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Apple's poisonous Touch silently kills the GNOMEs of Linux Forest

AnalysisIf a major Linux desktop falls in the forest and no one is around to use it, does it make a sound?
Scott Gilbertson, 04 Nov 2012
Kim Dotcom's Rented Mansion in New Zealand

Kim Dotcom offers free internet with own submarine cable

Kim Dotcom has told the world he wants to get into the submarine cable business.
Simon Sharwood, 04 Nov 2012

How IT bosses turned the tables on our cushy consultancy gigs

I think I’ve been through enough economic cycles in my life to say that the nature of employment, at least in the financial-tech industry that I’m most familiar with, has changed fundamentally in the last few years.
Dave Mandl, 04 Nov 2012
Atlassian's Forums tombstone

Atlassian junks nine years of user forums

Atlassian has cast the concept of user Forums to the “IT history books” overhauling its nine year old system to a gamification based, community curated Q&A site, Atlassian Answers.
Natalie Apostolou, 04 Nov 2012

IT ran its Melbourne Cup well before race day

The first Tuesday in November is a special day for Australians, as 'The race that stops a nation', the Melbourne Cup, makes a once-a-year flutter all-but-compulsory.
Simon Sharwood, 04 Nov 2012

Tiny Ubi Android machine pre-orders open

A Canadian company has announced that it’s taking pre-orders for a voice-activated Android computer funded on Kickstarter.
Richard Chirgwin, 04 Nov 2012

Files aren’t property, says US government

While serial self-publicist Kim Dotcom was re-igniting the submarine cable debate in New Zealand, the Electronic Frontiers Foundation's (EFF's) case trying to recover files on behalf of a former Megaupload user Kyle Goodwin took a new twist.
Richard Chirgwin, 04 Nov 2012

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