27th November 2012 Archive

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  • US & EU celebrate 'Cyber Monday' by seizing 132 websites

    Counterfeit-goods sting nets transatlantic miscreants

    Law 27 Nov 00:09

  • ‘Anonymous’ takes down Texan RFID-tracking school

    Hacktivists toying with school district’s site

    Security 27 Nov 00:32

  • Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 arrives, first of many

    Rapid releases planned to fix bugs, add features

    Developer 27 Nov 01:04

  • Samsung suppliers broke labour laws, but didn't hire kids

    Unveils long list of new policies to stop abuses

    Law 27 Nov 05:37

  • Network giants want software-defined network standards

    Virtual networks coming to mobile and metro networks … and beyond!

    Networks 27 Nov 05:39

  • Outsourcing fingered as UBS cops £30m fine

    Rogue trader should have been spotted in outsourced report

    Business 27 Nov 05:42

  • Man facing rare refusal-to-unlock-encryption charge: Court date set

    Accused of DDoS attacks against police, Oxbridge websites

    Law 27 Nov 05:58

  • Google plans touchscreen Chromebook for 2013 - report

    Chocolate Factory has ordered 20 million own-brand devices

    Hardware 27 Nov 06:17

  • Fallen flash pioneer's CEO bets $600k it can rise again

    Must be sick of watching flash newbies grab the big bucks

    Storage 27 Nov 06:33

  • Tool time with Trevor: 'Organic' sysadmins' spice mush still pretty edible

    When 'eat what's in front of you' just won't wash

    Data Centre 27 Nov 07:00

  • Nokia Lumia 820 WinPho 8 review

    Smaller, cheaper... nicer

    Hardware 27 Nov 07:30

  • BT.com blats small privacy bug, ignores GAPING HOLE

    Allow anyone to hike your bill? Yes, that's what we call customer convenience

    Security 27 Nov 07:58

  • Upping your game with Windows Server 2012

    Two Reg readers provide many reasons

    Data Centre 27 Nov 08:08

  • Capita cans Employee Forum a year after launch

    No connection with redundancy programme closing, none at all, say sarcastic staffers

    The Channel 27 Nov 08:28

  • Eucalyptus pushes pedal to metal, turns cloud control knob up to 3.2

    'Harder on the inside, softer on the outside'

    Cloud 27 Nov 09:03

  • Only Kinect: Microsoft boffins build Minority Report-style tools

    Big, expensive goggles no longer compulsory for AR

    Developer 27 Nov 09:22

  • Druva: We can do a mixture of anything you can do

    Voodoo that we do quite different from that which you do

    Storage 27 Nov 09:44

  • BYOD: A bigger headache for IT bosses than Windows Metro?

    Your survival guide to giving users what they want

    CIO 27 Nov 10:00

  • Peter Moore: IT consultant and Iraq hostage – Part One

    Stripped, pistol whipped, cold conked, bored stiff

    Developer 27 Nov 10:15

  • Amazon's secret UK sales figures revealed by Parliamentary probe

    You guys don't buy much from us - honest

    Financial News 27 Nov 10:29

  • Harley allows Apple to use 'Lightning' brand on 'playthings'

    Bikers keep rights for lace, ribbons, flowers and bows

    Hardware 27 Nov 10:44

  • Steam stats show surge in honest PC gaming

    6 million concurrent users

    Games 27 Nov 10:52

  • Yahoo! email! hijack! exploit!... Yours! for! $700!

    Cybercrook: It's a bargain, guys... They usually cost way more

    Security 27 Nov 10:58

  • ITU to EU: We don't want to control the internet... honest

    But who's listening when Google says otherwise

    Government 27 Nov 11:24

  • Revealed: Google's manual for its unseen humans who rate the web

    Technology? Yes, but also toiling home-workers

    Media 27 Nov 11:30

  • Bash Street bytes: Do UK schools really need the Raspberry Pi?

    Does Britain really need to be a nation of coders?

    Hardware 27 Nov 11:49

  • Elon Musk envisions small town of VEGETARIANS ON MARS

    Offers $500k one way tickets to 'people in their mid 40s'

    Science 27 Nov 11:55

  • Data cops: Facebook privacy plans must be 'modified'

    We don't need your consent ... bitch

    Media 27 Nov 11:58

  • Second PAC-MAN orbiting SATURN: Local absence of dots explained

    'Could be a whole arcade out there,' says NASA boffin

    Science 27 Nov 12:19

  • One in 10 Brit smartphone owners 'can't afford' to pay for apps

    Beggared themselves buying iPhones, now can't find 69p

    Applications 27 Nov 12:38

  • Video: High school kids fend off university challenge in student cluster battle

    For a little bit, at least...

    HPC 27 Nov 12:47

  • Power station, airport SCADA defences 'dead as a dodo'

    Security bod promises to help fix holes rather than flog exploits

    Security 27 Nov 12:54

  • Nowhere to hide for Google users as Play is given Plus treatment

    Anyone reviewing products now gets name, photo attached

    Media 27 Nov 13:07

  • Conmen swipe 100,000 Brits' sensitive info in UK.gov fraud bid

    Cops probe database ransack, attempted Treasury raid

    Government 27 Nov 13:29

  • Lawsuit launched against HP following Autonomy catastrophe

    Mad Leo, Whitman both named by shareholders' lawyers

    The Channel 27 Nov 13:44

  • Google parks panzers on Germany's lawn over 'link tax' plan

    Geld spricht, Stier Scheiße Wanderungen

    Media 27 Nov 14:10

  • Bradley Manning to speak in public for first time in two years

    Army private and alleged Wikileaker called as witness

    Security 27 Nov 14:24

  • Oracle de-cloaks JavaScript Nashorn project

    JavaScript shall speak unto JVM

    Developer 27 Nov 14:37

  • Cloud-building Fedora 18 goes into beta

    OpenStack and Eucalyptus included, OpenShift on the way

    Operating Systems 27 Nov 15:00

  • Ten technology FAILS

    Tech that might have revolutionised your life but you have now completely forgotten

    Hardware 27 Nov 15:02

  • FCC: Let Dish deploy 4G? Imagine a $1bn pile of cash ... ON FIRE

    LTE in sat-phone frequencies 'will turn public asset into private windfall'

    Mobile 27 Nov 15:23

  • Nintendo shrinks Wii for Crimbo

    Mini Mii for Canada

    Games 27 Nov 15:28

  • El Reg debuts badges for commentards

    Badges? We do need some stinking badges!

    Site News 27 Nov 15:35

  • Ericsson sues Samsung for un-FRANDliness

    Empties both barrels of patent shotgun at Koreans

    Law 27 Nov 15:54

  • Minnesota store CUPBOARD was full of rocks FOUND ON MOON

    Apollo 11 booty shoved in drawer by National Guard

    Science 27 Nov 16:22

  • OS/2 a quarter century on: Why IBM lost out and how Microsoft won

    Let's pile into the DeLorean to see what might have been

    Operating Systems 27 Nov 16:35

  • Antarctic discovery: ALIEN LIFE may be FOUND ON MOON of Jupiter

    If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere - microbes

    Science 27 Nov 16:36

  • New iMac in shop windows FRIDAY but you'll wait to take one home

    Literally-bleeding-edge deskslabs use Brit welding

    The Channel 27 Nov 17:07

  • Chevrolets to get 'Eyes Free' mode for driving with Apple Siri

    Took my Chevy to the levee, my phone said it was dry

    Hardware 27 Nov 17:35

  • Apple's former retail boss spills magic beans on store strategy

    Ron Jonhson on improving icommunities, transforming ilives

    The Channel 27 Nov 18:13

  • Apple granted patent for microphone silhouette

    Shambolic Siri's icon blessed by hard-working USPTO drones

    Software 27 Nov 19:48

  • Hotel blames burglaries on hacked Onity card locks

    Black Hat demo exploited in the wild

    Security 27 Nov 20:13

  • Red Hat takes OpenShift platform cloud private

    'If you can run RHEL, you're good'

    Virtualization 27 Nov 20:19

  • Melbourne IT looks to offload business units

    Tough times for SME services

    Networks 27 Nov 21:00

  • Exec responsible for Apple iOS map fiasco walks the plank

    No, not that guy, another guy

    Software 27 Nov 21:40

  • LHC CMS yields unexpected 'new stuff'

    What’s the ‘matter’? A color-glass condensate - maybe

    Science 27 Nov 22:05

  • Astrobioboffins seek funds to search for ALIEN HAIRSPRAY

    If a planet has CFCs, it likely has intelligent life

    Science 27 Nov 23:02