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Google touts map APIs for enterprise

Google has announced two new APIs to its Google Maps service, designed to allow enterprises build their own location-enabled applications.

Android apps get SSL wrong, expose personal data

More than 1,000 out of a sample of 13,000 Android applications analysed by German researchers contained serious flaws in their SSL implementations.
School of six finger threadfin fish

Fish skin points to better LEDs

A trick of the light evolved by silvery fish to avoid predators could help improve optical devices like LEDs, according to a study in Nature Photonics.
Police dine Street View car for parking in reserved doctor spot

Facebook won't pull unmarked police plates page

Facebook has once again become a source of antipodean controversy after the social network reportedly declined to remove a page listing the number plates of unmarked police cars in the Australian State of Victoria.
Simon Sharwood, 21 Oct 2012