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British IT consultant talks of his three years as an Iraqi hostage

Peter Moore, the British IT consultant who spent 946 days as a hostage in Iraq, has been telling users of Reddit.com about the highs and lows of his stint as the country's longest-serving hostage.
Iain Thomson, 28 Oct 2012

Another systematic SCADA vuln

If it’s Monday, it must be time for a new SCADA vulnerability: this time, arising through the combination of a popular development environment and bad developer habits.
Richard Chirgwin, 28 Oct 2012

ANSTO confirms synchrotron rescue

The final piece in the Australian Synchrotron rescue puzzle has fallen into place, with the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation confirming that it is to take over management of the facility.
Richard Chirgwin, 28 Oct 2012
Android logo meets Chinese condom logo

Android, heal thyself

PodcastGoogle's Android mobile operating system is now on a par with others when it comes to security, says Accuvant security researcher Joshua Drake, aka jduck.
Patrick Gray, 28 Oct 2012

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