
Simon Sharwood, 28 Nov 2012

Boffin claims Bigfoot DNA reveals BESTIAL BONKING

An American scientist is claiming DNA samples reportedly taken from Bigfoot show the beast is a product of mating between female humans and an undiscovered primate.
Iain Thomson, 28 Nov 2012

Google mingles Drive and Gmail for 10GB attachments

Google is changing Gmail's attachment-handling capabilities to allow files from its Drive cloud storage service to be embedded directly in messages, opening the door to sending files as large as 10GB in a single email.
Iain Thomson, 28 Nov 2012
Nokia Lumia 820 Windows Phone 8

Microsoft 'fesses up to Windows Phone 8 reboot bug

Windows Phone 8 users frustrated by their handsets' tendency to randomly reboot will soon be offered relief, after Redmond 'fessed up to the existence of a problem and promised a patch.
Simon Sharwood, 28 Nov 2012

Fujitsu's canine cloud keeps pets petite

Japanese tech giant Fujitsu has tapped its considerable expertise in cloud and mobile computing to produce a canine health management system designed to stop pet dogs from getting too fat.
Phil Muncaster, 28 Nov 2012
Cell 1 of HP's Aurora Data Center

Take the heat from data centres’ PUE pitch

Data centre openings have become a dime a dozen of late, nearly always featuring (here in Australia at least) a suit from the operator talking up the new facility’s power usage effectiveness (PUE) rating as a compelling reason to move your kit within its walls.
Simon Sharwood, 28 Nov 2012
Samsung ML-2165W mono laser printer

Samsung printers have secret admin account

Some Samsung printers, including models the Korean company made for Dell, have a backdoor administrator account coded into their firmware, says US CERT.
Simon Sharwood, 28 Nov 2012

IBM outsources UK desktop support operation lock+stock to Phoenix

ExclusiveIBM is the Global Services Provider (GSP) that is outsourcing desktop support to Phoenix IT Group, The Channel can reveal.
Paul Kunert, 28 Nov 2012

Upstart plans to reanimate cold dead corpse of holographic storage

Another holographic storage wannabee has popped up. Akonia Holographics has bought some of the assets of doomed holographic storage firm InPhase and moved into its old offices. Is this for real or just another 3D holo fantasy in waiting?
Chris Mellor, 28 Nov 2012
Great Wall of China

VPN ban makes for nervy times behind Great Firewall

Multinationals and foreign web users based in China to get jittery on Wednesday after pictures began circling the internet which suggested a new clamp down on the use of virtual private networks (VPNs).
Phil Muncaster, 28 Nov 2012

Companies House website security 'a bit of a mess'

Serious security holes in the website of Companies House - the UK database of corporate information - have exposed sensitive data and create the risk of corporate identity theft, security consultants warn.
John Leyden, 28 Nov 2012

Skills shortage may crimp Asia's IT rise

Asia Pacific will once again be the envy of the tech world in 2013 as it posts steady ICT spending growth of near eight per cent, but a worsening skills shortage could hamper enterprise technology adoption, according to IDC.
Phil Muncaster, 28 Nov 2012
SUSE Cloud logo

SUSE joins Canonical and Red Hat in using Ceph to puff OpenStack cloud

Now that OpenStack is a technically viable infrastructure cloud controller, all of the main Linux distributors are lining up to have a go.
ViewSonic Pro 9000 laser hybrid LED projector

ViewSonic Pro 9000 laser hybrid LED projector review

Following the extinction of gloriously bulky CRT video projectors, big screen aficionados have had a clear choice between LCD and DLP. Both technologies are capable of great results, yet have distinct weaknesses: single chip DLP projectors often suffer from rainbow fringing, created by the use of a spinning colour wheel, while LCD models struggle to distinguish tomatoes from oranges.
Steve May, 28 Nov 2012

Microsoft Office 2013 heads for the cloud but fails to soar

ReviewThe last few versions of Microsoft Office have divided users, and Office 2013 – due to reach General Availability in the first quarter of next year but available now as a limited free trial – will likely be no different, even though it largely follows a familiar course.
Neil McAllister, 28 Nov 2012

Kcom puts Fujitsu's Long in the MD hot seat

Comms and networks integrator Kcom has confirmed that Fujitsu UK director Stephen Long is preparing to take the vacant MD's chair.
Paul Kunert, 28 Nov 2012
High-altitude snap from Dave Akerman's Cloud 7 payload

Google goes for Amazon: Slash-fest on cloud storage prices

The Google juggernaut has ground out new cloud storage and compute facilities, slashed its prices, and provided European data centre support for its EU zone.
Chris Mellor, 28 Nov 2012

Barnes & Noble go up against Amazon in Blighty with Nook apps

Optimistic Amazon competitor Barnes & Noble has launched its Nook platform in the UK, in soft form for iOS and Android, but enough to start selling books to Brits.
Bill Ray, 28 Nov 2012

LOHAN cooks up tempting Raspberry Pi spiced with Iridium

The electronics buffs among you should brace for explosive geekgasm, as the Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) team serves up a tasty dish of Iridium-spiced Raspberry Pi, with a tempting side dish of Python.
Lester Haines, 28 Nov 2012

Troubled OCZ brings forth consumer SSDs with Vector

SSD supplier OCZ, hard hit by an erring CEO and now under new management, has launched its first consumer SSD using in-house controller technology, the Vector.
Chris Mellor, 28 Nov 2012

Android users: More of them than fanbois, but they don't use the web

Open ... and ShutAndroid smartphone shipments now dwarf those of Apple's iPhone, yet Apple's iOS still accounts for the vast majority of mobile web traffic, as reported by The Register.
Matt Asay, 28 Nov 2012

Peter Moore: IT consultant, Iraq hostage - Part Two

When we last left IT consultant point Peter Moore, he had spent over a year in the hands of an Iraqi Shi'ite militia, being shuffled around from building to building as his captors sought to evade coalition forces. Moore spent much of his time chained, handcuffed, blindfolded, and separated from the four British guards with whom he had been abducted.
Iain Thomson, 28 Nov 2012

Belgian finds missus was born a MAN after 19 YEARS of marriage

A somewhat upset Belgian has recounted how he discovered his Indonesian missus was actually a born a bloke, but only after after 19 years of wedlock during which the couple enjoyed normal sexual relations.
Lester Haines, 28 Nov 2012

Japan firm offers mums-to-be 3D printed unborn infants

If your partner is up the duff, and you want to record the pregnancy for posterity, you could keep the ultrasound pictures and even get a cast made of your missus’ extended abdomen. Or, if you live in Japan, you can get a 3D printed foetus.
Tony Smith, 28 Nov 2012

Speaking in Tech: WTF is Software Defined Networking, anyway?

Team Register, 28 Nov 2012

Latest scam spam ploy: Bogus pay-by-phone London parking receipts

Bogus "pay by phone parking receipts" doing the rounds by email and targeted at UK users are actually designed to spread malware, security watchers warn.
John Leyden, 28 Nov 2012
BBC R&D Labs' Dalek

Scoop! The inside story of the news website that saved the BBC

Special reportFifteen years ago this month the BBC launched its News Online website. Developed internally with a skeleton team, the web service rapidly became the face of the BBC on the internet, and its biggest success story – winning four successive BAFTA awards.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Nov 2012

Android seven-inchers swipe rug from under Apple

The question is, does Apple’s tablet market share - or Android’s for that matter - actually matter? Apple is certainly selling more of the darn things, but after a brief year’s relief, sales of Android alternatives are rising even more quickly.
Tony Smith, 28 Nov 2012

Nokia RIM shot: Seeks royalties after winning wireless patent spat

RIM's decision to take its Nokia patent licensing troubles to an arbitration tribunal has backfired somewhat, as the adjudicator found the Canadian firm wasn't sticking to its side of the cross-licensing bargain the two firms struck nearly 10 years ago.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 28 Nov 2012

NUDT on HPC battle: Total cluster supremacy - Who needs it?

SC12Video Team NUDT (China’s own National University of Defense Technology) was all smiles when I stopped by their booth on the final day of the SC12 Student Cluster Competition (SCC). And what’s not to smile about? They had just won the LINPACK award with their record-breaking 3 Teraflop/s score and were considered a serious contender for the overall award.
Dan Olds, 28 Nov 2012

How to launch people into space...

It's Not Rocket ScienceLast time, I explored how difficult it is for computer hardware to operate in the noisy - from an electromagnetic radiation perspective - environment of outer space. Today’s topic is people. Don’t worry, I won’t be boring you with life support systems. That’s the least of a spacer’s worries. Before you need to worry about keeping your astronaut breathing, you’ve got to get them into orbit first, in a condition where the oxygen will still be required.
Shaun Dormon, 28 Nov 2012

Annual reviews: It's high time we rid the world of this insanity

An inescapable and widely dreaded fact of life for people employed in the financial industry is the annual review. Unlike the way this process might have worked a few decades ago, and still does in most other industries, it’s not a simple matter of sitting down with your manager at the end of the year for a casual discussion of the work you’ve done.
Dave Mandl, 28 Nov 2012

Real sci-fi space ships coming at last? NASA tests nuclear engine

NASA has conducted tests of a nuclear reactor intended to generate electricity in space for the first time since 1965, offering hope that humanity may now belatedly get serious about building proper, powerful spaceships of the sort long envisaged in science fiction.
Lewis Page, 28 Nov 2012

Take-Two praises release breaks for Grand Theft Auto's healthy figure

Some 125 million copies of Grand Theft Auto games have shipped since the series' introduction, publisher Take-Two Interactive has claimed.
Caleb Cox, 28 Nov 2012

MIDI: 30 years old... almost

Despite rumours to the contrary, MIDI is not 30 years old today. The concept is older and its actual adoption as an industry standard gets its birthday next summer. Yet as industry standards go, it’s certainly been a robust one.
Bob Dormon, 28 Nov 2012
closed_sign shut down under collapsed liquidation

Comet crashes to Earth: 125 stores wiped out

Comet administrator Deloitte will shut 125 of the retail chain's stores, putting thousands of people out of work just before Christmas.
Paul Kunert, 28 Nov 2012

'Microsoft to make its own Surface phones' - mutterings

Microsoft has, apparently, signed up with iPhone manufacturer Foxconn to build its own handset next year, extending the Surface brand into mobile telephony.
Bill Ray, 28 Nov 2012

Google 'wants to dodge consent decree' in any FTC antitrust deal

Google is rumoured to be trying to persuade the Federal Trade Commission that it hasn't broken any antitrust laws and that any agreement it makes with the agency isn't bound by a consent decree.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 28 Nov 2012
Mike Lynch

'Brit Bill Gates' defends his honour in open letter to HP board

Hewlett-Packard has slapped down former Autonomy boss Mike Lynch after he called for details of accounting charges made against him and for an explanation of what HP executives really knew.
Gavin Clarke, 28 Nov 2012
Xbox 360 250GB

Sinking Xbox 360 sales still stymies Nintendo numbers

Microsoft shifted three quarters of a million Xbox 360 consoles during "Black Friday" week in the US. While that works out at 22 per cent fewer units than it managed to shift this time last year, the figures remain impressive for a console nearing the end of its lifecycle.
Caleb Cox, 28 Nov 2012

A tweet too far: UK contempt law reform push begins

The Law Commission opened public consultation on contempt and the internet today, after the Attorney General confirmed last week that the matter was to be reviewed in the wake of recent high-profile contempt cases that originated online.
Kelly Fiveash, 28 Nov 2012

Team Boilermaker: We hammer the code... not the booze

SC12Video We had a chat with Team Boilermaker on the last day of the SC12 Student Cluster Competition. While the team did visit several of the vendor parties the night before, they assert that they didn’t overindulge, and claim that the absence of some team members is due to meetings, not hangovers. I think I buy that explanation; the Purdue teams take a businesslike approach to their cluster battling.
Dan Olds, 28 Nov 2012

Windows 8 launch outdoes Windows 7's, says Microsoft bigwig

Microsoft's new operating system has sold 40 million units in its first month on sale, a Microsoft top bod revealed at a conference yesterday.
Anna Leach, 28 Nov 2012
Bphone TV notebook handset

Ten weird Chinese mobile phones

Product Round-upShopping for a mobile phone this Christmas? You could make the easy choice and get an Apple iPhone 5, one of Samsung's recent releases or take a punt on whether enough apps will emerge to make the Nokia Lumia 920 worth your hard-earned cash.
Simon Sharwood, 28 Nov 2012

Iran's Photoshop FAIL: 'New drone' actually Japanese university bird

Earlier this month Iran showed off its latest drone design, but on examination the photographs bear a striking similarity to those coming out of Japan's Chiba University.
Bill Ray, 28 Nov 2012
Our intrepid party playmonaut on a sofa, surrounded by blondes

Think Xmas bashes in your biz are scary? Try partying with the Channel

Etiquette experts Debrett’s has extensive advice for how to negotiate the work Christmas party, including retaining one’s professional gloss and never doing anything one might regret in the morning.
Steve Bell, 28 Nov 2012

'Boson' Higgs: Yes, CERN has seen the coming of the God particle

Boffin Peter Higgs said yesterday that he's confident the particle discovered by the Large Hadron Collider last July was the Higgs boson he first predicted in 1964.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 28 Nov 2012

Logicalis UK boss Tom Kelly to stand down in New Year

Logicalis veteran UK MD Tom Kelly has confirmed he is stepping down in the New Year.
Paul Kunert, 28 Nov 2012

Amazon makes BEELLIONS from British customers, pays pennies in tax

Amazon paid just £1.8m in corporation tax in the UK despite racking up a pre-tax profit of £74m on £3.35bn sales in 2011, according to figures the web giant wanted to keep secret.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 28 Nov 2012

DNS servers filled with wrong Kool-Aid, big names waylaid in Romania

A hacker today redirected web surfers looking for Yahoo, Microsoft or Google to a page showing a TV test card by apparently poisoning Google's public DNS system.
John Leyden, 28 Nov 2012

Team Utah grabs Mini Iron crown at little cluster compo

SC12Until this year, the annual SC Student Cluster Competition focused entirely on seeing how much work teams of university students could wring out of 26 amps of juice. They can use any hardware/software combination that will run the required apps; the only limitation is that their configuration has to be shipping by the time of the show. (For an overview, click here.)
Dan Olds, 28 Nov 2012

MONSTER QUASAR BLAST blows stunned astro boffins' WIGS OFF

Physics boffins have discovered a dying galaxy whose black hole core has emitted the biggest burst of energy ever to be found by scientists.
Kelly Fiveash, 28 Nov 2012

TVShack O’Dwyer strikes deal to avoid US extradition

Briton Richard O'Dwyer will avoid extradition to the US to face trial and possible jail time over allegations his video download links website facilitated copyright infringement.
John Leyden, 28 Nov 2012

Apple sticks finger in dyke, cuts off Dutch flood of Galaxy S, SII, Ace

Samsung Galaxy products which run Android 2.2.1 to 2.3.7 - the Galaxy S, SII and Ace - have been banned in the Netherlands after a Dutch court ruled that the devices infringe an Apple scrolling patent that relates to how a user swipes through photo galleries.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 28 Nov 2012
A storm is brewing (Mali, Sahel). Foto: F. Guichard & L. Kergoat, AMMA project, CNRS copyright.

Amazon fluffs up cloudy data warehousing service with Redshift

re:InventAmazon Web Services, has used its first re:Invent customer and partner conference in Las Vegas to launch a cloudy data warehousing service dubbed Redshift.

GreenBytes founder steps aside for new blood

Greenbytes is a startup whose IO Offload Engine accelerates VDI. It's just announced a new and experienced CEO, Stephen O'Donnell, who will accelerate it.
Chris Mellor, 28 Nov 2012

Astronomers find biggest black hole, 17 BILLION times the size of Sun

A team at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy has found the largest recorded black hole, one that swallows an unprecedented amount of its home galaxy, potentially requiring a rethink in our understanding of galactic formation.
Iain Thomson, 28 Nov 2012
BitYota logo

BitYota uncloaks, fires off SaaS torpedoes at data warehouse stalwarts

Re:InventAnything that you are running in your data center, someone is trying to rework as a service running out there on the cloud, and BitYota wants you to let go of your data warehousing and uses its eponymous data warehousing service instead.
Cellular antenna. Source: Vxla/Flickr

Cutbacks hit CSIRO wireless unit

One of the CSIRO’s most successful research units – at least measured by the royalties it generates – is being slimmed down, according to the CSIRO Staff Association.
Richard Chirgwin, 28 Nov 2012
Concept of the Unimodal SkyTran system in use in Dubai.

WCIT leak: CHAOS will REIGN if telco talks fail

As delegates prepare for the intolerable privation of a five-star junket in Dubai to debate re-framing the decades-old International Telecommunications Regulations (ITRs), a leaked management briefing from September warns that chaos may reign if the talks don’t reach a consensus outcome.
Richard Chirgwin, 28 Nov 2012

Anti-Israel hackers leak nuclear watchdog email addresses

The UN's International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has admitted to suffering a data breach that leaked the email addresses of more than 150 people allegedly involved with Israel's nuclear weapons program.
Neil McAllister, 28 Nov 2012

Microsoft's promises slow upgrade for loyal Phone 7 customers

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 users may not be able to upgrade their handsets to Phone 8, but an update promised by Redmond will make them look as though they have – though not until next year.
Iain Thomson, 28 Nov 2012

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