30th October 2012 Archive

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  • AMD to partner with ARM for server CPUs by 2014

    SeaMicro's fabric is the 'secret sauce'

    Servers 30 00:12

  • Lenovo tops China's smartphone market in just six months

    Huawei and ZTE left for dead, now to swamp Samsung

    Business 30 01:01

  • France again threatens Google with link tax

    Fetchez la vache, says Hollande, after Schmidt visit resolves nothing

    Policy 30 02:46

  • Optus says age of mobile growth is over

    Carrier says 'No' to partners as Australia has 'too much distribution capacity'

    Networks 30 03:29

  • Japanese toilet can save penalty kicks

    Bring on the Germans...

    Bootnotes 30 06:36

  • Sandy takes out NYC colo facility

    The diesel's run out by now

    Data Centre 30 07:13

  • Apple turns off Siri’s potty mouth

    Cupertino fun police bow to Chinese laws

    Bootnotes 30 07:30

  • World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria review

    Paw choice?

    Games 30 08:00

  • Freesat downs own website after Downton quickie

    Not Sky you say? Tell me more...

    Media 30 08:28

  • Top dog EMC: Clear off, hybrid upstarts, VNX2 is a million-IOPS monster

    Rockies update should also give Dell, HDS, HP, IBM and NetApp the fear

    Storage 30 08:56

  • Avnet TS confirms EMEA exec line-up

    Rejigs structure as it digests Magirus buy

    The Channel 30 09:22

  • Vodafone in bed with Gemalto in bonking-for-money transaction

    Worldwide deal to provide trust on demand

    Mobile 30 09:31

  • OEMs and sellers must pay refunds on software faults - OFT

    Likewise on dodgy film downloads, DVDs etc

    Government 30 10:02

  • Hitachi buys Horizon to save UK's nuclear future

    Germans get the wind up and dash for gas: Japan steps in

    Financial News 30 10:18

  • Intel halves SSD power draw with 20nm chip shift

    335 series of solid-state drives launched

    Hardware 30 10:19

  • Hurricane Sandy blows away Gizmodo, HuffPo, various other blogs

    Aggregation Turbines shut down by Frankenstorm debris

    Media 30 10:32

  • WinPho 8 fans now able to order HTC handsets

    Nicer colours than Nokia's?

    Phones 30 10:46

  • Your mouse may actually be a RAT in disguise

    Plague-bearing horrors mask themselves as rodent chum

    Security 30 10:46

  • Riverbed to slurp Opnet for cool $1 billion

    Management software, comfort food for a tough economy

    Financial News 30 10:59

  • Brit 4G live TODAY: At last you can bust your data cap in 5 minutes

    In some areas - but we'll sell you a handset regardless

    Mobile 30 11:18

  • JDA Software looking to sell itself, they do say

    Seeking friend, solvent, gsoh, for discreet transaction

    Financial News 30 11:38

  • Israeli cops penetrated by army of fake generals with trojans

    Syrian rebels also hit, Iran's name murmured

    Security 30 12:02

  • Lenovo ThinkPad Helix turns Westward

    Convertible Ultrabook spied on Israel website

    Laptops 30 12:09

  • Forstall ousted from Apple after refusing to apologise for Maps

    Took him to the exit instead of the CEO's office

    Business 30 12:18

  • Nokia primes Lumias for Windows Phone 8 push

    Flashy snappers sets 'em apart

    Phones 30 12:52

  • UK's Intellectual Property Obliteration office attacked by Parliament

    'If the copyright cops won't protect rights, who will?'

    Government 30 12:57

  • Forgetting Microsoft: How Steve Ballmer's Surface could win

    Ignore Apple, it's Google he must take on

    Operating Systems 30 13:26

  • Volunteers sought to see if anyone actually can hear you scream in space

    Violent alien baby in your stomach not compulsory

    Science 30 14:02

  • First eyes EVER SEEN (by definition) appeared 700 million years ago

    Here's looking at you, jellyfish

    Science 30 14:29

  • Xbox mod spreads KILLER Borderlands 2 GERM

    Innocent gamers face permanent character death

    Games 30 15:09

  • TalkTalk to Ofcom: 'Talented, lovely monopolist' BT must be reeled in

    Just how superfast can a one-horse race really be?

    Broadband 30 15:31

  • Family sues Foxconn in brain-damaged worker compensation case

    Fondleslabricator trying to slash payout, say relatives

    Law 30 15:56

  • Hmm, I think I'll order an iPad Mini on Amazon ... Oh no I won't

    Etailer offers stinging counter-pooh-pooh to Apple

    Hardware 30 16:29

  • Asus gets paid handsomely for swallowing Google's Jellybean

    Strong in fondletops, 'slabs - and still in notebooks

    Financial News 30 17:02

  • Hurricane Sandy smacks the Big Apple around

    Power, comms, and transport networks take the brunt

    Business 30 17:25

  • Geneva devastated by monster tsunami, millions at risk

    News just in from 563 AD

    Science 30 19:04

  • Ballmer claims Win 8 sales strong, WinPhone to follow

    'If you want one, you'll want the other'

    Windows 8 30 20:23

  • Google upgrades Gmail interface, now less 'drafty'

    Shifting email towards instant messaging

    Applications 30 21:10

  • Optus breaks up with TeleChoice after ten years

    Telcos tighten up ship

    Business 30 21:30

  • New Zealand judge gives cracker community service

    How not to do disclosure

    Law 30 22:10

  • Faulty network switched closed Melbourne tunnels

    Traffic storm begat traffic chaos

    Business 30 22:30

  • ARM busts out server-to-superphone superchips

    Low-power juggernaut takes two more steps towards world domination

    Servers 30 22:40

  • Stratsec critical of cloud security

    Potential haven for botnets, study finds

    Security 30 23:00