5th November 2012 Archive

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  • New Jersey allows email voting

    Suffrage-as-a-service for voters displaced by Sandy

    Policy 05 00:18

  • AWS storage gateway adds local volumes, tiering

    Cloud titan kindly offers to reduce burden on in-house arrays

    Cloud 05 01:06

  • Yahoo! To! Sell! Home! Gene! Test! Kit! In! Japan!

    And you thought Google knew everything about you …

    Bootnotes 05 02:36

  • KDE 'annoys the hell of' Linus Torvalds

    'Boring' Linux deity revisits UI, finds it 'too cartoony'

    Software 05 03:54

  • EU and China in yet another tech trade spat

    Polysilicon complaints heighten trade tensions

    Policy 05 04:14

  • Stratus load balances virty machines across Avance clusters

    Primary machine tired of doing all the work

    Virtualization 05 05:01

  • AMD revs Opterons up to 6300 for fat x86 servers

    Drop-in-socket performance jump, perhaps a Q4 revenue jump as well

    Servers 05 05:01

  • China fingered for Coca Cola hack - report

    Several big name multinationals kept quiet about breaches

    Security 05 05:45

  • Asset raider busts in, demands seat at Quantum table

    Cash in/cash out types clearly don't know the tape vendor

    Storage 05 06:03

  • Australia opens inquiry into smartphone apps

    Concerns about quality and in-app purchases to be tested

    Software 05 06:18

  • El Reg seeks hoardiest reader for crap-stashtic honour

    Buried under useless junk? Send us proof, if you can find your camera...

    SPB 05 07:00

  • Cambridge boffins bag big-time backers for White Space standard

    Everyone's going Weightless

    Mobile 05 07:26

  • LucasArts' Dark Forces

    Star Wars meets Doom in this classic first-person shooter from 1995

    Games 05 08:00

  • HP hopes to give itself a shot in the arm with its LeftHand

    '66 per cent less time' watching backup bar move across

    Storage 05 08:19

  • Mmm, what's that smell: Coffee or sweat? How to avoid a crap IT job

    El Reg job expert Dom Connor reveals key clues to look out for in interviews

    Jobs 05 09:01

  • Consumer VPN service could be popular as regional paywalls go up

    'Everyone except Hulu, the BBC and the Telegraph loves us'

    Security 05 09:19

  • Finally, a use for Microsoft Azure: Storing Seagate biz backups

    Aah, the cloud. Perfect for precious EVault data, right?

    Storage 05 09:37

  • Acer Iconia A110 8GB Android tablet review

    Tegra 3-based Asus Nexus 7 worrier?

    Tablets 05 10:00

  • Deloitte in the saddle at Comet, seeking stability - and a buyer

    Santa's empty sack could be omen for 6,000+ employees

    The Channel 05 10:14

  • So you want an office of Apple Macs - here's a survival guide

    Trevor Pott digs out the tools to keep fanboi workers happy

    Management 05 10:30

  • Welsh council's unused mountain of 2,400 laptops

    A year later, 'discussions' are 'near conclusion'

    Government 05 10:43

  • Fondle fever: Growing tablet market no longer just an iPad market

    Apples are not the only fruit

    The Channel 05 10:55

  • Texas woman sues cops over burst Bulgarian airbag

    Rough handling ruptured implant, lawsuit claims

    Bootnotes 05 11:19

  • Naughty-step Apple buries court-ordered apology with JavaScript

    LOOK AT THIS iPAD PIC We are sorry about the Samsung case

    Law 05 11:29

  • O2 roaming rates to rise by up to 140%

    Travellers check...

    Mobile 05 11:35

  • Virgin close to releasing long-delayed TiVo app

    18 months after first sighting, it's here... almost

    Media 05 11:41

  • Facebook Phone rumours are back: And probably true this time

    You'd like a Zuck cash register in your pocket ... bitch

    Mobile 05 11:44

  • Slideshow: A History of First-person Shooters in 20 Games

    Clicky-clicky, bang-bang

    Games 05 12:02

  • Olympics is over, prepare for a COMPUTER SPORTS SMACKDOWN

    If ye would have peace, prepare for cluster WAR

    HPC 05 12:19

  • Young HPC warriors grab Big Irons, whack away at Cold War plutonium waste

    Massively parallel 3-D reservoir sims just 1 of the apps in student cluster compo

    HPC 05 12:22

  • Euro jobs cut threat hit us like a train, say Systemax workers

    The reward for good work: not more work, this time

    The Channel 05 12:36

  • Apple iPad Mini 8in tablet review

    The tablet even Apple haters won't be able to leave alone

    Hardware 05 13:00

  • Facebook COO Sandberg sells MEELLLIONS OF DOLLARS of stock

    Bumwad from bank of Toyland offloaded, more to come

    Financial News 05 13:18

  • Martian atmosphere pristine, totally free of fart gas, reports Curiosity

    Red world very different from billion-bottomed Earth

    Science 05 13:36

  • Beep! NASA here, a 400 tonne spacecraft is about to buzz your house

    Quite high up, fortunately

    Science 05 13:36

  • Mobile operators have another go at killing IM and Skype

    You're not just a name, you're a NUMBER too

    Mobile 05 13:58

  • Facebook login-via-email-link option BLURTED user secrets

    NEWS FLASH: Unencrypted email is not secure

    Security 05 14:19

  • My name is Trevor, and I'm ... an IT consultant

    How I stopped being a user and started being product

    The Channel 05 14:52

  • Android: Google's baby ate 75% of smartphones in just 4 years

    Walking corpse BlackBerry still doing OK on inertia

    Operating Systems 05 15:04

  • Guy Fawkes Night hack of Lady Gaga, NBC points to Anonymous

    We hack what we can, not what we should

    Security 05 15:16

  • Bonfire Night sets internet AFLAME: Anons claim PayPal, Symantec

    Bigger fireworks as hacktivists raise their sights

    Security 05 15:38

  • Skype floods UK stores with top-up cards

    Call credit for cash

    Mobile 05 15:49

  • Virgin liberates landlines with converged call service

    Wi-Fi revitalises endangered home phone

    Mobile 05 15:53

  • Ballmer: Windows Phone 8 'WILL ramp quickly', god dammit

    Man says thing it was most unlikely he would not say

    Mobile 05 15:56

  • Twitter in BRUTAL crackdown on copyright looters. Sort of

    #Yoink #Naughty-naughty #Ineffectual

    Media 05 16:12

  • Windows Phone 8: Exceptional tools, but where are the devs?

    Microsoft's vast scary world of versions and APIs

    Developer 05 16:16

  • WAR HERO PIGEON carrying SECRET WWII CODE found in chimney

    Fanciers clamour for brave dead bird to get top gong

    Security 05 16:26

  • Sony's iOS Reader app hits iTunes - TWO YEARS LATE

    ePub viewer finally tweaked to meet Apple's Ts&Cs

    Applications 05 16:32

  • Mozilla gets away with $1.5m tax bill in Googlebucks settlement

    Taxmen let browser bods off easy: They had $15m ready

    Financial News 05 16:43

  • The Cloud made of Penguins: Open source goes 'industrial scale'

    It takes a village to raise a data child

    Cloud 05 17:00

  • Windows Phone 8 will be 'less than explosive' - HP bigwig

    We're not getting back into phondleslabs any time soon

    The Channel 05 17:16

  • More VMware secret source splattered across internet

    Rudely exposed 'visor kernel dates from 2004

    Security 05 17:29

  • Apple shifts 3 million iPads in 3 days: But how many were Minis?

    Cook keeps schtum on crucial mini-fondleslab penetration

    The Channel 05 17:46

  • Microsoft's 32GB Surface RT has 16GB of free storage

    The rest? Tools, apps, OS, and the definition of "gigabyte"

    Hardware 05 18:06

  • Brocade barges into virtual networking with Vyatta buy

    Virtual switch and OpenFlow controller needed

    Servers 05 18:27

  • Solar eclipse due November 14th

    Australia gets the best action until Lunar Eclipse hits USA Nov 30th

    Science 05 19:01

  • EMC offers a somewhat more Hurricane Sandy proof array

    Data can be in two places at the same time

    Storage 05 20:05

  • Google expects Apple to block its not crap iOS maps app

    'We don't want no steenking competition'

    Applications 05 20:24

  • HP upgrades Linux Foundation membership to Platinum

    Now chips in more than Red Hat, Suse, Ubuntu . . . or Google

    Operating Systems 05 20:31

  • Scientist plans to catch Bigfoot with remote-control blimp

    Could be a shaggy Sasquatch story

    Science 05 21:45

  • Apple's anti-Googorola patent lawsuit tossed by US court

    Big setback for Cupertino's scorched-earth patent offensive

    Law 05 21:57

  • Scientists ‘untangle’ quantum communications

    Faster without entanglement

    Science 05 22:26

  • BIONIC MAN makes it to top of Chicago skyscraper

    Mind-controlled limb carries him 1,350 feet up

    Science 05 22:53

  • Accidental discounts land Apple in NZ's Disputes Tribunal

    El Reg has seen the screen shots and the story stacks up ... mostly

    Business 05 23:07

  • Sysadmins: Basically a happy lot, but frustrated and underpaid

    Have you tried turning it off and on again?

    Jobs 05 23:31