9th October 2012 Archive

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  • Surprise! Microsoft patches latest IE10 Flash vulns on time

    Issues fixes same day as Adobe's patch

    Security 09 Oct 00:04

  • USAF declassifies ‘flying saucer’ design

    Spiked 1950s project had high hopes

    Science 09 Oct 01:15

  • HP doubles up SAP hard-hearted HANA appliances

    Scaling out and adding failover clustering

    Servers 09 Oct 01:45

  • iOS 6 Alarms bug hits Australia

    USA, UK, seemingly spared daylight savings SNAFU

    Software 09 Oct 02:00

  • Fossil reveals spider in mid-strike

    Predator and prey, together forever

    Science 09 Oct 03:09

  • AMD unveils 'sweet spot' processor for 'sexy' tablets

    Z-60 aims between Atom and Core i3 for Windows 8 fondleslabs

    Tablets 09 Oct 04:01

  • Patent troll targets ZTE

    Legal hit lands after US congress adds ZTE, Huawei, to security risk list

    Business 09 Oct 04:21

  • NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson expects toothbrush commerce

    Also says Big Data is really about Little Data

    Business 09 Oct 04:36

  • Pakistan blocks 20,000 sites in wake of anti-Islam vid

    YouTube just the start for anxious censors

    Policy 09 Oct 04:59

  • New Zealand issues Hobbit money

    Previousss coins have horrible exchange rate

    Bootnotes 09 Oct 05:08

  • Huawei says US probe had 'predetermined outcome'

    Argues Congress found no “clear information or evidence” of security risk

    Security 09 Oct 06:14

  • Borderlands 2 review

    Smash and grab

    Games 09 Oct 07:00

  • IBM wrestles controls, pulls midrange array sales out of death dive

    EMC strato-jet looks down as other flap wings, gasp

    Storage 09 Oct 07:29

  • Don't delete that email! Why you must keep biz docs for 6 YEARS

    Don't be caught out when lawyers knock on the IT dept door

    Business 09 Oct 08:00

  • Citrix XenServer 6.1 fires live VMs from cannon across servers

    Wanna avoid downtime? Well, just put this helmet on...

    Servers 09 Oct 08:19

  • HTC profits lobbed off a cliff by rivals Samsung and Apple

    And revenue plunges in Q3 as mobes fail to impress punters

    Financial News 09 Oct 08:36

  • Face-recognising spy drone tech tapped up by... Quantum

    Storage giant jumps into live video processing game

    Storage 09 Oct 09:02

  • Rover spots 'possibly artificial' MYSTERY SHINY OBJECT on Mars

    Might be a piece of Curiosity, speculates NASA

    Science 09 Oct 09:20

  • SpaceX Falcon 9 flameout leaves commercial satellite in wrong orbit

    ISS cargo on track, private sector customer looking blue

    Science 09 Oct 09:28

  • New British tax-cuts-for-patents scheme criticised

    Consultants and lawyers think it's just spiffing, though

    Small Biz 09 Oct 09:38

  • Campaigners roll out political-correctness Voight-Kampff CAPTCHAs

    Works on (truthful) unrighteous - but not so well on bots

    Security 09 Oct 09:57

  • O2 flogs logs of mobe locations to anyone with a wallet

    This anonymised guy lives here, works there ...

    Mobile 09 Oct 10:19

  • That horrendous iPhone empurplement - you're holding it wrong

    'Grip your digital tool correctly, all will be well'

    Hardware 09 Oct 10:36

  • 'Apps are replacing people everywhere', says Canalys chief

    But not Channel guys delivering apps, so be one of them!

    The Channel 09 Oct 10:58

  • 'Small' upheaval at McAfee, not many fired

    The guy who knows how many, we already sacked him

    Security 09 Oct 11:43

  • HP: PC industry has forgotten how to innovate

    Windows 8? Oh, that. Listen, check out this 'sleekbook'

    The Channel 09 Oct 11:58

  • Red Hatters seal chumship with Zend on OpenShift PHP cloud

    Now you can Zend it like Beckham

    Developer 09 Oct 12:15

  • VMware crams more cloudy calories in vCloud Suite's cakehole

    Chubby control freak now with more to grab hold of

    Virtualization 09 Oct 12:30

  • iPad Mini pics spied on Twitter

    Mock-up or real deal?

    Tablets 09 Oct 12:44

  • BT Infinity customers hit by outages at 'third party peering network'

    Telco cops to five-day-long 'major packet loss'

    Broadband 09 Oct 12:51

  • Natwest's Get Cash app pulled, but NOTHING to do with frauds

    Yes there were frauds, yes it is pulled, but NO NO NO

    Security 09 Oct 13:21

  • 'It's not a post-PC world: Just a post Windows one, maybe'

    Redmond is like Apple - it makes distributors cross too

    The Channel 09 Oct 13:54

  • Google finds MORE slurped Street View data down under

    Ad giant unearths two more disks down back of sofa

    Media 09 Oct 14:37

  • Edge-of-space skydiver grounded by ANOTHER bout of bad wind

    Baumgartner's mission still on hold

    Science 09 Oct 14:45

  • Integrated storage hardware is DEAD, software firm says

    It's the food and the service that count, not the plates

    Storage 09 Oct 14:58


    Hmm, just as we thought. No sign of aliens after all

    Science 09 Oct 15:32

  • Quantum computer boffin 'had to sit down' on getting Nobel Prize call

    Deserved glory, trouserfuls of cash for French/US pair

    Science 09 Oct 16:01

  • ARM upstart Calxeda pours $55m into server chip war chest

    Hints at future 64-bit processors

    Servers 09 Oct 17:04

  • ZTE slams Congress spying claims, doubles down on sales ban

    'Ban all Chinese hardware and see where it gets you'

    Networks 09 Oct 19:55

  • Mobile phone downloads now a blip on the radar: ABS

    From miniscule to a little less miniscule

    Networks 09 Oct 21:31

  • Judge goes postal on Kim Dotcom extradition appeal

    US court rejects the 'I never got that letter' defence

    Policy 09 Oct 22:28

  • MIT team sketches nanotubes with special pencil

    This should put the lead in

    Science 09 Oct 23:10

  • Kernel crimps make Windows 8 a hacker hassle

    The kernel is the new battleground, says ReactOS and iOS co-author Alex Ionescu

    Security 09 Oct 23:48