26th October 2012 Archive

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  • Surface tablet's touch cover is ZX81 REBORN

    Hands on with Redmond's Typoslab

    Hardware 26 Oct 00:00

  • TSA fails again with adjustable boarding passes

    Lets passengers pick their own security rating

    Security 26 Oct 00:15

  • Apple CEO: Microsoft Surface 'compromised, confusing'

    But Cupertinian kit is 'incredible, amazing, fabulous, jaw-dropping,' etcetera

    Hardware 26 Oct 00:18

  • Australian Win 8 launch fails to mention business

    Connected to everything, except the desktop and sysadmins

    Software 26 Oct 01:42

  • ITU signs off on modular power supply proposal

    Let the committee meetings begin!

    Hardware 26 Oct 03:36

  • 'Huawei partner' tried to sell US tech to Iran

    More fuel for the anti-China lobby

    Policy 26 Oct 03:47

  • Brainwaves hint at gamer glory

    Alpha brains will frag faster

    Science 26 Oct 04:30

  • China's largest rare earth supplier halts production

    PRC suffers slump as global demand slows

    Business 26 Oct 05:15

  • Chinese e-cars to turn London cabs green

    Boris-backed deal will see 50 electric minicabs hit the capital's streets

    Science 26 Oct 05:30

  • WTF is... Microsoft Xbox SmartGlass?

    Remote control on steroids, but not yet a Wii U beater

    Hardware 26 Oct 07:00

  • Brace yourselves, IT suppliers: You'll be squeezed HARDER next year

    It's no fun being an outsourcer

    Management 26 Oct 07:26

  • Samsung ships two smartphones for every one Apple sells

    Galaxy giant dominates handset biz in Q3

    Phones 26 Oct 07:42

  • N00bs vs Windows 8: We lock six people in a room with new OS

    'It's like they tried to make my computer a mobile phone'

    Windows 8 26 Oct 08:02

  • iPad Mini vs Nexus 7: inch makes all the difference, says Apple CEO

    Tim Cook and the mild-mannered inch

    Tablets 26 Oct 08:18

  • 4G: Bad coverage, crap battery life - but at least it's really expensive

    Bonus feature: Can't handle voice calls

    Mobile 26 Oct 08:30

  • Dr No, Thunderball, Casino Royale? Vote now for the best Bond film

    There's got to be a Dalton fan out there somewhere

    Bond, James Bond 26 Oct 09:01

  • America mounts attempt to top the Register's world record spaceflight

    Crack Indiana boffins challenge our epic PARIS project

    SPB 26 Oct 09:28

  • Kick your computer... before it kicks you

    Spleen to vent? Take it out on your tech

    Hardware 26 Oct 10:03

  • UK.gov unzips, pulls out £100m wad for its favourite suppliers

    Now if only civil servants could log into the CloudStore

    The Channel 26 Oct 10:14

  • Surface RT: Freedom luvin' app-huggers beware

    A hybrid with potential for productivity types

    Tablets 26 Oct 10:29

  • Inventor sues Google Wallet over NFC loyalty patent

    More than one billygoat headed across that bridge, though

    Law 26 Oct 10:44

  • Better luck next time Blofeld! Five Bond plot myths busted

    What do you mean, 'why don't we just nuke them, boss?'

    Bootnotes 26 Oct 11:00

  • Cornwall chokes on £300m local gov deal with IT kingpins

    CSC doesn't like the smell of the pasty, BT eyes loot

    Government 26 Oct 11:15

  • Microsoft: Just swallow this tablet ... the rest will take care of itself

    Redmond will win on the fondletop, not software

    Hardware 26 Oct 11:27

  • ICO fines council £120,000 for crypto email fail

    Take the money out of the bins budget

    Security 26 Oct 11:44

  • Wales: Let's ban Gibraltar-crazy Wikipedians for 5 years

    Too bad you're not the boss, Jimbo

    Media 26 Oct 12:00

  • Amazon lends e-books free to Prime subscribers

    Better to borrow than buy?

    Tablets 26 Oct 12:36

  • EDF: We'll raise bills 11% - but only 2% is due to energy costs!

    Thank carbon emissions targets for the rest

    Government 26 Oct 12:42

  • APPLE: SCREW YOU, BRITS, everyone else says Samsung copied us

    But we will apologise because the judge said we had to

    Hardware 26 Oct 12:57

  • Ingram's Monie on money: Murky outlook for IT world ahead

    Chief of World's Biggest Distie sees murky outlook

    The Channel 26 Oct 13:11

  • Added flash fails to get network adapters out of QLogic's doors

    Server slump slams Biddiscombe right in the numbers

    Data Networking 26 Oct 13:54

  • GooPad's eight-incher gives Apple fans cheap relief

    Knock-off, early at work

    Tablets 26 Oct 14:36

  • LARGEST BELCH EVER SEEN devastates gassy GIANT Saturn

    Colossal ethylene eructation 'bigger than Earth'

    Science 26 Oct 14:36

  • EC watchdogs clear Tech Data gobble of SDG

    $350m deal gets green light, Tech Data raises funds, should all be tickety boo

    The Channel 26 Oct 14:37

  • Fujitsu to resell Violin 6000-series memory arrays

    Loose lips slip on nippy flash

    Storage 26 Oct 14:57

  • Emulex squeaks into profit: Chew on that, QLogic, 0.7 big ones

    Champagne all round! Hm, maybe cider actually

    Storage 26 Oct 15:06

  • Samsung posts record profits as Galaxy sales crush Apple

    Mobile biz powers 91% boost to Q3 bottom line

    Hardware 26 Oct 15:31

  • REVEALED: IBM's new DS3000-killing Storwise storage beast

    Have a peek at specs of the V3700 array

    Storage 26 Oct 16:11

  • Tumblr and Google App Engine down as US traffic plummets

    The sky is falling!

    Networks 26 Oct 18:26

  • The new Mac mini eviscerated with ease

    Easily upgradeable Apple kit? An endangered species

    Hardware 26 Oct 19:54

  • Feds arrest Paul Ceglia over Facebook ownership claims

    Gumshoes go all Al Capone on alleged fraudster

    Law 26 Oct 21:29

  • Headaches, delays plague Windows Store, dev claims

    'Windows 8 doesn't want your app'

    Developer 26 Oct 22:38

  • Paintballs proposed as defense against ASTEROID ATTACK

    Just in time to to deflect Apophis, destroyer of worlds

    Science 26 Oct 23:38

  • Yahoo! will! ignore! 'Do! Not! Track!' from! IE10!

    Default setting 'degrades the experience'

    Applications 26 Oct 23:59