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Larry Ellison, photo by Oracle Corporate Communications

Oracle cranks up the flash with Exadata X3 systems

OpenWorld 2012System maker Oracle is not content with the feeds and speeds of its Exadata clusters for running data warehousing and online transaction processing, so co-founder and CEO Larry Ellison announced a fourth generation of machines with substantially expanded main and flash memory.

Svalbard overtakes medieval summers

The so-called “Medieval Warm Period” may not have been as warm – and certainly not as uniformly warm – as is commonly believed, according to research led by Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.
Richard Chirgwin, 01 Oct 2012
HP Spectre XT 13-2000ea

HP Spectre XT 13in Ivy Bridge Ultrabook review

The Spectre XT is HP’s third shot at an Ultrabook in less than six months. The gleaming Gorilla Glass livery of the original 14-inch Spectre was both eye-catching and rugged, but it was also very expensive and quite a bit heavier than you’d expect from an Ultrabook. That was quickly followed by the Envy 4, which was much more affordable but just as heavy – suggesting that HP was having a bit of trouble with the ‘ultra’ part of the equation.
Cliff Joseph, 01 Oct 2012
WD RE4 Enterprise disk drive

WD hopes biz barons will grab its new 4TB data tubs

WD has added two mainstream 4TB enterprise disk drives to its range, with Xyratex and Dell using them straight away.
Chris Mellor, 01 Oct 2012

Keep your Playboy mansion, Supermicro is my nerd vice palace

Sysadmin blogWith several clients facing refresh cycles, I've decided to poke my nose back into the tier-2 space to see what’s going on.
Trevor Pott, 01 Oct 2012

'Replace crypto-couple Alice and Bob with Sita and Rama'

A computer scientist has come up with a proposal to replace cryptography's Alice and Bob with characters from Hindu mythology.
John Leyden, 01 Oct 2012

Mem-giant Micron laments a doleful year despite cutting costs

Memory and flash fab operator Micron has reported disappointing results for its fourth fiscal 2012 quarter and the full year.
Chris Mellor, 01 Oct 2012
Barnes and Noble Nook HD+

Nook pulls on backpack, heads for Europe and flings with foreigners

There are a lot of Nooks in the US, maybe 10 million, maybe more, no one is quite certain as the company only releases revenues, which are up at around $192m a quarter for the Nook, not unit numbers. But at an average purchase price of $200 including media, that‘s about 4 million devices a year, since in first launched. But all of them are sold in the US, although not for much longer.
Faultline, 01 Oct 2012

Windows 8 early-bird users still love Windows 7 more - poll

More than half of Windows 8 users prefer Windows 7 to Microsoft's new operating system, according to a community poll.
Gavin Clarke, 01 Oct 2012
HP ElitePad 900

HP intros big biz-centric slate

HP has announced one of the business-centric tablets it has been unintentionally - perhaps - leaking in promo photos over the past few months. Alas, would-be buyers will have to wait three more months at least before they can lay hands on it.
Tony Smith, 01 Oct 2012
IBM Flex Chassis, front view

Big Blue: 'New PureSystem? Madness? No, THIS IS SPARTA!'

The details are a bit sketchy, but in a week or so IBM hopes to unveil an update for its PureSystems family of modular boxes focussed on big data and cloud computing.
FormLabs Form 1

Formlabs preps first home stereolithic 3D printer

3D printing geeks have become very excited about Formlabs' Form 1, the first home-oriented stereolithography 3D printer. While affordable 3D printers are becoming more widespread, what makes the Form 1 special is that instead of piping resin through an extruder, it uses lasers to heat and harden a point within a bath of liquid resin.
Simon Rockman, 01 Oct 2012

Scottish PhDs hoist kilt to reveal storage array killer

Imagine a shared storage resource that needs no storage array hardware at all, has no central controller like a Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA), protects your data, and involves little or no system management.
Chris Mellor, 01 Oct 2012

Nominet mulls killing off the .co from .co.uk

Nominet is seeking Brits' views on its proposals for slightly shorter .uk domain names with some layers of security thrown in.
Kelly Fiveash, 01 Oct 2012

Nokia offers its maps to enterprise: Deal inked with Oracle

Oracle has signed on the dotted line with Nokia to give its customers access to the Finnish firm's maps and location services.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 01 Oct 2012

Climate change threatens to SHRINK FISH AND CHIP SUPPERS

Climate change could threaten the quintessential British meal, the venerable fish and chips, which will only be available in small portions or not at all if boffins are correct.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 01 Oct 2012

Larry 'Shared databases are crap' Ellison reveals shared Oracle database

Billionaire Oracle chief Larry Ellison has announced his company's public and private cloud services and a multi-tenant version of his core database product, completing his Saul-like conversion from befuddled skeptic.
Gavin Clarke, 01 Oct 2012

Euro bigwig turns heat on 'unacceptable' Apple warranties

Apple's warranty ads are again under the spotlight after a European Commission big cheese blasted them as "unacceptable".
Paul Kunert, 01 Oct 2012
Microsoft System Center logo

Windows System Center 2012: The review

Deep diveMicrosoft's System Center suite of products is not easy to categorize as a group. The breadth of the offerings falling under the System Center moniker makes being asked to review all of System Center in a single article somewhat intimidating.
Trevor Pott, 01 Oct 2012

O2, Vodafone allowed to hop onto each other's towers

The UK Office of Fair Trading has formally approved O2 and Vodafone sharing infrastructure for their 2G and 3G networks, and probably upcoming 4G networks too.
Bill Ray, 01 Oct 2012

Pair face £250k fines for spamming mobes with millions of texts

Two unnamed marketers are facing fines well over £250,000 for allegedly texting millions of spam messages.
John Leyden, 01 Oct 2012

Google shovels more small-fry apps on Larry Page's pyre

Google has dumped more products as it repositions its brand as a social network in a move to shift even more adverts.
Kelly Fiveash, 01 Oct 2012

Kaminario's K2 data-gobbling champ squeezes out 2 million IOPS

The performance summit of K2, Kaminario's mountainously named flash array, has been lifted to 2 million IOPS.
Chris Mellor, 01 Oct 2012

Sharp punches out über-retina phone screen

Japanese smartphone screen makers keep packing in the pixels. The latest to do so is Sharp. Today it said it will put a 5in, 1920 x 1080 LCD into production later this month.
Tony Smith, 01 Oct 2012

Bloke jailed for being unable to use BlackBerry Messenger freed

A man jailed for 18 months after accidentally sending his BlackBerry Messenger contacts a filthy text intended for just his girlfriend has been freed on appeal.
Anna Leach, 01 Oct 2012

Beached whale on Suffolk coast - Reader snap

PicThe UK media is giving some big play to the unfortunate whale which has trapped itself on a beach in Suffolk. We can't normally spare cross-platform media operatives for tasks of this sort: but even so the Eye of the Vulture misses little, and in this case we have a picture from the scene.
Team Register, 01 Oct 2012

Capita UK offshoring plan killed by customer backlash - insiders

Unite claimed victory over Capita IT Services' (ITS) decision to tear apart its offshoring blueprint, but company insiders claim that much more pressure had been imposed on management from customers who objected to the move.
Paul Kunert, 01 Oct 2012

Avnet waves farewell to John Toal ahead of Magirus gobble

Avnet Technology Solutions (TS) is starting to restructure ahead of its acquisition of Magirus with long serving director Sukh Rayat replacing John Toal at the top of the UK organisation.
Paul Kunert, 01 Oct 2012

Motorola's Germany Xbox sales ban castrated by US judges

Motorola is not allowed to stop Microsoft Xboxes from being sold in Germany after a US appeals court agreed that the sales ban was too narrow.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 01 Oct 2012
BMC Software logo

Big mainframe shops embiggen, says BMC survey

Like mainframe-makers IBM and Unisys, BMC Software gets a sizable portion of its $2.12bn in annual revenues – and presumably a disproportionately larger portion of its profits – from those venerable old card wallopers all gussied up as modern servers. This is why BMC has been conducting surveys over the past few years on the mainframe base to help steer its own business decisions and show that the sector is stable.

Navy devs cook up Android spyware to map your location - in 3D

Indiana students working with the US Navy have demonstrated malware capable of mapping a room and creating a 3D-navigable space to help information thieves find what they're looking for.
Bill Ray, 01 Oct 2012

Better pay your taxes: The world's NOT going to end this year

Those folks counting down to the end of the world, currently scheduled for 21 December according to the Mayan calendar, are going to be disappointed, a gaggle of experts have said.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 01 Oct 2012
Optical Disc

Happy birthday, Compact Disc

The Compact Disc is 30 years old - at least if you work back to when the platform first went on sale to punters.
Tony Smith, 01 Oct 2012

Iran: Sorry for the Gmail blockade – we were trying to block YouTube

Iran has restored access to Gmail and other Google services, but a block on YouTube remains in place.
John Leyden, 01 Oct 2012

Viewsonic buries fondleslabs for punters, flogs biz tabs instead

A new plot at the consumer tablet graveyard has been dug for Viewsonic after it confirmed it is laying its fondleslabs to rest.
Paul Kunert, 01 Oct 2012

FREE mobile data – if you dance for our advertisers, monkeyboy

FreedomPop launches Monday, offering free mobile data across the US to those who have WiMAX coverage and don't look too closely at the small print.
Bill Ray, 01 Oct 2012

Gridiron builds mutant monster using NetApp's 'other' array

SAN accelerator Gridiron has doubled the performance of its TurboCharger appliance and is building its own SAN using NetApp Engenio drive arrays twinned with the TurboCharger.
Chris Mellor, 01 Oct 2012
Oracle Cloud logo

Oracle customers DEMANDED infrastructure cloud

OpenWorld 2012Oracle co-founder and CEO Larry Ellison didn't want to get into the infrastructure cloud business, but the company's customers have pushed for Oracle to do it.

Yahoo! CEO! births! bouncing! baby! boy!

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer added another title to her résumé last night: Mom.
Rik Myslewski, 01 Oct 2012

Steve Jobs resurfaces in Hong Kong

VideoDays before the first anniversary of his death on October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs has reappeared – albeit in waxy tribute, not reincarnated self.
Rik Myslewski, 01 Oct 2012

Japan enacts two-year jail terms for illegal downloading

Downloading pirated material in Japan can now earn you two years in prison and a fine of two million yen ($25,600) for each purloined file, with uploaders facing 10 years in the Big House and a fine five times as large.
Iain Thomson, 01 Oct 2012

Hackers break onto White House military network

Hackers reportedly attempted a brazen attack on a White House military network in charge of the president’s nuclear football.
John Leyden, 01 Oct 2012

Fujitsu, Oracle pair up on future 'Athena' Sparc64 chips

OpenWorld 2012During Sunday's opening keynote at Oracle's OpenWorld 2012 San Francisco shindig, longtime server and operating system partner Fujitsu talked about a future "Athena" Sparc64 processor and related systems using it that will run Oracle's Solaris Unix variant and sport special instructions for speeding up Oracle databases.
Punk-styled girl with piercing gazes at an apple

iPad mini to go on sale in one month?

A 'major Apple (AAPL) investor' citing 'multiple sources' says that Apple will inform world+dog next Wednesday of an event to be held on October 17 to announce the much-rumored iPad mini.
Rik Myslewski, 01 Oct 2012
secondary age school kids outside NBN truck

NBN Co nests satellites in WA

West Australia will house three key ground stations for the National Broadband Network’s regional satellite deployment which will begin beaming in 2015. NBN Co is making a total investment of around $AU2bn in the Long Term Satellite Service.
Natalie Apostolou, 01 Oct 2012

Analysts slash Ultrabook sales estimate by over 50%

Analyst house IHS iSuppli has slashed its forecast for Ultrabook sales by more than half for this year, and the outlook for 2013 could hardly be described as rosy, as well.
Iain Thomson, 01 Oct 2012

Cisco fluffs up freebie Nexus virtual switch

Cisco is poised to begin beta testing of the latest version of its Nexus 1000V virtual switches, including a new Essential Edition which it will offer for the low, low price of nothing at all.
Mountain Lion

Holden considers electric Commodore

The Australian arm of General Motors, Holden, is reportedly considering an electric production run of its venerable Commodore marque.
Richard Chirgwin, 01 Oct 2012

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