26th November 2012 Archive

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  • Kim Dotcom claims entrapment by US authorities

    Megaupload accused of holding files said to be held for another piracy case

    Law 26 Nov 00:37

  • Acid oceans DISSOLVING sea life

    British Antarctic Survey says CO2 the villain behind bad news for tiny snails

    Science 26 Nov 02:42

  • HP denies Syria, Iran spy tech claims

    "Our hands are clean, but our distros' may not be"

    Law 26 Nov 04:47

  • Driverless trucks roam Australian mines

    210 tonne monsters haul 300 tonnes of dirt with GPS guidance

    Science 26 Nov 04:56

  • Google, Apple, and Microsoft downed in Pakistan

    Hackers leave cryptic messages, offer no clear motive for attacks

    Security 26 Nov 05:14

  • Heroic Register reader battles EXPLODING COMPUTER

    Saves son AND son's homework from firebomb power supply

    Hardware 26 Nov 06:00

  • Datawind insists $42 tab isn't Chinese

    Components of subsidised slabs come from China, but assembly done in India

    Tablets 26 Nov 06:06

  • Brocade drill-down: Replacement for Klayko in the wings

    Successfully milking its mature provider

    Storage 26 Nov 06:28

  • ICO: Anonymised data doesn't HAVE to guarantee your privacy

    German watchdog: Sure, but let's be careful, ja?

    Security 26 Nov 07:01

  • Seagate private equity whispers begin... AGAIN

    Hello Steve, it's 2010 calling...

    Financial News 26 Nov 07:32

  • Microsoft applies for patent for 'Google Goggles'-type AR specs

    Redmond follows in Oompa Loompa footsteps

    Hardware 26 Nov 07:58

  • Flash is dead ... but where are the tiers?

    Storage tiering needs to be separate from arrays

    Storage 26 Nov 08:34

  • Intel edu-tablet sales forecast slashed - supply chain whispers

    Another vicious punch to Chipzilla's mobile snoot

    Business 26 Nov 09:01

  • Galapagos tortoise 'Lonesome George' might NOT be last of his kind

    'Sailor's snack' had some cousins nearby

    Science 26 Nov 09:18

  • Drop Box and Dropbox, begs new sync 'n' share start-up

    Another cloud file player muscles into increasingly crowded field

    Storage 26 Nov 09:42

  • P-P-P-Pick up our PENGUIN-POWERED Pi PIPER of Python

    Download El Reg's Raspberry Pi jukebox

    Developer 26 Nov 10:01

  • New table-munching worm ravages Iranian biz databases

    Iranian CERT: It's really no biggie

    Security 26 Nov 10:19

  • Hefty beauty GAGA gets voluptuous new undercarriage

    Check out these wheels, boys

    Science 26 Nov 10:37

  • Where were the bullet holes on OS/2's corpse? Its head ... or foot?

    Ex-IBM insider Dom Connor reveals what went wrong

    Operating Systems 26 Nov 11:02

  • Jock and Awe: Scottish schools' sixty-mil 'slab splurge

    Fondlekit to spread across prisons, third sector etc

    The Channel 26 Nov 11:18

  • Pong creator turns nose up at Nintendo Wii U

    Atari founder Bushnell 'baffled' by console

    Games 26 Nov 11:28

  • Cambridge boffins fear 'Pandora's Unboxing' and RISE of the MACHINES

    'You're more likely to die from robots than cancer'

    Science 26 Nov 11:44

  • Samsung SSD 840 series storage review

    MLC for business and TLC for pleasure

    Hardware 26 Nov 12:00

  • 10,000 cities, 1 salesman, 6 nodes: It's LittleFe cluster CRUNCH TIME

    Slippery Rock races against clock on final day of mini-cluster match

    HPC 26 Nov 12:01

  • Applied Micro shows off X-Gene ARM server prototypes

    Systems pr0n 101 to build excitement

    Servers 26 Nov 12:18

  • Gangnam Style beats Bieber Baby, becomes biggest timewaste EVER

    6,000 person-years humanity will never get back

    Media 26 Nov 12:35

  • '007' job ad for an assassin appears on official UK.gov website

    Prank posting offered free Walther PPK

    Bond, James Bond 26 Nov 13:06

  • Nexus 4 actually has 4G: But only in Canada, and potentially ILLEGAL

    Maple syrup-suppers dig up hidden functionality

    Mobile 26 Nov 13:21

  • Facebook tries to stop its staff using iPhones in 'dogfood' push

    Need to appeal to the non-beret-wearing user

    Media 26 Nov 13:30

  • Girlfriend 'tried to MURDER ME with her AMPLE BREASTS'

    Battle of the Bulges: Germans in boudoir boob blitzkrieg

    Bootnotes 26 Nov 13:51

  • SQL database start-up flings out code peanuts to tempt biz

    Sniffing around for somewhere to stash your Big Data?

    Software 26 Nov 14:10

  • Phone with Facebook hardware button lobbed out by Nokia

    Press this for instant adverts and jabber

    Media 26 Nov 14:26

  • Phoenix IT Group signs £40m desktop support win

    Wins outsourcing contract from outsourcer

    The Channel 26 Nov 14:43

  • At LAST: The BRAIN-CONTROLLED helicopter

    Sadly not in form of propellor hat with really strong chinstrap

    Science 26 Nov 14:58

  • Venus EXPOSED in predawn threesome with Saturn and Mercury

    Jupiter will be up all night in planetary conjunction

    Science 26 Nov 15:28

  • SPEARS fired up for explosive climax

    Ballocket mission control board electrifies LOHAN

    SPB 26 Nov 16:00

  • Fanboi droves use iPads to buy more iPads on Black Friday

    Grey Thursday may have meant red ink for festive figures

    The Channel 26 Nov 16:28

  • Mall lurk man: Apple smashes Microsoft in Black Friday fondle wars

    Mini Apple list from Minneapolis may scale up

    Business 26 Nov 16:37

  • Their One Year Mission: To boldly find the effects of null G on humans

    Pair of 'nauts chosen for lengthy stay on space base

    Science 26 Nov 16:43

  • Claimed $400m Google buyout is fake, ICOA boss warns

    SEC called after hoax press release sends shares spiking

    Financial News 26 Nov 19:11

  • Defence Signals Directorate offers BYOD advice

    Motherhood statements for public consumption, detail behind regwall

    Government 26 Nov 20:00

  • How IT will evolve to photonics

    Professor Rod Tucker charts a course to the all-optical, low-energy future

    Data Networking 26 Nov 21:00

  • Microsoft supporting Surface with Windows RT until 2017

    Trying to make Apple and Android look bad

    Hardware 26 Nov 21:49

  • China to strut eight-core Godson-3B MIPS chip in early 2013

    Server chip makers take Moore's Law breather – at their peril

    Servers 26 Nov 22:46

  • GE study pimps ‘industrial Internet’

    How’s that SCADA security going, gentlemen?

    Networks 26 Nov 23:49