2nd October 2012 Archive

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  • Oracle stumps for community support for Java strategy

    'It's not just up to us'

    Developer 02 00:29

  • Facebook digs in over Jill Meagher page

    Australian Police worry comments could spoil murder trial

    Networks 02 00:30

  • Apple slapped with patent lawsuit over iOS 6 Passbook app

    Poker-playing, restaurant-managing software dev seeks treble damages

    Law 02 00:36

  • Pirate Bay site sinks, Swedish police raid its ISP

    Oddly, the two events aren't related

    Security 02 00:42

  • Simon Cowell plans X Factor for Tech

    The hunt for the Susan Boyle of code is on

    Business 02 02:00

  • Boffins suggest orbital dust-up to combat climate change

    Let's park an asteroid beyond the moon

    Science 02 03:00

  • Microsoft releases JavaScript alternative

    TypeScript embraces and extends JavaScript, but is open source

    Developer 02 03:52

  • Conroy wants telcos to wear undies on heads

    And make them red, says Conroy as he brags of “unfettered power”

    Networks 02 05:15

  • Guild Wars 2 game review

    A real Blizzard stomper?

    Games 02 07:00

  • Whiptail lifts flash-array skirt: We're ready for bigness

    But EMC's about to kick the door in. You ready for that?

    Storage 02 07:27

  • UK brings in small-claims court for intellectual property

    Can't afford a lawyer? Accept this much smaller payout

    Law 02 08:01

  • Sanbolic pulls out FLASH liquid, scrubs vigorously round data bowl

    Mmm! Fit to shove your head into

    Storage 02 08:19

  • EU, US edge closer to mega-transatlantic patent system

    Turns out Apple holds a patent on the idea

    Law 02 08:39

  • Varonis pushes out cloudy file transaction-tracking snitch

    Oi, who's uploading all the source code?

    Storage 02 08:58

  • Ubuntu 12.10: More to Um Bongo Linux than Amazon ads

    But as of Beta 2, y'all better get used to web apps

    Operating Systems 02 09:21

  • Ofcom tries to chop months off EE's 4G exclusive

    Spectrum jiggery pokery behind closed doors

    Mobile 02 09:42

  • Adele's Skyfall poised to fall from sky

    Latest Bond theme unleashed this Friday

    Media 02 10:01

  • WSJ bigs up Nimble and Coraid, massages their VC backers

    Storage start-ups bag spots on top 50 investor-backed firms list

    Storage 02 10:14

  • Ex-HP printer veep's job deal inked, jets off to outsourcer

    Industry vet Vyomesh Joshi lands board seat at Wipro

    The Channel 02 10:29

  • Pastafarians: Get your noodly appendages off that Facebook suspect

    Pasta-based worshippers protest arrest of man for 'blasphemy'

    Bootnotes 02 10:47

  • WTF is... VoLTE

    Why voice calls on 4G may be pants (at first)

    Mobile 02 11:00

  • Op Tuleta officers cuff 2 more computer hacking suspects

    Scotland Yard sweeps homes of suspects

    Law 02 11:14

  • Amazon UK: We're hiring 3,000 Xmas temps? Make that 10,000

    Army of Bezos' little helpers is looking swell

    Jobs 02 11:31

  • From Russia with gov: PM Medvedev glad-hands Zuckerberg

    Now build us a Facebook lab... bitch

    Financial News 02 11:48

  • Oregon farmer devoured by own hogs

    DA describes demise as 'doggone weird'

    Bootnotes 02 12:02

  • Amway daddy to flog wireless charging pioneer

    eCoupled thrown onto the auction block

    Mobile 02 12:23

  • BYOD trend could kill off role of CIO – SCC

    Disruption predicted for channel too as PC buying cycles 'fast evaporating'

    The Channel 02 13:00

  • New study: 'Fraud behind two-thirds of pulled medical papers'

    Surge in retracted findings linked to funding cuts

    Science 02 13:18

  • HTC outs Jelly Bean running One X revamp

    Faster CPU, bigger battery life, more storage

    Phones 02 13:24

  • US court lifts ban on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

    Sammy gets (a small) one in Apple's eye

    Tablets 02 13:37

  • Adobe bets on cloud collaboration for Acrobat XI

    Predicts the death of paper contracts

    Applications 02 14:09

  • Is Oracle squeezing the MySQL lemon too hard?

    If it hoards functionality, it could lose the community

    Developer 02 14:48

  • OK - who just bought a biz PC? Oh wait, none of you did

    Economy not at fault - the world's gone mobile

    The Channel 02 15:13

  • RIP Psion PLC: You're with Motorola now

    Assimilation of UK pocket PC hero is complete

    Mobile 02 15:38

  • Hackers leak 120,000 student records in raid on world's top unis

    We don't need no education - except in web programming

    Security 02 16:02

  • Juniper chops workforce by 5.3 per cent

    Dumps WAN optimization, endorses Riverbed wares

    Financial News 02 17:09

  • Samsung adds iPhone 5 to patent battle v Apple

    No, not that battle, this battle

    Law 02 17:57

  • Oracle Linux honcho 'personally hurt' by Red Hat clone claims

    'We're not the same, we're better'

    Operating Systems 02 20:59

  • Oracle claims complete cloud suite

    Takes an axe to Salesforce with CRM and social apps

    Cloud 02 21:30

  • Paul Allen: Windows 8 'promising' yet 'puzzling'

    Microsoft cofounder's verdict: 'Does certainly require adjustment'

    Windows 8 02 22:29

  • Rapper rips up Microsoft's Atlanta store during performance

    Machine Gun Kelly rap gets out of hand

    Bootnotes 02 22:36

  • Level 3 named as possible Nextgen buyer

    Fibre network sale excites speculation

    Networks 02 22:36

  • Intel spreads $40 million investment love to 10 companies

    From Silicon Valley to Bollywood

    Financial News 02 22:43

  • ACT Pirate Party outlines Lego manifesto

    Transparent parliament, plod on the pavement, hugging and sharing everywhere

    Policy 02 23:30