18th October 2012 Archive

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  • Australia ponders patent refresh to restrain trolls

    Simple 'innovation patents' likely to get tougher regs to stop holders blocking rivals

    Policy 18 Oct 00:14

  • Huawei, ZTE probe showed no evidence of spying

    All they did was sell lousy equipment

    Government 18 Oct 00:24

  • Caltech shrinks optical accelerometers

    A light alternative to tracking mobes

    Science 18 Oct 01:00

  • Man files FCC complaint over AT&T FaceTime blocking

    Fist shaken vigorously

    Mobile 18 Oct 01:34

  • Boffins explain research with interpretive dance

    Dance your Ph.D. winner scores with 'The romantic revolution of Lightness & Strength'

    Science 18 Oct 01:40

  • Barley’s giant genome sequenced and open-sourced

    Boffins build better booze bible

    Science 18 Oct 03:02

  • ZTE execs halve pay until profits return

    Top brass sacrifice as middle management fail to volunteer for own cuts

    Financial News 18 Oct 03:22

  • Kiwi spook stood down after Dotcom SNAFU

    Dotcom talks up Megabox, Google, as only surviving movie studios

    Policy 18 Oct 04:53

  • Air China passenger arrested for in-flight phone abuse

    Five days in Beijing slammer for unlucky punter

    Law 18 Oct 05:07

  • IBM claims first with Hadoop data security suite

    Big Data tools bonanza from Big Blue

    Software 18 Oct 06:24

  • Chinese 'Thunder God' plant could crush cancer

    Traditional medicine zapped pancreatic cancer in mice

    Science 18 Oct 07:00

  • Apple iPod Nano 7G review

    The quest for the correct compact form-factor continues...

    Hardware 18 Oct 07:01

  • Users grumble after Adobe cancels Acrobat X Suite

    'Detailed analysis of product offerings' leads to more expensive software

    Applications 18 Oct 07:15

  • BOFH: Uninterruptible patsy supply

    'We are having a special this week on proton charging and storage of the beast'

    BOFH 18 Oct 07:30

  • Canonical flings out Ubuntu 12.10 – now with OPTIONAL Bezos suck

    Web-desktop love is our future

    Developer 18 Oct 08:00

  • O2 to save the British High Street ... with money-off vouchers

    Freebies for free, if you're a SME

    Small Biz 18 Oct 08:19

  • Ice sheets may stabilise for centuries, regardless of warming

    The tap filling up the oceans sometimes just turns off

    Science 18 Oct 08:38

  • On-demand streamed music services compared

    How Xbox Music stacks up against the competition

    Hardware 18 Oct 08:51

  • Tintri, it's the marmite of Virtual Desktops

    You gentlemen will relish my sauce, promises rival

    Storage 18 Oct 08:55

  • Virgin Media's blighted SuperHub NOW comes with extra squeal (oink)

    Netgear kit has even started to whine!

    Broadband 18 Oct 09:17

  • Hold my feet to the fire using open gov data, pleads minister

    Smell of burning socks to waft along Whitehall?

    Government 18 Oct 09:39

  • One year on, SSL servers STILL cower before the BEAST

    70% of sites still vulnerable to cookie monster

    Security 18 Oct 09:59

  • Morse! Shoved! Out of! Yahoo! Beneath! Giant! Golden! Parachute!

    'Termination without cause'

    Financial News 18 Oct 10:18

  • Whose cloud is the open-sourciest... Who cares?

    Money talks, a Twitter meme walks

    Developer 18 Oct 10:40

  • Ofcom probe into telcos jacking-up charges halfway through contracts

    You only thought you had a good deal

    Networks 18 Oct 10:59

  • 'Four horsemen' posse: This here security town needs a new sheriff

    Body which issues CISSP tin stars set for shakeup?

    Security 18 Oct 11:21

  • McKinnon case is NOT a precedent – says his own lawyer

    Cold comfort for O'Dwyer, Cleary et al

    Law 18 Oct 11:38

  • Google hails hacks to WinPho 8 spoiler event

    3G Nexus 7 unwrapping?

    Tablets 18 Oct 11:41

  • Outfit which will save your Freeview TV from 4G interference stands up

    Hurray, 4G signal! Boo, the telly doesn't work! Call DMSL

    Hardware 18 Oct 11:59

  • Sanitary towel firm's 'CEO' sets traumatised man straight

    'Bought her five boxes, she still hasn't been skydiving'

    Bootnotes 18 Oct 12:19

  • Microsoft plans big licencing price hikes, shifting to per-Device model

    Merry Christmas you turkeys

    The Channel 18 Oct 12:44

  • Nokia earnings pain masks intact war chest, brewing counterattack

    And don't forget the dumbphone sector either

    Financial News 18 Oct 13:18

  • UltraViolet universal movie format still a no-show

    But the online film locker has 5m members

    Hardware 18 Oct 13:24

  • Insider 'fesses up: Amazon's Glacier cloud is made of ... TAPE

    El Reg storage man Chris Mellor gets the scoop at IP Expo

    Storage 18 Oct 13:29

  • Canonical to Windows XP cliff-clingers: Ubuntu safety net's ready... now jump

    Windows 8 concentrates the mind

    Developer 18 Oct 13:49

  • Google data center spies on ITSELF: 'Like a boring version of Doom'

    Reveals Stormtroopers, propellerheads, ravenous blondes

    Data Centre 18 Oct 14:00

  • Slideshow: A History of James Bond in 20 Games

    Licensed to play

    Games 18 Oct 14:10

  • BBC Watchdog crew sink teeth into dodgy PC repair shops

    You don't need to know anything about IT to get this job...

    The Channel 18 Oct 14:40

  • Moon was formed when PLANET SMASHED INTO EARTH

    'Theia' absorbed into core, lies beneath our feet today

    Science 18 Oct 14:42

  • Ay caramba, Ubuntu 12.10: Get it right on Amazon!

    NSFW, laughable results - what were they thinking?

    Developer 18 Oct 15:00

  • Citrix lowers sword, will take more time on 'Project Avalon' virty PC broker

    Scaling to 1 million desktops... not so easy

    Virtualization 18 Oct 15:19

  • Apple loses UK 'Samsung copied us' appeal: Must publicly GROVEL

    In font no smaller than 14-point Arial, judge insists

    Law 18 Oct 15:57

  • Twitter censors bow to police, suppress Nazi tweets

    First they came for the national socialists ...

    Media 18 Oct 15:58

  • Ancient 16m-yr-old beastie caught riding on much bigger flying mount

    Astounding images of tiny aerial equestrian

    Science 18 Oct 16:53

  • Cray bags InfiniBand, Lustre smarties from SystemFabricWorks

    SFW to focus on system integration

    HPC 18 Oct 17:24

  • Google shares dive as profits reported down 20%

    Trading suspended until market calms down

    Financial News 18 Oct 17:43

  • Good news for Relational DBAs

    Looks like there will still be demand for your services

    Jobs 18 Oct 18:38

  • Newsweek succumbs to ad slippage, will kill print pub

    Bets its future on fondleslab subscribers

    Media 18 Oct 19:22

  • Apple ordered to open its books on iPhone, iPad profits

    'Show us the money' says Judge Koh

    Law 18 Oct 19:54

  • Google rolls out new, cheaper Chromebooks 'for everyone'

    Atom chips swapped out for ARM

    Hardware 18 Oct 20:23

  • Outback Communities Authority plans NBN extension

    Plans to scope privately-funded satellite alternative for 8% of Australia

    Government 18 Oct 20:45

  • AMD posts $157m loss, will lay off 15% of workers this quarter

    They said it was going to be bad, and they were right

    Financial News 18 Oct 20:53

  • Alt root user suing ICANN over dot-Web

    ION has wanted the gTLD since 2000

    Networks 18 Oct 22:22

  • Dell dream team fantasizes about flashy and easy infrastructure

    Wakes up with Active System 'enterprise solution' in hand

    Servers 18 Oct 22:58