8th November 2012 Archive

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  • Adobe switches Flash fix schedule to Patch Tuesdays

    Takes security marching orders from Redmond

    Security 08 00:10

  • Android adware capability a vulnerability, claim boffins

    Ad push code can spoof SMSs

    Security 08 00:15

  • Orc Assassin Rogue wins Senate seat

    WoW-playing candidate triumphs over campaign criticising “bizarre double life”

    Games 08 00:25

  • Singaporeans get hard token baked into credit card

    What happens when you sit on it?

    Security 08 00:38

  • Verizon stakes claim as global cloud mobiliser

    Asian push fuels ambitions for global services with all the buzzwords that matter

    Business 08 01:03

  • Twitter survives election after Ruby-to-Java move

    Peak traffic of 874,560 Tweets per minute without Fail Whale coming up for air

    Networks 08 01:44

  • Apple is Superman's digital Kryptonite

    DC Comics' finest come to top e-bookstores, with villainous restrictions

    Media 08 02:13

  • Japan Display cranks up ultra low power colour LCD panels

    No backlight means power draw of just 3mW

    Hardware 08 04:45

  • BBC in secret trial to see if you care about thing you plainly don't

    What broadcast tech won't be missed? No, not DAB

    Media 08 06:01

  • Edible iPhone case goes on sale in Japan

    Rice cracker case suggested as survivalist snack

    Hardware 08 06:11

  • Psst: Heard the one about the National Pupil Database? Thought not

    Minister hopes to 'maximise the value' of kiddie data 'resource'

    Government 08 06:30

  • EMC offers biz barons tools to manipulate their digital assets

    Bring down the rain by furtling that cloud

    Storage 08 07:05

  • ALIEN DETECTION was SUPPRESSED by the BBC - top boffin

    What if they start swearing? What about health & safety?

    Media 08 07:29

  • Apple iPad 4 Wi-Fi only tablet review

    Better slate than never

    Tablets 08 08:00

  • Cray scales to over 100 petaflops with 'Cascade' XC30 behemoth

    Aries interconnect, Dragonfly topology crush Gemini toruses

    HPC 08 08:02

  • Wave of the Future? Smartphone NFC used to buy stuff ONLINE

    Like pay-bonking but across great distances

    Mobile 08 09:01

  • London council £1bn outsourcing plan survives vote

    One Barnet under God, indivisible, with IT for all

    Government 08 09:18

  • Microsoft offers cut-price Win 8 PCs and fondletops to UK schools

    Someone is thinking of the children

    The Channel 08 09:36

  • Skype accused of ratting out user to private security without warrant

    VoIP P2P biz probes route its data took to Dutch fuzz

    Security 08 09:54

  • App designed for safe sending of naughty selfies is rife with risks

    Teenager subtitles: App makes selfies safe BLAH BLAH BLAH

    Security 08 10:15

  • Judge denies move to ban ad-skipping DVR

    Court Dishes it to Murdoch's Fox

    Media 08 10:23

  • Gaping hole in Google service exposes thousands to ID theft

    Vast number of car insurance hunters at risk by flaw

    Security 08 10:32

  • Desperate broadband minister in Brussels cash splash dash

    Miller to wrangle with Eurocrats over BDUK competition

    Broadband 08 10:46

  • Stob on Quatermass: Was this British TV's finest sci-fi hour?

    Let's shake the dead fly out of the DVD

    Verity Stob 08 11:00

  • Researcher names world's favourite smartphone

    Apple, Samsung or... Huawei?

    Mobile 08 11:05

  • Sellafield's nuclear waste measured in El Reg units

    How many Swatches per Jub is intermediate level, again?

    SPB 08 11:17

  • Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 handset review

    Microsoft's mobile OS refresh – is it more of the same?

    Phones 08 11:30

  • Box shifters cram UK market with crusty PCs to make room for Win 8

    'Cripes, boss, what about this old stuff?' 'FLOG IT!'

    The Channel 08 11:44

  • Apple kicked out of China smartphone top 5 by, er, Yulong and pals

    Yu-who? no, we hadn't heard of them either

    Mobile 08 11:59

  • Medical scan record that the NHS says will cost £2k to retrieve: Detail

    DSR-TIFF file, unique software, MOD drive no longer made

    Government 08 12:16

  • What made us human? Being ARMED with lethal ranged weapons

    Early kill-tech let us beat Neanderthals, dominate world

    Science 08 12:29

  • Revealed! Prime Minister's iPad 'dashboard' for controlling Britain

    No shark-tank-dump button for ministers :(

    Government 08 12:49

  • Smartphone biz shocker: Nokia sells fewer devices than Lenovo

    And Sony outshipped HTC and RIM

    Hardware 08 12:58

  • Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7in Android tablet review

    Perfect bind?

    Tablets 08 13:15

  • Lenovo insists it is NOT world's largest PC maker

    'It is totally our dream to be though,' says CEO

    The Channel 08 13:37

  • Habitable HEAVY GRAVITY WORLD found just 42 light-years away

    EE 'Doc' Smith's Valeria, or Larry Niven's Jinx perhaps

    Science 08 13:46

  • Adobe Reader 0-day exploit surfaces on underground bazaars

    Malformed pdf horrors prowl the internet sewers

    Security 08 14:02

  • RIM good for secret jobs: BlackBerry 10 cleared for Restricted data

    No backdoor action here, feds reckon

    Security 08 14:19

  • Scotland Yard arrests female computer hacking suspect

    Plods continue Op Tuleta against Fleet Street trickery

    Security 08 14:44

  • Bradley Manning submits partially-guilty plea in WikiLeaks case

    Says he did things, doesn't admit to specific crimes

    Security 08 15:02

  • Patent troll sues just about the whole tech biz over 4 years

    Lots and lots of billygoats you know went over its bridge

    Law 08 15:28

  • Angry Birds Star Wars game review

    Rovio joins the galactic empire

    Games 08 15:46

  • Diablo trousers $28m to create a flash-in-the-DRAM technology

    Mix me a storage cocktail, barkeep - but hold the fab

    Storage 08 15:56

  • Obama win may mean NASA 'nauts to Deep Space as soon as 2021

    Earth-Moon L2 jaunt would see them beyond lunar farside

    Science 08 16:22

  • Prime Minister on Twitter: Me and Obama, we're like THAT

    You mind if I call you Barack? Oh, OK. Sorry

    Government 08 16:52

  • Apple's Cue gets parking space on Ferrari board

    From iTunes to iZooms

    Hardware 08 17:03

  • Apple is granted a patent on the rectangle. No, really

    Hey, you can still make one if it has sharp corners

    Law 08 17:31

  • Twitter: WHOOPS we've broken ourselves. Sorr-ee!

    Twit accidentally pressed wrong button

    Media 08 18:06

  • iPhone maker Foxconn hatching US factory expansion plan?

    US plants won't build Apple kit – that's too complex for Americans

    Business 08 18:26

  • Storage upstart Huawei snatches NFS filer crown

    From the NFS filer crown jewels in the Tower

    Storage 08 18:29

  • Egypt takes hard line on internet pr0n, calls for total ban

    EFF warns of more censorship to come

    Media 08 18:42

  • Crafty app lets phones send data by ultrasound with speakers, mics

    Could be used as pay-by-screech. Or to annoy kids

    Mobile 08 18:55

  • Australia backs down from Internet filter plan

    Only the vilest smut from Interpol's lists to be blocked

    Government 08 20:07

  • Intel to slip future Xeon E7s, Itaniums into common socket

    Chipzilla debuts Poulson, plots convergence for Kittson

    Servers 08 20:27

  • HP warns consumers: Don't downgrade Win8 PCs to Win7

    'You won't get any help from us'

    Hardware 08 21:44

  • Apple removes apology-hiding JavaScript from UK website

    Non-apologetic link to non-apologetic apology now visible – on large displays

    Law 08 22:30

  • Microsoft demos real-time English to Chinese translation

    Digital babel fish comes closer

    Software 08 22:36