10th October 2012 Archive

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  • Cisco, Netgear, Moto let fly at patent troll Innovatio

    Cry ‘havoc’ and let slip the lawyers of war

    Law 10 00:30

  • British Library tracks rise and fall of file formats

    Analysis of 2.5 billion online files suggests software obsolescence slowing

    Software 10 00:41

  • Microsoft: Pirates at high risk of malware infection

    Freetards have only themselves to blame

    Security 10 00:42

  • Analyst warns BlackBerry 10 won't be out until March

    Still enough to beat off WinPhone 8 threat

    Mobile 10 00:44

  • IBM takes on Oracle with PureData appliances

    'Watch out, Larry, here we come'

    Data Centre 10 01:01

  • Microsoft trials Digits finger-sensing bracelet

    Power Glove for the new generation

    Hardware 10 01:16

  • Is lightspeed really a limit?

    Solving super-luminal Special Relativity without breaking Einstein

    Science 10 03:21

  • Apple Maps too good for Taiwanese military

    Cupertino told to blur images before China spots radar ... Oops

    Software 10 03:37

  • Microsoft to devs: Bug users about security … now!

    Redmond reveals how and when it decides to remind you about security

    Security 10 04:18

  • Mystery martian object is relic of (our) civilisation

    Curiosity will spend another day checking strange shiny thing just to be sure

    Science 10 04:48

  • Iran says its infosec defences foiled oil hack

    Alleges Israel tried to take down oil platforms, with Chinese involvement

    Security 10 05:01

  • Unisys pumps up ClearPath mainframes with Xeon E5s

    Just about all Intel Inside and all done with homegrown CPUs

    Servers 10 06:01

  • View 21 IPTV Freeview+HD DVR review

    iOS telly addicts, look no further

    Hardware 10 07:00

  • UK bungs £250m to factories stung by climate-change policy

    Taxpayers cough up as rules send bills soaring

    Government 10 07:32

  • Why will UK web supersnoop plan cost £1.8bn? That's a secret

    Anyway this is gov IT, we've got no idea what it'll cost

    Government 10 08:01

  • Want to know what 5G mobile is? Ask this British university

    In a bit, when they've worked it out themselves

    Mobile 10 08:20

  • Google cash brings all the cold TV leftovers you can eat to YouTube

    Mockney belly-robber, netmums and mouldy old BBC gumble

    Media 10 08:39

  • Linux on ARM breakthrough to take away Torvalds' arse pain

    One kernel to boot them all and in the darkness bind them

    Developer 10 08:58

  • Warner Music daddy chucks €130m at Spotify rival Deezer

    Zut alors!

    Financial News 10 09:19

  • Hitachi Data Systems dons converged system cloak

    Anything EMC and NetApp can do ...

    Storage 10 09:42

  • BBC unveils UltraViolet DVDs, BDs

    Latest Doctor Who series to come with download copy

    Hardware 10 09:56

  • Japanese cellco drops veil on futuristic hands-free video phone

    Life in cartoon motion

    Mobile 10 10:02

  • Samsung says 'yes' to iPhone 5-sized Galaxy S III

    No enormo-handsets please, we're Europeans

    Phones 10 10:15

  • Big Blue bigwig: Tiny processor knobs can't shrink forever

    You cannae break the laws of physics - and 7nm is the limit

    HPC 10 10:18

  • Canada: We'll boot 'security risk' firms from gov network bid race

    We won't say Hu(awei), but...

    Government 10 10:38

  • Lenovo unfolds smaller Yoga tablet-laptop hybrid

    11-incher still weighty and pricey

    Laptops 10 10:53

  • Copper-obsessed BT means UK misses out on ultrafast fibre gold

    New research finds Blighty languishing at bottom of FTTH pile

    Broadband 10 11:06

  • Boffins build program to HUNT DOWN CO2 polluters where they LIVE

    Mapping shows Barry and Clive did climate change

    Science 10 11:14

  • Ballmer aims chair at Apple after Windows package miss

    Windows failures shrink CEO's fiscal reward

    Windows 8 10 11:31

  • Apple to spice up Blighty iPads with 4G

    But Mini to be limited to Wi-Fi

    Tablets 10 11:35

  • Report: Google offers to 'brand' search results in Euro antitrust probe

    Horse-trading continues down at Choc Factory ranch

    Law 10 11:48

  • New top boss for flash upstart OCZ appears on radar

    Eyes are on Ralph Schmitt as he legs it from PLX

    Storage 10 12:04

  • UN locks Apple, Google, Microsoft in a room for patent peace summit

    'You're meant to encourage innovation, not stifle it'

    Law 10 12:23

  • German ebook firm aims low with cheap 'n' simple €10 ereader

    Companion kit only for Android mobes... for now

    Hardware 10 12:39

  • PGP founder's mobile privacy app goes live

    Zimmermann & Navy SEAL pals unveil safe comms, at $20 a month

    Security 10 13:04

  • RSA boss demands revamp of outdated privacy, security regs

    Hackers have moved on, business red tape hasn't

    Security 10 13:27

  • Bloomberg's bomb: How SEC shredded Facebook's pre-IPO claims

    I'm under regulatory scrutiny, bitch

    Government 10 13:58

  • ISS crew fling out arm, grab SpaceX Dragon capsule

    First commercial delivery docks with the station

    Science 10 14:23

  • Gavel fails to fall for Apple 1

    Auctioned micro misses reserve price

    Hardware 10 14:24

  • Microsoft fast-tracks Windows 8 Service Pack updates

    No year-long wait for Metro fans

    Windows 8 10 14:41

  • Google AND Yahoo! hijacked in Ireland after domain namespace grab

    Human error or something more sinister?

    Hosting 10 14:57

  • Sarah Brightman plans International Space Station gig

    Soprano evidently did lose heart to a Starship Trooper

    Science 10 15:28

  • Googorola yoinks Android mobes off German shelves

    Apple, Microsoft patent warfare forces European retreat

    Mobile 10 16:02

  • US boffins get Nobel for work on cell receptors

    'I didn't believe it till I heard five Swedish accents'

    Science 10 16:34

  • Speaking in Tech: The worst PR in the tech industry

    Huawei gets hammered by Congress – why is no one defending it?

    Data Centre 10 17:03

  • ARM cranks up cache and memory designs for servers

    Gearing up for the x86-ARM war

    Servers 10 18:39

  • Amazon UK leaks Windows 8 retail box, TV ads

    Here's what we're in for as October 26 approaches

    Windows 8 10 19:43

  • Supreme Court confirms telco immunity on spying charges

    As one door closes, the EFF opens another

    Law 10 20:55

  • Hoosiers to get the world's fastest academic super

    Alley-oop for privately paid for petaflops

    HPC 10 20:56

  • NSW contemplates smart licenses

    Shared services a possibility to power Services NSW

    Policy 10 22:00

  • Western Australia powers up 10 MW solar farm

    Pull the switch, Igor!

    Science 10 22:41

  • RIM opens BlackBerry 10 marketplace for submissions

    Will $10,000 woo the developers?

    Developer 10 23:27

  • Office for Android and iOS to ship by March 2013?

    Maybe, but not in the sense you're hoping for

    Applications 10 23:28