1st October 2012 Archive

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  • Oracle cranks up the flash with Exadata X3 systems

    Ellison: Rotating disk drives are so 20th century

    Servers 01 Oct 04:45

  • Svalbard overtakes medieval summers

    Fat algae suggest record temperatures

    Science 01 Oct 05:56

  • HP Spectre XT 13in Ivy Bridge Ultrabook review

    Slim, light, fast...

    Laptops 01 Oct 07:00

  • WD hopes biz barons will grab its new 4TB data tubs

    Drives are Western Digital's 'largest'

    Storage 01 Oct 07:28

  • Keep your Playboy mansion, Supermicro is my nerd vice palace

    I'm not ashamed to admit I was drooling over those racks

    HPC 01 Oct 08:03

  • 'Replace crypto-couple Alice and Bob with Sita and Rama'

    Even their jobs are being offshored

    Security 01 Oct 08:22

  • Mem-giant Micron laments a doleful year despite cutting costs

    Boys from Boise didn't do good

    Financial News 01 Oct 08:38

  • Nook pulls on backpack, heads for Europe and flings with foreigners

    Barnes & Noble deals with Dixons, Sainsburys and even Waitrose

    Hardware 01 Oct 09:03

  • Windows 8 early-bird users still love Windows 7 more - poll

    Fast-boot basics beat fancy Metro Modern UI

    Windows 8 01 Oct 09:19

  • HP intros big biz-centric slate

    Packing Intel's Haswell, by the looks of it

    Tablets 01 Oct 09:28

  • Big Blue: 'New PureSystem? Madness? No, THIS IS SPARTA!'

    October date set for server family launch bash

    HPC 01 Oct 09:42

  • Formlabs preps first home stereolithic 3D printer

    Laser tech makes for higher-res objects

    Hardware 01 Oct 09:50

  • Scottish PhDs hoist kilt to reveal storage array killer

    Spare PC disk bytes poured into Scotch broth of storage

    Storage 01 Oct 10:11

  • Nominet mulls killing off the .co from .co.uk

    Dear Brits, you're happy to buy another domain name, right?

    Networks 01 Oct 10:34

  • Nokia offers its maps to enterprise: Deal inked with Oracle

    Hey, it's a big load of data - Big Data, right?

    Business 01 Oct 10:43

  • Climate change threatens to SHRINK FISH AND CHIP SUPPERS

    Teeny oxygen-starved cod will hit global food supplies

    Science 01 Oct 10:59

  • Larry 'Shared databases are crap' Ellison reveals shared Oracle database

    'Then I saw her software interface, now I'm a believer'

    Cloud 01 Oct 11:25

  • The Register iPhone and Android apps: Maintenance update

    Spring Clean

    Site News 01 Oct 11:26

  • Euro bigwig turns heat on 'unacceptable' Apple warranties

    Justice Commish urges nations to probe Cupertino ads

    The Channel 01 Oct 11:43

  • Windows System Center 2012: The review

    Enterprise automation software for the masses

    Servers 01 Oct 12:01

  • O2, Vodafone allowed to hop onto each other's towers

    Watchdog approves network-sharing love-in

    Mobile 01 Oct 12:18

  • Pair face £250k fines for spamming mobes with millions of texts

    ICO gives duo a month to come up with a good excuse

    Mobile 01 Oct 12:38

  • Google shovels more small-fry apps on Larry Page's pyre

    Keeping it skinny to make fat bucks

    Networks 01 Oct 13:02

  • Kaminario's K2 data-gobbling champ squeezes out 2 million IOPS

    BuT enterprise-class storage isn't JUST about the numbers

    Storage 01 Oct 13:17

  • Sharp punches out über-retina phone screen

    Full HD in a 5in panel, anyone?

    Phones 01 Oct 13:34

  • Bloke jailed for being unable to use BlackBerry Messenger freed

    Appeal court told swim coach sent saucy text to EVERY contact

    Mobile 01 Oct 13:42

  • Beached whale on Suffolk coast - Reader snap

    Unfortunate cetacean's final resting place

    Science 01 Oct 13:42

  • Capita UK offshoring plan killed by customer backlash - insiders

    It wasn't the threat of strike that forced its hand

    The Channel 01 Oct 13:57

  • Avnet waves farewell to John Toal ahead of Magirus gobble

    Rayat takes the helm, sets course for Ambitious-land

    The Channel 01 Oct 14:21

  • Motorola's Germany Xbox sales ban castrated by US judges

    Appeal court puts a stop to ban on Microsoft boxen

    Law 01 Oct 14:25

  • Big mainframe shops embiggen, says BMC survey

    And the small fries emsmallen or jump to other fires

    Servers 01 Oct 14:36

  • Navy devs cook up Android spyware to map your location - in 3D

    Smartphone snooper stakes out the joint as you move around the room

    Applications 01 Oct 15:01

  • Better pay your taxes: The world's NOT going to end this year

    Mayan prophecy is for drought or disease, not apocalypse, say bone boffins

    Science 01 Oct 15:16

  • Happy birthday, Compact Disc

    First commercial release 30 years ago today

    Vintage 01 Oct 15:23

  • Iran: Sorry for the Gmail blockade – we were trying to block YouTube

    G+ flooded with relieved Iranians after week-long blackout

    Government 01 Oct 15:30

  • Viewsonic buries fondleslabs for punters, flogs biz tabs instead

    Bit-part kit joins list of dearly departed

    The Channel 01 Oct 16:00

  • FREE mobile data – if you dance for our advertisers, monkeyboy

    A good reason to read the small print, especially FreedomPop's

    Mobile 01 Oct 16:24

  • Gridiron builds mutant monster using NetApp's 'other' array

    Engenio plus TurboCharger = flash-handling, data-caching beast

    Storage 01 Oct 16:58

  • Oracle customers DEMANDED infrastructure cloud

    Ellison's public IaaS cloud whips out private IaaS parts

    Cloud 01 Oct 17:26

  • Yahoo! CEO! births! bouncing! baby! boy!

    Plans return to floundering web portal in '1-2 weeks'

    Business 01 Oct 17:52

  • Steve Jobs resurfaces in Hong Kong

    Thanks to near-$200K effort by Madame Tussaud's crew

    Bootnotes 01 Oct 19:32

  • Japan enacts two-year jail terms for illegal downloading

    Draconian laws mean 10 years for uploaders

    Policy 01 Oct 19:39

  • Hackers break onto White House military network

    Spear phish hits 'unclassified' presidential system

    Security 01 Oct 20:14

  • Fujitsu, Oracle pair up on future 'Athena' Sparc64 chips

    But Larry may not resell servers that use them

    Servers 01 Oct 20:55

  • iPad mini to go on sale in one month?

    Invitations October 10, unveiling October 17 ... sounds about right

    Hardware 01 Oct 21:27

  • NBN Co nests satellites in WA

    Three groundstations for regional networks

    Networks 01 Oct 21:50

  • Analysts slash Ultrabook sales estimate by over 50%

    Global 'meh' over overpriced laptops

    Hardware 01 Oct 23:08

  • Cisco fluffs up freebie Nexus virtual switch

    Big price cut, but the one with goodies still ain't free

    Virtualization 01 Oct 23:24

  • Holden considers electric Commodore

    GM's Oz outpost ponders electric version of iconic muscle car

    Science 01 Oct 23:52