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US accused of hypocrisy over cyber warfare

Recent warnings of a "cyber–Pearl Harbor" by US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and others are hypocritical, according to a leading security expert, given that the US is responsible for most of the online attacks so far uncovered.
Iain Thomson, 20 Oct 2012

Mozilla debuts Firefox Marketplace for Android apps

Android users who enjoy living on the edge might like to try out the alpha version of Firefox Marketplace, the Mozilla Foundation's new online bazaar for mobile apps based on web technologies.
Neil McAllister, 20 Oct 2012

US climate-change skeptics losing support

Not only does a growing majority of Americans believe that global warming is, indeed, underway, but for the first time a majority have come to the conclusion that it's caused by human activity.
Rik Myslewski, 20 Oct 2012

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