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Trashblower courtesy of Michel Blazy and Art Concept Gallery, Paris

The ‘subversive adult Disneyland’ where iPods track your every move

David Walsh invented what he calls “a money mine”, and when he decided to spend some of its contents on an art gallery, he gave his IT team more than four years to provide the best visitor experience of any museum in the world.
Simon Sharwood, 25 Nov 2012
Lego Minecraft

Minecraft coming to Raspberry Pi in hackable edition

Minecraft will soon be available for the Raspberry Pi, and in true Pi fashion will be hackable.
Simon Sharwood, 25 Nov 2012

Google, Apple, eBay shouldn't pay taxes - people should pay taxes

OpinioneBay is not paying enough tax in the UK because it sells everything through PayPal Luxembourg.
Tim Worstall, 25 Nov 2012
Kim Dotcom's Rented Mansion in New Zealand

Australia’s new AUD$5m golden visa

Australia’s yen to morph into an entrepreneurial hub for the Asia Pacific region has led to the creation of a new visa category designed to lure the world’s brightest and richest business elite.
Natalie Apostolou, 25 Nov 2012

Application Lifecycle Management: The movers and shakers

Old applications never die; they just stick around sucking up valuable computing resources and helpdesk time. If your business faces that problem, then it’s time to take application lifecycle management seriously.
Danny Bradbury, 25 Nov 2012

Sandy Island does exist - on a 1908 chart

A librarian at Auckland Museum has shed a little bit of light on the possible origins of the “island that isn’t there”.
Richard Chirgwin, 25 Nov 2012
Berkenstein's quantum foam bench test

The secrets of spacetime revealed - on your workbench!

Laser source? Check. Lenses? Check. A suspended block of glass? Check. A single-photon detector? Check. Supercooling apparatus? Check. Congratulations: put that kit together, and you might be able to help resolve some of the most fundamental questions of quantum physics.
Richard Chirgwin, 25 Nov 2012

Apple versus Samsung: everything infringes everything

With Samsung seeking last week to widen its patent claim against Apple to include the iPad Mini, iPad 4 and iPod Touch 5, Cupertino has predictably responded in kind, expanding its own claims.
Richard Chirgwin, 25 Nov 2012

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