9th November 2012 Archive

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  • Is Telstra setting its sights on Metronode?

    Interested in Leighton assets: reports

    Networks 09 Nov 00:33

  • Conroy says filter demise a win for community consultation

    EFA pleased by decision, Australian Christian Lobby wants wider blocks

    Policy 09 Nov 00:42

  • HP revs up Integrity, Superdomes for Itanium 9500s

    Several new leases on life, with an option to buy

    Servers 09 Nov 01:17

  • Oracle snaps up Instantis to beef up Fusion and Primavera

    Project management system for cloud and in-house code

    Business 09 Nov 01:22

  • Google launches third-world mobile web land grab

    Aims to corner 'next billion users' with Free Zone

    Mobile 09 Nov 01:46

  • Apple seeks cooling fan patent for iPhone, iPad

    Don't laugh, it's not as wacky as it sounds. Oh, never mind: laugh

    Hardware 09 Nov 02:36

  • Facebook warehousing 180 PETABYTES of data a year

    The Social Network open-sources ‘Corona’ tool used to manage the deluge

    Software 09 Nov 03:11

  • Ericsson claims TD-LTE record with 223 Mbps squirt

    At least until world+dog catches up

    Networks 09 Nov 03:17

  • Malaysia protests rare earth processing plant

    Australian miner gets thumbs up from judge, loses court of public opinion

    Business 09 Nov 03:49

  • Sony hack boss Schaaff quits

    New CEO Kazuo Hirai makes his mark

    Business 09 Nov 04:25

  • Red peril paranoia hits Twitter

    Allegations fly of state-sponsored hack to silence dissent during Party Congress

    Security 09 Nov 05:01

  • Bargain! Desperate Comet SLASHES price of £4,400 iPod Nano

    No wonder they had cash flow problems

    The Channel 09 Nov 06:01

  • HP: Look to the East, admins! Lo, it is Project Dawn

    Sneak Reg preview of cheapo 3PAR storage stocking fillers

    Storage 09 Nov 06:29

  • Japanese car nuts build racecars powered by shouting 'Brrrm! Brrrrrm!'

    Next: Planes which fly on 'Eeeeaaauuuooow'

    Bootnotes 09 Nov 06:58

  • Amazon Web Services will make it into G-Cloud 3.0, says UK.gov

    Weird: Won't be OK'd for use pan-gov until 9 months later

    Cloud 09 Nov 07:27

  • Volkswagen Beetle car review

    Retro done right

    Science 09 Nov 08:00

  • Will Santa be working overtime to shift Win 8 kit? No. Yes! Maybe

    'You! yes, you! STOP putting cash in Apple's pocket'

    The Channel 09 Nov 08:29

  • Judge drops TV ad-block block: So how will anyone pay for TV now?

    The future could be a lot grimmer than ad breaks

    Media 09 Nov 09:00

  • At last, a bionic arm that passes the Beer, Egg and Looks Cool tests

    Blender mishap man's excellent Blighty-made robo limb

    Science 09 Nov 09:19

  • iPhone senses you typing on table, bit of wood etc, turns vibes to text

    bUt wH3rE \Re TH3 f7x<iNG kEYs @?

    Applications 09 Nov 09:36

  • LOHAN slips BRA over BOOBIES in ballocket backronym buffoonery

    Alternative sensible(ish) suggestions invited for control board moniker

    SPB 09 Nov 10:01

  • Windows 8, Surface slabs ALREADY need critical security patch

    Mega vulns affect ALL Windows kit from XP onward

    Security 09 Nov 10:17

  • The Z-Factor: Meet the Simon Cowell of Linux

    Zemlin, ecosystems and pushing Penguins

    Operating Systems 09 Nov 10:40

  • BOFH: Can't you just ... NO, I JUST CAN'T

    Taking exception to exceptional exceptions

    BOFH 09 Nov 11:00

  • The GPL self-destruct mechanism that is killing Linux

    Festering hacks, endlessly copied and pasted - thanks Eric!

    Developer 09 Nov 11:12

  • High school kids wrestle uni students in mini-cluster match

    LittleFe foes prepare for battle at SC12

    HPC 09 Nov 11:29

  • Assassin's Creed 3 game review

    Scales and tales

    Games 09 Nov 11:30

  • Navy SEALs from Bin Laden kill unit spanked for video game work

    Alright men. Who HASN'T got a media deal of some kind?

    Media 09 Nov 11:44

  • Apple's 'inaccurate statements and FALSE INNUENDO'

    'Our attention was drawn to an online mag called The Register'

    Software 09 Nov 12:00

  • UK chancellor dishes extra £60m to European Space Agency

    Hopes to boost mythical British 'space sector'

    Government 09 Nov 12:14

  • Tomb-raid boffins find golden hoard of the warrior Thracians

    Spartan-arse-kickers who produced Spartacus

    Science 09 Nov 12:28

  • US condom rules 'will cause nasty RED RINGS on porn stars' todgers'

    'Typical' smut stud too well equipped to wear FDA rubbers

    Bootnotes 09 Nov 12:44

  • HORNY ALIEN vegetarian monsters once ROAMED CANADA

    Spikey featured dinosaurs weighed two tons

    Science 09 Nov 12:45

  • A bitter spill to swallow, or 'how to smeg up your keyboard'

    And passwords? Arse-words more like...

    Hardware 09 Nov 13:00

  • Computer sports betting pool: WIN PILES OF virtual CASH!

    Time to pick your cluster compo favourites

    HPC 09 Nov 13:04

  • Apple-v-Samsung $1bn iPhone fine: 'Jury foreman was biased'

    The employer of the spouse of my enemy's lawyer

    Law 09 Nov 13:19

  • Microsoft to biz: Just so you get off XP, we don't mind if you go Win 7

    But Windows 8 is Business Class all the way

    Windows 8 09 Nov 13:38

  • Groupon redundancy special offer tips, shares plunge

    Hordes of employees storm the exits

    Financial News 09 Nov 13:43

  • 20 years of GSM digital mobile phones

    How far the cellphone has come since the Nokia 1011

    Vintage 09 Nov 13:57

  • Microsoft's touching Xmas gift for Brits: MORE licensing price hikes

    Updated versions means updated prices

    The Channel 09 Nov 14:02

  • FalconStor brings in bankers after ELEVEN crummy quarters

    Liable to be broken up for parts

    Storage 09 Nov 14:37

  • Top IT bods bail out of new Universal Credit online dole system

    'As you would expect, with 6 months until go', says gov

    Government 09 Nov 14:57

  • Bloke flogged $1.2m of pirated Microsoft gear on eBay, say Feds

    People scrambled for illicit MS Office 2003 and XP Pro

    Security 09 Nov 15:23

  • Swedish boffins: An ICE AGE is coming, only CO2 can save us

    Forget Hurricane Sandy - fear the peat powered freeze

    Science 09 Nov 15:58

  • Analyst: There are LOADS of iPhone 5s, Apple is keeping them back

    Treat the fanbois mean, keep 'em keen

    Hardware 09 Nov 16:23

  • FOlA judges: Secret 28 who made the BBC Green will not be named

    Lay beaks have interesting histories on FOI, 'deniers'

    Media 09 Nov 16:29

  • Cray ends battle with Appro by ingesting it alive

    If you can't beat 'em, eat 'em

    HPC 09 Nov 16:55

  • 'Bundle' signals from SPACE seize control of small car in Germany

    ISS 'naut takes the wheel of Lego motor in bundlenet test

    Science 09 Nov 17:27

  • Walmart workers filmed playing iPad frisbee

    Apple-lobbing contest

    Hardware 09 Nov 17:39

  • This is Frankfurt calling: Scattered outbreaks of hot crunchiness

    A mixed grill storage smorgasbord newsfeast

    Storage 09 Nov 18:03

  • SEC staffers slammed for serious security snafus

    Took unsecured laptops to Black Hat hacker's soirée

    Security 09 Nov 18:46

  • US whacks sanctions on Iranians for web, TV censorship

    Comms minister better cancel that trip to Florida

    Government 09 Nov 19:08

  • Worried dad invents pepper-spray iPhone case

    Christmas shopping for your precious snowflake? $40 and it's yours

    Hardware 09 Nov 19:38

  • NetApp feeds HPC monster: How much cache? That would be telling

    E-Series arrays get major update

    Storage 09 Nov 20:11

  • Bitcoin Friday sale event kicks off with deep discounts

    Buy a car with Bitcoins, save $5,000

    Business 09 Nov 20:12

  • Cisco sets ex-CIA spook to hunt down leaking staffer

    You can run, but you can't hide

    Data Networking 09 Nov 20:29

  • Astroboffins spot smiley face on Mercury

    Taking a break from science, NASA's hard-working orbiter finds a friend

    Science 09 Nov 20:52

  • Forget what vendors think: What’s YOUR vision for the data centre?

    Are you really going to cloudify everything?

    Data Networking 09 Nov 21:39

  • China blocks all Google services as new leader anointed

    Great Firewall locks down Middle Kingdom

    Networks 09 Nov 22:07

  • DDN pulls muzzle off hybrid Big Data gobbler

    Eats seven times as much as rivals, says proud owner

    Storage 09 Nov 22:10

  • Fedora 'Spherical Cow' delayed by bugs, Secure Boot

    Release pushed back until 2013

    Operating Systems 09 Nov 23:06

  • Microsoft Surface Touch keyboards self-destruct – and more

    Who'll be the first to cry 'Keyboardgate!' Oh ...

    Hardware 09 Nov 23:45