3rd October 2012 Archive

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  • University of Minnesota demos light-powered nano-relay

    Photon amplification without electricity

    Science 03 Oct 00:02

  • HP previews OpenFlow virty network controller

    Tie those applications to the network with flexible pipes

    Virtualization 03 Oct 00:31

  • Ellison says Oracle eats own dogfood for cloud apps

    He's looking at you, Salesforce.com

    Cloud 03 Oct 00:45

  • Liquefied-air silos touted as enormo green 'leccy batteries

    Brit engineers try to keep the juice flowing

    Science 03 Oct 01:03

  • Power7+ chips debut in fat IBM midrange systems

    Near the top at first, trickling down to smaller boxes next year

    Servers 03 Oct 04:01

  • China domain name land grab about to start

    '.中国' domain ready to roll as part of ICANN's non-ASCII plan

    Networks 03 Oct 05:19

  • Share your story with Reg Australia

    Let's route around vendor marketing to share your success

    Site News 03 Oct 05:28

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review

    The most complete digital communications device known to man?

    Phones 03 Oct 07:00

  • HMRC: Moving our data to the cloud will make it MORE secure

    Skyscape deal will net £1m savings, claims UK taxman

    Government 03 Oct 07:32

  • 'Leaked' doc shock: BT denies inflating prices for rural broadband rollout

    DCMS won't comment on alleged dismissal of BDUK doc's author

    Broadband 03 Oct 08:01

  • Zombie-animating malnets increase 200% in just 6 months

    Cybercrooks beef up botnet-powering badness

    Security 03 Oct 08:18

  • Brighton marathon munchers banned from all-you-can-eat diner

    Snouts out of trough for porker pair

    Bootnotes 03 Oct 08:42

  • New science: SEAS WILL RISE due to CO2 ... but not for centuries

    Not a problem for your children, or theirs (recurring)

    Science 03 Oct 09:03

  • Momentum builds for iPad Mini launch

    Raising steam - or vapour?

    Tablets 03 Oct 09:18

  • Thank Freeview for UK 4G by mid-2013 - NOT the iPhone 5 nor EE

    Telly retuning clears way for networks to join party early

    Mobile 03 Oct 09:43

  • Google, Microsoft spar to be tech's also-ran behind King Apple

    Ads giant nicked Windows 8 biz's 2nd-place spot, but not for long

    Business 03 Oct 10:02

  • Now Space Station forced to DODGE flying Japanese junk

    First Indian, Russian debris - next Tokyo's gear is in the way

    Science 03 Oct 10:21

  • Sony PS3 sales soar on slimmer system

    Numbers up 138 per cent

    Games 03 Oct 10:31

  • Speaking in Tech: GoDaddy kills its cloud... GoDaddy had a cloud?

    Plus: Oracle Open World, Cisco switches, bad telly updates and more

    Cloud 03 Oct 10:41

  • Googorola mysteriously pulls plug on ITC Apple patent probe

    Does what no fanboi can do: drops the subject

    Business 03 Oct 10:58

  • Virgin Media's 'bye-bye to buffering' ad nuked by watchdog - AGAIN

    David Tennant told to take his baseball bat home

    Broadband 03 Oct 11:19

  • Cash in the asset: Nokia may flog global headquarters in Espoo

    As it tries to escape its economic poo

    Business 03 Oct 11:37

  • Top admen beg Microsoft to switch off 'Do Not Track' in IE 10

    Browser 'blocks our adverts choice and competition'

    Media 03 Oct 12:01

  • SCH Group prepares for life after distribution

    Banks double digit-hike in sales and profits for fiscal 2012

    The Channel 03 Oct 12:14

  • Skype touts FREE* Wi-Fi across the UK

    * If enough small biz cough up a tenner a month

    Small Biz 03 Oct 12:22

  • NIST crowns next-gen hash algorithm Keccak as official SHA-3

    After six years, we have a winner

    Security 03 Oct 12:44

  • US data show slump in Apple tablet share

    Kindle accelerates Android uptake

    Tablets 03 Oct 12:54

  • Turkish officials reach for YouTube's joystick

    Vids posted in Google's vault now tightly curbed by Ankara laws

    Media 03 Oct 13:01

  • Hey, Third World! We know what you need: Mmm, patent wars

    UK IPO signs education deal, jumps on next flight

    Government 03 Oct 13:31

  • EE sets October date to power up UK 4G network

    Works not quite on everything, not quite everywhere

    Mobile 03 Oct 14:07

  • Will Elpida be gobbled by a rival or get a multi-billion cash jab?

    Japanese court stalls decision on restructuring deals

    Business 03 Oct 14:32

  • Gather round, EMC's ol' man Tucci knows Big Data's 'killer app'

    Big cheese tells a tale of real-time analysis

    Storage 03 Oct 15:02

  • VC plans to flog or float public sector biz Civica next year

    Sugar daddies at 3i ponders exit route

    The Channel 03 Oct 15:33

  • OpenStack certification up for grabs - if you pass its Kobayashi Maru

    Klingons are in your cluster, what do you do?

    Cloud 03 Oct 16:04

  • Punch-drunk Xyratex takes another beating, expects Q4 loss

    Technical difficulties, enterprise storage droop and coming soon: crap disk drive sales

    Financial News 03 Oct 17:32

  • Riverbed plunks ESXi hypervisor in Steelhead WAN optimizers

    Gooses performance with flash, optimizes virty desktops

    Data Networking 03 Oct 17:59

  • T-Mobile and MetroPCS mobile minnows merge

    Taking on Sprint with LTE prowess

    Mobile 03 Oct 19:10

  • Oracle nudges Sparc T5s back out to 2013

    Solaris 11 gets an update, Sparc T4s carry on

    Servers 03 Oct 20:57

  • Cloud storage exempt from Ninefold's uptime boost

    Cloud company says uptime will rise yet still has all its disks in one basket

    Cloud 03 Oct 21:45

  • Pirate Bay back online as PRQ raid target confirmed

    Anonymous kicks at Swedish government sites

    Media 03 Oct 22:17

  • John Key accused of Dotcom ‘brain fade’

    February briefing hinted at illegal wiretaps

    Policy 03 Oct 22:30

  • Oz gov to test ‘all renewable’ options

    Releases base data for public scrutiny

    Policy 03 Oct 23:41