15th October 2012 Archive

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  • Protestors target Google over that video

    Thousands insist YouTube should take down offensive film

    Media 15 Oct 00:45

  • US wireless downloads hit 1.1 trillion MB/year

    37% increase in smartphones helps wireless subscriptions top US population

    Mobile 15 Oct 02:41

  • Japan's Renesas set for £1.6bn rescue plan

    Japanese microcontroller-maker to receive government rev-up, says report

    Business 15 Oct 04:54

  • China's tech elite crack Forbes' Rich List

    Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba founders in with the big boys

    Business 15 Oct 05:37

  • Big Blue Fellow lured aboard by Dell

    RAID inventor to give Austin a good beefening

    Storage 15 Oct 06:29

  • Free games for all after EA discount code goes viral

    SNAFU meant one code worked multiple times, for multiple people

    Software 15 Oct 06:32

  • Iran blamed for ZTE's 260 PER CENT profit slump

    Chinese tech giant will close loss-making offices

    Business 15 Oct 06:50

  • Asus N56VM 15.6in notebook review

    Audio enhanced entertainer complete with a separate sub

    Laptops 15 Oct 07:00

  • OFT writes volley of stern letters to naughty web retailers

    You are in serious danger of getting another letter

    Small Biz 15 Oct 07:21

  • SAP customers fancy licence payments 'holiday'

    No staff = no users = no usage

    Applications 15 Oct 07:38

  • NURSES' natural DESIRES to be SATISFIED, by technology

    No more drinking tea and filling forms, empty that bedpan

    Government 15 Oct 07:58

  • Tremble, operators: UK gets ACCURATE mobile coverage guide

    Who is this stranger come to free us from your lying maps?

    Mobile 15 Oct 08:19

  • British car parks start reading number plates

    And tell the world you went to see Twilight

    Security 15 Oct 08:39

  • Microsoft launches ad-funded Xbox Music audio streaming

    Consoles, Win 8 kit even iDevices to be covered

    Hardware 15 Oct 08:51

  • Sky support dubs Germany 'Hitler's country'

    Told you not to mention the war

    Bootnotes 15 Oct 08:58

  • Miniature Baumgartner jumps from 128,000ft

    Playmobil Lego or it didn't happen

    SPB 15 Oct 09:15

  • The 3D die stack tack: Toshiba builds towering column of flash

    Resistance is futile

    Storage 15 Oct 09:28

  • Jam today: Raspberry Pi Ram doubled

    All boards now ship with 512MB

    Hardware 15 Oct 09:42

  • Spiceheads keep Austin weird at IT's Comic Con

    I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want

    Data Centre 15 Oct 09:47

  • Apple extends fail-prone Seagate HDD swap scheme

    Own an iMac bought in or after October 2009?

    Hardware 15 Oct 09:58

  • Win 8 ready for slate ... but biz customers can wait

    Who needs to be touchy-feely in the corporate IT world?

    The Channel 15 Oct 10:00

  • Water, water everywhere on the Moon: But not a drop to drink

    Solar wind doesn't bring on the rain

    Science 15 Oct 10:17

  • Microsoft Halo 4 launch countdown continues as game leaks online

    Master Chief makes premature ejection

    Games 15 Oct 10:22

  • Japan's Softbank offers $20.1bn to take big gulp of Sprint

    CEO: We're coming to America

    Financial News 15 Oct 10:37

  • Windows 8 ads hit US screens: Death Metal, exploding laptops

    Someone get a small kid in here, I can't work this

    Windows 8 15 Oct 10:59

  • Amazon reportedly looking to buy TI chip-maker at heart of Kindle Fire

    If you want something doing ...

    Financial News 15 Oct 11:24

  • Femto fail: Vodafone's Sure Signal gets a bit shaky again

    Requires occasional square-wave in power supply, says Voda

    Mobile 15 Oct 11:53

  • Retailer leaks iPad Mini price list starting at £200

    But inventory leaker admits catalogue could be filled with placeholders

    Hardware 15 Oct 12:28

  • iPad voice app back after patent spat: Mute kids get 'voices' back

    You WILL think of the children, judge insists

    Developer 15 Oct 12:58

  • Second LulzSec member pleads guilty to Sony hack

    HideMyAss didn't hide his ass

    Security 15 Oct 13:26

  • Affected by ebook price-fixing? Amazon has a few shiny pennies for you

    Publishers' settlement cash will go to customers

    Media 15 Oct 14:03

  • Investors shovel another $10m of 'fuel' onto the SkyFire

    Whose side are you on? Server side?

    Financial News 15 Oct 14:26

  • Paid secur-o-ware is generally better than free, but not always by a lot

    Some big names well down the rankings in lab test

    Security 15 Oct 14:58

  • AMD to decimate workforce several times over?

    Plus maybe the first born male children - reports

    Servers 15 Oct 15:29

  • Watchdog: Gov bods should rummage through BINS for FOI data

    Files sitting in electronic trash cans fair game for disclosure – ICO

    Government 15 Oct 16:04

  • 13-inch 'Retina Display' MacBook Pro to uncloak next Tuesday?

    Unconfirmed notebook to join unconfirmed tablet at unconfirmed event

    Hardware 15 Oct 17:12

  • Leaked AT&T files show planned anti-piracy measures

    Blocking websites and handing over repeat offenders

    Security 15 Oct 18:34

  • Mellanox etches software-defined networking onto SwitchX-2 chips

    Working on OpenFlow controller for fabric manager

    HPC 15 Oct 18:47

  • GIANT EYEBALL PANIC ends: Oceanic peeper identified

    Sadly, alien origin debunked

    Science 15 Oct 19:17

  • Global notebook sales tank in recent months

    One company bucks the trend big-time. Wanna guess which one?

    Hardware 15 Oct 19:34

  • Kindle DX delisted by Amazon

    Large-screen e-ink reader quietly retired

    Hardware 15 Oct 20:23

  • Cisco rolls up its own OpenStack distro

    Cloud control freaking on UCS rackers, Nexus switches

    Virtualization 15 Oct 22:08

  • NZ blogger names source for data leak tipoff

    Kiwi self-serve privacy outrage continues

    Security 15 Oct 22:15

  • Android app dev dashboard update eases headaches

    Reworked Google Play Console brings better UI, more stats

    Developer 15 Oct 22:29

  • Yahoo! hires! top! Googler! to! revamp! operations!

    Marissa Mayer gets her man – for a price

    Business 15 Oct 22:35

  • Planet hunters double down with FOUR-STAR SYSTEM

    Amateurs pluck nugget from Kepler data

    Science 15 Oct 22:37

  • Last month ties for WARMEST September on RECORD

    'Is it hot in here, baby, or it just you?'

    Science 15 Oct 23:33

  • Engineer designs glass slipper on Quora

    You shall go to the ball, Cinderella

    Bootnotes 15 Oct 23:43

  • Rackspace touts OpenStack private cloud prowess

    When will OpenStack split into enterprise and development releases?

    Virtualization 15 Oct 23:58