22nd November 2012 Archive

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  • Facebook proposes killing off user voting on policy changes

    Brief flirtation with democracy put down

    Business 22 Nov 00:24

  • .WTF? Governments object to .sucks, .army and .airforce

    ICANN releases lists of government objections to new gTLDs

    Policy 22 Nov 01:29

  • Patent suit targets Formlabs and Kickstarter

    3D Systems lays out claim over stereolithography

    Hardware 22 Nov 02:54

  • CERN rushes to install new anti-matter hunter

    Sprinting to get ALPHA-2 working before 2013 shutdown

    Science 22 Nov 03:19

  • One week left before US faces clamp down on piracy

    Major ISPs combine on six strikes policy

    Media 22 Nov 04:10

  • Human Rights Watch proposes new laws of robotics

    Wants autonomous 'bots banned before Predators become Terminators

    Security 22 Nov 04:58

  • Pakistan bans 'immoral' late night mobe deals

    Whatever you're talking about late at night, Pakistan doesn't want to hear it

    Policy 22 Nov 05:00

  • Toshiba boffins build nuke-proof 'bot

    Four-legged unit destined for Fukushima clean-up duties

    Science 22 Nov 05:12

  • BRITISH BIGFOOT ON LOOSE in Tunbridge Wells

    Ape-man roaming Kentish streets? Must be Friday night

    Bootnotes 22 Nov 05:58

  • Asus eyes China and Japan for private cloud growth

    Hardware giant could tap BYOD with international expansion

    Cloud 22 Nov 05:58

  • Cloud upstart Nirvanix bins another round of US sales bods

    New sales boss broom sweeps out staff

    Cloud 22 Nov 06:34

  • Public sector 2 YEARS behind biz on cloud adoption - suppliers

    Gov services framework will be fluffier next year

    The Channel 22 Nov 07:02

  • Apple DID buy social video network - check out this BONKERS lawsuit

    Employee alleges Color Labs boss 'intimidated' workers with Glock-toting pal

    Law 22 Nov 07:27

  • Taito's Double Dragon

    Works wonders?

    Games 22 Nov 08:00

  • Springtime for Red Hat, springtime for Salesforce ...

    But WINTER for SAP and Oracle

    Software 22 Nov 08:30

  • Why did Comet fail? Hint: It wasn't just the credit insurers

    If you can't bark with the big dogs, get off the porch

    The Channel 22 Nov 09:00

  • McAfee takes time off blogging to concentrate on being chased by police

    He 'almost' sold tat to reporter while disguised as a peddler

    Security 22 Nov 09:23

  • London Underground platform Wi-Fi set to cost £2 daily for many

    And will drop out once the train leaves for everyone

    Mobile 22 Nov 09:38

  • Mighty 4 Terabyte whopper crashes down on the desktop

    Three platters piled high with Caviar for data gobblers

    Storage 22 Nov 09:56

  • Raspberry Pi seller calls for hack match contestants

    24 hours to bake the best Pi rig

    Hardware 22 Nov 10:08

  • Microsoft's Surface bait-and-switch won't make people buy Windows 8

    We want a total package, not just an OS

    Operating Systems 22 Nov 10:18

  • Extreme teleworking: A Reg hack reports from the internet's frontier

    SPB carves new cyberspace out of frosty mountain notspot

    SPB 22 Nov 10:51

  • Fanbois: The Next Generation. YOUR CHILDREN belong to Apple now

    Hey, Santa Claus, you ****, where's me ****ing iPad?

    Hardware 22 Nov 10:55

  • Judge to Apple: You WILL tell Samsung what you got from HTC

    Cupertino's US tax on smartphones likely to be flat

    Law 22 Nov 11:14

  • Can supermodel minx Heidi Klum SAVE Windows 8? NOT SO FAST

    MS mixed messages to biz and leggy Germans

    The Channel 22 Nov 11:29

  • Microsoft said to be building Apple TV adversary

    XTV XTC?

    Hardware 22 Nov 11:49

  • Plan to let you phone people up from within Facebook

    Well, not you. Unless you happen to be French

    Networks 22 Nov 11:54

  • Asus VivoBook S200 11.6in touchscreen notebook review

    Taking a swipe at Windows 8

    Hardware 22 Nov 12:00

  • Team Venus disappears at computer sports smackdown

    Cluster warriors: On your marks... 'Oh, no what was my password again?'

    HPC 22 Nov 12:02

  • Boffins: Jurassic avians were more like Angry birds than modern ones

    Couldn't flap wings, needed a push or jump to get going

    Science 22 Nov 12:27

  • Legal wigs to sort out rules on internet defamation, contempt

    The law is the law, but we only have so many courts

    Law 22 Nov 12:38

  • BBC Newsnightmare: Opera chief brought in as new DG

    He knows a few fat singing ladies - but this isn't over

    Media 22 Nov 13:00

  • RIM shares jump as analyst decides it isn't as dead as he thought

    Could edge out Microsoft for last place, suspects chap

    Mobile 22 Nov 13:13

  • Nickers nab Assassin's Creed cache in Benelux blag

    Ubisoft's latest snatched in haulage heist

    Media 22 Nov 13:15

  • Italians deploy fearsome SPY MANNEQUINS to win Fashion Wars

    Bony plastic ladies whose eyes really do follow you

    Security 22 Nov 13:25

  • Firefox and Opera squish big buffer overflow bugs

    Mozilla drops iFrames in sandbox, Opera mends Gmail glitch

    Security 22 Nov 13:44

  • 'Brit Bill Gates' Lynch: Only Mad Leo Apotheker understood Autonomy

    'I'm not going to be HP's scapegoat'. Errm ...

    The Channel 22 Nov 13:59

  • Apple chief Cook is HIGHEST PAID CEO in AMERICA

    Black Friday bargains? They're for peasants. Like Ellison

    Business 22 Nov 14:24

  • Lawrence 'Empire Strikes Back' Kasdan to pen future Star Wars script

    Luke, I am your author

    Media 22 Nov 14:35

  • NASA's Mars rovers feel effects of TITANIC DUST STORM

    Vast billows heat red world's atmosphere by 25 DEGREES!

    Science 22 Nov 14:44

  • NoSQL's CAP theorem busters: We don't drop ACID

    'We are not relational fans here'

    Developer 22 Nov 15:05

  • APPLE reveals complete updated blueprints of SPACESHIP JOBS

    Gigantic doughnut mothership to 'eliminate public'

    Business 22 Nov 15:29

  • eBay: It's safe to buy busted lava lamps and bug-infested rugs again

    XSS vuln squished; hackers could have made you bid

    Security 22 Nov 16:05

  • Data cops seek 'urgent clarification' on new Facebook advertiser plans

    We advertise to you next to your own content ... bitch

    Security 22 Nov 16:24

  • Thanksgiving in orbit: Irradiated turkey, yam-and-marshmallow mix

    And two bemused Russians, 'odours' to share it with

    Science 22 Nov 17:01

  • Plan your BLACK FRIDAY CHARGE: Google shop maps go desktop

    Bags of smoke, loads of aggression, straight up the middle

    Applications 22 Nov 17:35

  • FCC plans to make Twitter, mobile networks disaster proof

    'It's an essential part of life'

    Mobile 22 Nov 18:16

  • Team Taiwan: We're ready to win this thing

    Cluster compo champs look set to do it again...

    HPC 22 Nov 19:06

  • No iMacs on Black Friday, Grey Thursday or even Cyber Monday

    Any day of the week is sales day, unless you want Apple's new desktop

    Hardware 22 Nov 19:21

  • ACCC calls for liberalised copyright in Oz

    Good sense breaks out

    Policy 22 Nov 22:11

  • Sandy 'Mary Celeste' Island undiscovered - again

    Radio hams beat science by a decade

    Science 22 Nov 22:25

  • Google avoids tax with ‘Double Irish Dutch Sandwich’

    Australian Minister explains money-shifting moves used by Google, Apple and others

    Policy 22 Nov 23:04

  • WIMP-seeking detector flooded

    It’s okay, that’s what’s meant to happen

    Science 22 Nov 23:40