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Boffins baffled: HUGE EYEBALL washes up on Florida beach

A Florida beachcomber has discovered what appears to be a huge eyeball washed up on the beach, and experts are stumped as to what kind of sea creature it came from.
Iain Thomson, 12 Oct 2012
Ballmer Office 2013

Office 2013 hits RTM, will ship starting in November

Microsoft has put the finishing touches on Office 2013, paving the way for the latest version of Redmond's flagship productivity suite to reach general availability in the first quarter of 2013.
Neil McAllister, 12 Oct 2012

Harvey Weinstein wants US to adopt French piracy laws

Hollywood power player Harvey Weinstein has urged Big Content to take a “hang ‘em first and talk about it later” stance when it comes to piracy.
Natalie Apostolou, 12 Oct 2012
Comet Lulin in a composite Swift/Digital Sky Survey image

Japanese cubesat to flash Earth with Morse message

Scan the night sky next month and you may witness a rather unusual phenomenon – an tiny Japanese satellite using LEDs to beam a Morse code message earthwards.
Phil Muncaster, 12 Oct 2012

Asia skills shortages attract job-hunting IT project managers

There was good news today for IT pros keen on a move to Asia, with new data suggesting hiring expectations in the technology sector better than any other and a notable skills shortage emerging in Hong Kong.
Phil Muncaster, 12 Oct 2012
Three of Moores Cloud's lights

VR pioneer invents 'illumination-as-a-service'

In the wild, early, days of the web, hopes were high that it would spawn or host virtual realities along the lines of those imagined by the likes of Vernor Vinge and William Gibson.
Simon Sharwood, 12 Oct 2012

South Korea on top of the IT world

South Korea has once again been named the world’s most advanced ICT economy according to the latest annual study from the International Telecommunications Union, which had good news for the UK too as it crept up into the top ten.
Phil Muncaster, 12 Oct 2012
B&N Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight e-reader review

ReviewIt’s not hard to imagine how Barnes & Noble’s Nook Simple Touch initial design meeting went. Assorted hardware engineers, industrial designers and marketing types assemble to examine Amazon’s Kindle Touch and work out how they can make something better.
Tony Smith, 12 Oct 2012

Regulator spanks quiz line with record £800k fine

UK premium-line regulator PhonepayPlus has slapped Churchcastle Limited with the largest fine it has dished to date, ruling the phone-quiz host guilty of misleading and bamboozling callers with impenetrable terms and conditions.
Bill Ray, 12 Oct 2012
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Inside the mind of a Bond supervillain: Psychotic, autistic - or neither?

Bond on FilmWithout villains there'd be no James Bond. SPECTRE, SMERSH, megalomaniacal industrialists and media tycoons have all contrived fiendish, intricate plots to take over the world, seize its wealth, provoke nuclear war, destroy London’s financial system, eliminate the human race etc etc. These people and their plots have needed to be stopped, and that's where 007 has traditionally stepped in.
Michael Moran, 12 Oct 2012
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon prices up Kindle Paperwhite for Blighty

Amazon has priced up the Kindle Paperweight - sorry, Paperwhite; Freudian slip there - for the UK.
Tony Smith, 12 Oct 2012
BB10 demo, credit The Register

Hands on with BB10: Strokey dokey

PreviewThere is no back button in BB10, BlackBerry's long-awaited new operating system, because all the screens flow so intuitively you won't need one - at least according to Canadian mobe-makers Research in Motion (RIM).
Anna Leach, 12 Oct 2012

Flashboys: HEELLLP, we're trapped in a process size shrink crunch

The NAND flash industry is facing a process size shrink crunch and no replacement technology is ready. Unless 3D die stacking works, we are facing a solid state storage capacity shortage.
Chris Mellor, 12 Oct 2012
Jeff Bezos

Amazon's Bezos confirms content pays for Kindle

That Amazon makes little or no money selling its Kindle e-readers has been a popular assumption for some time. But assumption no longer - company chief Jeff Bezos has confirmed Amazon is after content sales profits instead.
Tony Smith, 12 Oct 2012

Vote NOW for the vilest Bond villain

PollIn the 50 years since Her Majesty's Secret Service first let 007 loose on the silver screen, James Bond has faced some truly fearsome adversaries.
Lester Haines, 12 Oct 2012

UK.gov tries to close site giving home addresses of badger cull figures

The British government has unleashed a legal threat against a website hosted in the US that is currently displaying the names, home addresses and personal telephone numbers of MPs, farmers and others who are said to be in support of the controversial UK badger cull.
Kelly Fiveash, 12 Oct 2012

Winston Churchill's personal papers digitised, available online

The man who famously stated that the British would "fight them on the beaches" in the event of a German invasion has had some of his less-often quoted words including his private letters (and his receipts for cigars) fully digitised and made available online in the Churchill archive.
Anna Leach, 12 Oct 2012
Samsung Galaxy S III Mini

Samsung shoots Galaxy S III with shrink ray, unveils 4in Mini

Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy S III Mini, the widely predicted compact version of the firm's flagship Android smartphone.
Caleb Cox, 12 Oct 2012

HP veep: 'Lenovo won't be No 1 in PCs... oh wait...'

QuotwThis was the week when someone laid waste to the World of Warcraft, decimating city populations and leaving behind weeping masses of MMORPG-ers who no doubt dropped to their knees, shook their fists at the heavens and screamed, "Whyyyy?".
Brid-Aine Parnell, 12 Oct 2012


Playmobil or It Didn't HappenSeriously underwhelmed is the only way to describe El Reg's reaction earlier this week to Red Hat's guerilla marketing stunt which saw the Linux outfit flash a giant ad at punters flying into Barcelona airport for VMWorld Europe:
Lester Haines, 12 Oct 2012

Dolly the Sheep creator scientist Keith Campbell dies

ObitBiologist Keith Campbell, famous for creating the first cloned mammal, Dolly the sheep, has died aged 58, the University of Nottingham said.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 12 Oct 2012

Metric versus imperial: Reg readers weigh in

PollOur suggestion earlier this week that El Reg's Special Projects Bureau get with the program(me) and convert entirely to SI Units prompted the traditional lively debate among our beloved commentards.
Lester Haines, 12 Oct 2012

Unrootable: Mash these bits together to get a CLASSIFIED spyphone

Sysadmin blogWhat does it take to build a classified smartphone? Demand clearly exists Given how readily every iPhone and Android device is rooted, infected, and otherwise compromised, the answer isn't simply "better software." In the battle to secure our mobile endpoints, operating system tricks and mobile device management will only take us so far.
Trevor Pott, 12 Oct 2012


Days after Apple explained the purple haze invading iPhone 5 photos as a holding-it-wrong problem, a new strange colour is tripping out 5-owners. This time a green glow described as a plasma bleed from the edges of the screen is appearing on some of the new handsets.
Anna Leach, 12 Oct 2012

And the latest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize is ... the EU?

The European Union has won the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize.
Kelly Fiveash, 12 Oct 2012

Why is solid-state storage so flimsy?

Something for the Weekend, Sir?No matter how much storage space you get, and no matter how much you free up later on, it always gets stuffed to the gills.
Alistair Dabbs, 12 Oct 2012

GreenBytes brandishes full-fat clone VDI pumper

VMworld BarcelonaGreenBytes, a flash-array storage vendor, appears to have re-focused on virtualised server I/O offload – and most punters here at VMworld on the Catalonian shores are asking themselves why.
Chris Mellor, 12 Oct 2012

'Mapsgate' fails to dislocate iPhone 5 demand

Were you steered away from the iPhone 5 by Apple’s ‘Mapsgate’ controversy? Were you tied by the introduction of a new, incompatible Lightning cables? If so, you're not like most potential buyers of Apple's latest phone, it seems. New research suggests these issues have had little or no impact on demand for the iPhone 5.
Tony Smith, 12 Oct 2012

Samsung, not Nokia, fans' most favoured WinPho brand

Nine per cent of folk thinking of getting a new phone in the next six months say they’re likely to go for a Windows Phone 8 device.
Tony Smith, 12 Oct 2012

Take away bad drivers' mobile phones, they still crash their cars

Chinese researchers reckon its bad drivers who cause accidents, not the phones they're using at the time, and that banning in-car use doesn't reduce accident figures significantly.
Bill Ray, 12 Oct 2012

Stone's veteran CEO Bird flies the nest

Stone Computers has confirmed that longstanding chief exec James Bird has left the building.
Paul Kunert, 12 Oct 2012

Anonymous turns on 'one man Julian Assange show' Wikileaks

Members of hacker collective Anonymous have stopped supporting Wikileaks after the site put up a paywall, saying that Wikileaks is more bothered about Julian Assange™ than getting information to the public.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 12 Oct 2012

O2 network staggers across UK

O2 has been hit by a serious failure, with reports coming in from around the UK of the network disappearing and its status page conceding some network problems.
Bill Ray, 12 Oct 2012

British computing biz going stronger than Continent - Computacenter

Computacenter's (CC) UK biz was the group's major growth engine in Q3 fuelled by the realisation of infrastructure services contracts and to a lesser extent product sales.
Paul Kunert, 12 Oct 2012

Jimmy Wales: It was Wikipedia that ended the evil of SOPA

RSA EuropeWikipedia founder Jimmy Wales said the site's blackout played a key part in defeating the USA's controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).
John Leyden, 12 Oct 2012

Online mutterings foretell iPad Mini on October 23

Rumours about the new iPad Mini have fixed the date for its launch on October 23rd, which would put the miniature slab in stores in time for Christmas.
Anna Leach, 12 Oct 2012

'Stop-gap' way to get Linux on Windows 8 machines to be issued

The Linux Foundation is temporarily supporting a Microsoft security policy to ensure Linux isn’t blocked from running on PCs installed with Windows 8.
Gavin Clarke, 12 Oct 2012

Orally urinating turtle boffin in nominative-determinism classic case

We're obliged to reader Roger Denholm for alerting us to the best example of nominative determinism we've seen for many moons - the case of Shit Fun Chew and the orally urinating turtle.
Lester Haines, 12 Oct 2012

Microsoft sues Google directly in German Maps-on-Moto lawsuit

Microsoft is taking the rare step of suing Google directly for something, tacking it onto a lawsuit against Motorola Mobility over Google Maps.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 12 Oct 2012

Small biz scrappers urged to take the fight to hackers

RSA EuropeSmall businesses should consider the possibility of developing well formulated plans for "hacking back" at aggressors in the event of a hack attack.
John Leyden, 12 Oct 2012

Kissane to mould NetApp: Time to turn off the tap on ONTAP

CommentNetApp has sharpened its focus on corporate strategy by moving incumbent product strategist Jay Kidd to a chief technology officer role and recruiting Jonathan Kissane from CA to a new chief strategy officer role.
Chris Mellor, 12 Oct 2012
Toshiba external drives

Tosh grabs 2.5-incher, heads for single platter party

Toshiba has joined Seagate and WD with a single platter 500GB drive for thin notebooks, DVRs and the like.
Chris Mellor, 12 Oct 2012

Apple to drop chip-baking partnership with Samsung?

Apple is planning to shift production of its ARM-based microprocessors from Samsung to the Taiwanese chip-baking giant TSMC as early as next year, according to a report by the China Economic News Service (CENS).
Rik Myslewski, 12 Oct 2012

Incompatible IT systems blamed for bank sale collapse

Royal Bank of Scotland's $1.7bn sale of 318 branches to Santander has gone titsup.
Drew Cullen, 12 Oct 2012

Windows 8 pricing details announced as preorders begin

Microsoft revealed full pricing details for Windows 8 on Friday as Redmond and its retail partners began accepting preorders for the new OS, which will begin shipping on October 26.
Neil McAllister, 12 Oct 2012

Apple pays up for stealing design from Swiss Railways

Apple may be willing to spend millions in court over some copyright fights, but it has learned the lessons of history and has decided not to mess with the Swiss.
Iain Thomson, 12 Oct 2012

Endeavour: donuts and a Toyota ease shuttle's drive through L.A.

If you're reading this right after we clicked The Reg's Publish button at 2:13pm Pacific Time on Friday, know that the Space Shuttle Endeavour is leaving its parking place near the corner of La Tijera Avenue and Sepulveda Eastway in Los Angeles, and continuing its journey to the California Science Center in that city's downtown Exposition Park.
Rik Myslewski, 12 Oct 2012

FTC nearing decision in Google antitrust probe

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is nearing a decision in its 16-month-long investigation into Google's search and advertising businesses, and sources say things are not looking good for the Mountain View–based company.
Neil McAllister, 12 Oct 2012

Übertroll firm bags DRM patent for 3D printing

A division of Intellectual Ventures, the IP-holding company founded by Nathan Myhrvold, Microsoft's former CTO, has been granted a patent on a system for introducing digital rights management (DRM) controls to 3D printing.
Iain Thomson, 12 Oct 2012

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