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Huawei campus Shenzhen

Huawei: Inside the lair of the not-so-hidden dragon

Chinese telecoms equipment maker Huawei has a bit of an image problem. It pulled in revenues of more than £10bn in the first half of 2012, thanks to its status as the number two maker of telecommunications infrastructure in the world, just behind Ericsson. It also operates a burgeoning enterprise business and its fast-growing smartphone business has China’s second-largest market share.
Phil Muncaster, 30 Sep 2012
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AMD, Oracle tag-team on GPU acceleration for Java apps

OpenWorld 2012The offloading loading of calculations from CPUs to external accelerators such as GPU coprocessors is not just something that is restricted to supercomputer applications. Anything with lots of calculation that can exploit parallelism is a candidate for acceleration, and that means Java applications, not just Fortran or C++ code.

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