23rd October 2012 Archive

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  • Telerik uncloaks Icenium cloudy mobile app dev suite

    Build iOS apps with no SDKs and no Mac

    Developer 23 Oct 01:26

  • Mayer wants Yahoo! to be the world's mobile portal of habit

    Company still unfocused with user data

    Business 23 Oct 01:31

  • Hong Kong's lucky mobile number hawkers revealed

    Superstitious Chinese snap up auspicious digits

    Business 23 Oct 02:27

  • AMD uncloaks 4GHz-and-up FX Series 'enthusiast' chippery

    All unlocked for your overclocking pleasure

    Hardware 23 Oct 04:01

  • Oldest unreadable alphabet yields to 'tablet' computer

    Translation breakthrough close, thanks to camera-in-LED-dome boffinry

    Science 23 Oct 04:13

  • Man rummaging for lost laptop in skip gets tipped into garbage truck

    Escapes DEATH BY TRASH COMPACTOR after screams heard

    Bootnotes 23 Oct 04:48

  • LG Vu 5in Android phone-tablet review

    Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 meets its Tegra 3-powered match

    Phones 23 Oct 07:00

  • A hundred Brit IT bods' jobs under threat at Direct Line

    Outsourcing on the agenda, says Reg source

    Jobs 23 Oct 07:28

  • Brazilians strip Google News bare: News barons decide to pull out

    Google News 'presence' in Brazil is 'small'

    Media 23 Oct 08:01

  • 'Looming menace' of evil browser extensions to be demo'd this week

    The way you'll get pwned next

    Security 23 Oct 08:27

  • Microsoft: Welcome back to PCs, ARM. Sorry about the 1990s

    Come in from the cold, we've got Windows RT tabs to flog

    Hardware 23 Oct 09:00

  • BBC pulls plug Ceefax ahead of analogue TV's end tonight

    Teletext service's final page number dialled

    Hardware 23 Oct 09:14

  • WD blames hard drive woes on dominant mobile gear, feeble PCs

    Platter patter foretells a bleak midwinter

    Storage 23 Oct 09:27

  • Arduino barebones board upgraded with 32-bit ARM

    Eying the Pi in the sky?

    Hardware 23 Oct 09:37

  • Five go wild with the Administration Tools Pack

    Nobody owns the Linuxes, Julian

    Verity Stob 23 Oct 10:00

  • Natwest biz banking service goes titsup overnight

    'Upgrade' biffs customers out of accounts

    Business 23 Oct 10:18

  • Everything Everywhere prices up UK 4G

    Big-ticket speeding

    Mobile 23 Oct 10:32

  • Music streaming service Rara slips off cloak, jumps into ring with Spotify

    Subscription music services for squares

    Media 23 Oct 10:38

  • Windows 8: An awful lot of change for a single release

    Windows 1.0, Windows 95, Windows NT - the road to Windows 8

    Windows 8 23 Oct 11:00

  • Hero police robot back on duty after 'unstable man' blasts it with shotgun

    Tin cop 'did its job', laughs off leaden hail from 12-bore

    Bootnotes 23 Oct 11:17

  • Big labels try for ISP blocking on 3 more 'pirate' sites

    BPI wants Fenopy, Kickass and H33T on blocked pirate list

    Media 23 Oct 11:37

  • Nokia flings low-end Lumia at developing world

    WinPho 7.5 for all

    Mobile 23 Oct 11:49

  • MapR simplifies and extends HBase for Hadoop

    And clones Google's Dremel to drill into big data

    Servers 23 Oct 12:05

  • Mighty Acer still weaving after 2011's knockdown punch

    Bells still ringing for PC titan

    The Channel 23 Oct 12:27

  • WHITE WHALE spent 4 years trying to tell us something, then stopped

    Startled diver 'given orders in English,' say boffins

    Science 23 Oct 12:49

  • Ubisoft forgets to ship activation codes for music game

    Cock-up stops rock-up

    Games 23 Oct 12:53

  • Riverbed Cascade appliances peek into VDI, SDN, CIFS

    No more finger pointing between server and net admins

    Virtualization 23 Oct 13:00

  • 'Deceptive' web tracker settles with FTC over personal data slurp

    Compete had been charged with sneakily grabbing names, credit card numbers

    Security 23 Oct 13:31

  • Black hole spews out 2-million-light-year-long stream of WTF

    Boffins spot X-ray blasting, star-stopping cosmic jet

    Science 23 Oct 14:08

  • iPad Mini: Why is Apple SO SCARED of the Kindle?

    Pocket stroker device may be cursed by Jobs' ghost

    Hardware 23 Oct 14:36

  • BBC's Incurious George vows to 'calibrate systems' after Savile affair

    Strangely uninquisitive 'for a journalist'

    Media 23 Oct 14:53

  • 'Petrified' insurers slam wallets shut as more resellers go titsup

    Channel insolvencies edge up in Q3

    The Channel 23 Oct 15:17

  • Save hefty Dr Who and Bond girl 'Flossie', pleads vintage computer man

    5-ton ICT1301 boasts 1 MHz clock speed, 2kB RAM

    Hardware 23 Oct 15:45

  • FISH IN SPAAACE: New 'nauts and piscine pals head for Xmas on ISS

    Baikonur blastoff boosts Soyuz to station

    Science 23 Oct 16:04

  • US patent office prepares to kill off Apple's bounce-back patent

    'Tentatively' declared invalid

    Law 23 Oct 16:23

  • Apple to live-stream Tuesday's 'a little more' event

    One catch: avalable only on Macs, iOS devices, and Apple TV

    Hardware 23 Oct 16:27

  • Greenplum opens up Big Data control freak: Chorus for all of us

    Ties up with Kaggle to head hunt algorithm geeks

    Data Centre 23 Oct 17:01

  • Cisco: Data centers are getting their cloudy acts together

    Mobile networks – not so much

    Data Networking 23 Oct 19:05

  • Apple adds Fusion Drive IO to iMac

    Cupertino gets behind hybrid drives

    Storage 23 Oct 19:09

  • Apple unveils iPad mini, upgrades its big brother

    No, it's not cheap – it's from Cupertino, remember?

    Hardware 23 Oct 19:14

  • Rackspace to ride Hortonworks elephant into the clouds

    Yahoo! should! buy! back! Hadoop! spinout!

    Servers 23 Oct 20:29

  • Apple's iPad Mini mishap: scratching out the retina screen

    1024 x 768 may be handy for developers, but it's no good for readers

    Tablets 23 Oct 20:41

  • Windows RT OEMs unveil pricing for Surface wannabes

    Don't expect to save much money

    Hardware 23 Oct 21:01

  • Apple's skinny new iMac line: Farewell, optical drives

    Adds 'Ivy Bridge' processors; removes built-in CD, DVD spinners

    Hardware 23 Oct 21:15

  • New Mac mini: Business in the front, party at the back

    Still cute, and with upgraded insides and extra ports

    Hardware 23 Oct 22:32

  • Judge says PSN hack can't spark class action

    They never promised you a rose garden

    Law 23 Oct 22:57

  • FTC issues guidelines on facial recognition technology

    Watching them, watching you

    Security 23 Oct 23:28

  • VMware profits pinched in Q3, but not as pinchy as expected

    New CEO Gelsinger gets a new CFO to match

    Financial News 23 Oct 23:42