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Google spikes old MS file formats

If you’re the nostalgic type who still has much of your office content stored in Microsoft binary formats, get ready for a busy weekend: the Chocolate Factory has decided that users of older Microsoft Office versions are an anachronism, and on Monday will kill off support for .doc, .xls and .ppt file formats.
Richard Chirgwin, 27 Sep 2012

'Double Stuf' Power7+ sockets: Yummy, but so is overclocking

AnalysisIBM's first Power7+ processor systems are expected to launch on October 3, but El Reg has a modest proposal for Big Blue as it prepares its rolling rollout: take a page from the Oreo Cookies cookbook, and "Double Stuf" 'em up and down the line.
Hynix does DDR 4

DDR4 memory: Twice the speed, less power

The JEDEC Solid State Technology Association has published the specifications for the next generation of synchronous DDR memory, which promises to double the speed of DDR3 while requiring less power to operate.
Iain Thomson, 27 Sep 2012
Dick Smith Electronics Logo

325 Dicks sell for AUD$20m

Australian retailer Woolworths has offloaded the 325-store electronics chain Dick Smith to Anchorage Capital Partners for just AUD$20m.
Simon Sharwood, 27 Sep 2012

Linux-based Tizen mobile platform lives!

The Linux Foundation has released the source code and SDKs for the first alpha version of Tizen 2.0, its Linux-based smartphone OS, further fueling speculation that Samsung might be close to releasing a handset based on the platform.
Neil McAllister, 27 Sep 2012

Space Station ready to SWERVE sat junk hurtling towards it

The scheduled undocking of the ESA’s automated transfer vehicle (ATV) from the International Space Station (ISS) is being delayed as NASA and Russian managers prepare for a possible “debris avoidance maneuver” on Thursday.
Richard Chirgwin, 27 Sep 2012
Before - and after, iOS Maps. Source: Richard Cartledge/Apple Support Forums

iOS 6 maps gets thumbs up ... in China

Apple’s new Maps app in iOS6 may be getting an absolute pasting in most of the world but is providing surprisingly detailed results for China, where the fruity tech know-it-all has gone with local mapping info supplier AutoNavi.
Phil Muncaster, 27 Sep 2012

Rolling robot avatar trumps telecommuting

Telecommuting just became soooooo twentieth century, thanks to a new oddity called the 'Beam Remote Presence Device' (BRPD, depicted below) that offers you the chance to beam you mug onto the seventeen-inch monitor atop a five-foot robot intended to roll around an office.
Simon Sharwood, 27 Sep 2012
Peekabooty - censorship bears

China beats Burma in internet restriction rankings

Chinese netizens’ internet freedoms are more restricted even than residents of Burma, according to the latest annual report from independent watchdog Freedom House.
Phil Muncaster, 27 Sep 2012

Mighty quake shook ENTIRE PLANET, broke tectonic plate

An April 2012 earthquake in Indonesian may signal the breakup of the Indo-Australian tectonic plate and gave the earth's crust such a shaking that earthquakes happened all over the globe.
Simon Sharwood, 27 Sep 2012
Apple MacBook Air 13in Ivy Bridge

Apple MacBook Air 13in review

Two years ago Apple got really serious about thin and light laptops - and did something really quite important. It replaced its original Air model – that was by then almost three years old – with two new designs. The first Air had been widely perceived to be an expensive novelty, over-priced and under-powered, and it didn’t look likely to change the industry.
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Sep 2012

Big Content split on China's IP crackdown

The movie and software lobbyists don’t seem to be able to agree on whether to drop China’s biggest e-commerce marketplace site Taobao from the US government's list of "Notorious Markets" in which pirates and counterfeiters operate with impunity.
Phil Muncaster, 27 Sep 2012

Texas Instruments: Screw smartphones, put our chips in the dishwasher

Apple and Samsung are squeezing smaller chip manufacturers out of the market by only using their own chips, said a VP at chipmakers Texas Instruments.
Anna Leach, 27 Sep 2012

CPS grovels after leaking IDs of hundreds arrested during student riots

ExclusiveA botched response to a Freedom Of Information Act request could be about to cost the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) dear. Prosecutors have issued grovelling apologies after revealing the identities of over a hundred people who were arrested during the tuition-fee riots but subsequently released without charge.
Jane Fae , 27 Sep 2012

IBM takes on Amazon, wades into medium size biz clouds

IBM is about to start extolling the wonder of its cloud to medium-sized companies instead of sticking with its usual larger customers. Big Blue will the harness the power of a network of managed service providers in an effort to start a presence in a market dominated by companies like Amazon and Salesforce.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 27 Sep 2012

Aga-saga doyenne ponders how to put ebooks in public libraries

The UK's Department for Culture, Media and Sport has launched a panel to figure out how to get ebooks into public libraries in the country.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 27 Sep 2012
Google Nexus 7 Android tablet

Rumour: Asus rejects $99 Nexus 7... rumour

Google and Asus won't be releasing a $99 (£61) Nexus 7 tablet, the second of those two partners has insisted.
Tony Smith, 27 Sep 2012

Instagram on iPhone 5: Now you can spoil even MORE snaps

Apple iPhone 5 owners can now ruin tint and enrich more photos in one go on their new mobes, thanks to the extra 18 per cent of screen space and an updated Instagram app.
Anna Leach, 27 Sep 2012

McFlurry McMisdemeanour costs Welsh lass McJob

A 19-year-old Welsh lass has been relieved of her McJob after giving a fellow worker at the Llangunnor tentacle of the fast-food monolith an extra dose of chocolate pieces on a McFlurry.
Lester Haines, 27 Sep 2012
AData DashDrive Elite HE720

AData claims 'world's thinnest external HDD' crown

AData has unwrapped what it claims is the thinnest external hard drive to ever make it to market: a USB 3.0 unit that measures 8.9mm front to back.
Hard Reg, 27 Sep 2012

Got a data security policy? Chances are your IT bods don't know it

Advisory firm Forrester Research questioned 2,383 IT workers from five countries for a report called Understand The State Of Data Security And Privacy: 2012 To 2013, but only 56 per cent of those surveyed in North America and Europe said that they were aware of their employers' current data security policies, according to a media reports.
OUT-LAW.COM, 27 Sep 2012

Olympics may have been glorious, but they 'dampened IT trade'

The Olympics may have boosted the feelgood factor in London and across the wider country but it dampened trade in the IT channel - well, according to distributor Northamber anyway.
Paul Kunert, 27 Sep 2012

Steve Jobs backs Amazon from beyond grave in Apple trademark row

Amazon has asked a US court to lop off an allegation of false advertising from Apple's trademark lawsuit against the Amazon Appstore.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 27 Sep 2012

Euro watchdog to charge Microsoft on web browser choice boob

Microsoft will be slapped with "a formal proceeding into the company's breach of an agreement", the European Commission's competition chief Joaquin Almunia confirmed today.
Kelly Fiveash, 27 Sep 2012

Japanese boffins unfurl banner above newly-discovered Element 113

Japanese scientists are chuffed to bits to announce that they have discovered the so-far undiscovered superheavy element with atomic number 113, and have staked a claim to naming it - and so joining the big leagues of element-finding boffinry nations.
Lewis Page, 27 Sep 2012
Intel Atom

Intel launches ARM battery life Windows 8 Atom chip

Intel has formally launched Clover Trail, its upcoming Atom system-on-a-chip for Windows 8 tablets.
Tony Smith, 27 Sep 2012

Microsoft's Bing bods exploit fanbois' Apple maps misery

Microsoft’s Bing team is taking advantage of Apple’s map app misery to make a push for Redmond's own cartographic efforts.
Gavin Clarke, 27 Sep 2012

EU policy-makers roll out red carpet for cloud adoption

Public sector procurement regulators at the European Union (EU) look to have finally got a grasp on the issues around cloud computing in Europe – which is good news for both users and providers of cloud computing services.
David McLeman, 27 Sep 2012

Virgin ramps 4G to a whopping 90Mbps - and switches it off

Virgin Mobile has completed its 4G trials in the UK, hitting speeds of 90Mbps both indoors and out. But don't expect EE's 4G monopoly to break any time soon despite the ongoing collaboration between the two companies.
Bill Ray, 27 Sep 2012

Cops cuff Google exec over YouTube Brazilian whack vid

Google's senior exec in Brazil was detained by police for questioning yesterday after the firm refused to take down YouTube videos attacking a mayoral wannabe.
Team Register, 27 Sep 2012
OCZ VeloDrive

'Seagate's OCZ gobble was real, but went sour in CEO row'

Juicy scuttlebutt from storage insiders suggests the Seagate acquisition of OCZ fell through because the larger firm refused to give OCZ's CEO Ryan Petersen a seat on its board. According to our sources, this, in combination with flash NAND shortages at OCZ, led to Petersen's eventual resignation.
Chris Mellor, 27 Sep 2012

Tibetan STATUE found by 1930s NAZI expedition is of ALIEN ORIGIN

Life-imitating-art news on the boffinry wires today, as it has emerged that a 1938 Nazi expedition to Tibet brought back a mysterious statue or idol which has now been confirmed to be of extra-terrestrial origin.
Lewis Page, 27 Sep 2012

Now LG Display smacks Samsung with patent lawsuit over OLED

LG Display filed a retaliatory patent lawsuit against Samsung today over OLED tech used in Sammy's smartphones and tablets.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 27 Sep 2012

New I-hate-my-neighbour stickers to protect Brits' packages

From Monday the Post Office will deliver letters and parcels to the house next door if you're out - and hand out new "don't trust the people next door" stickers that will tell you at a glance what type of neighbourhood you're living in.
Bill Ray, 27 Sep 2012

Politico's locked room mystery Linux install crime solved

A surprising twist has emerged in the tale of a New York politician who found Linux had been installed on his office computer after miscreants supposedly broke into the locked room.
John Leyden, 27 Sep 2012

Ultrabooks to finally out-ship notebooks after 20% price slash

Ultrabooks are forecast to overtake notebook shipments by mid 2012 after swingeing price cuts appear to be finally reeling in some UK punters, particularly in the enterprise.
Paul Kunert, 27 Sep 2012
TalkTalk YouView set top box launch

TalkTalk's YouView box gets Ab Fab reception

UK telecoms provider TalkTalk added YouView IPTV to its product portfolio in London today with the release of its own set top box. Although made by Huawei, the telco had a hand in its interface design and offers it free to all its Plus package customers.
Bob Dormon, 27 Sep 2012
Quantcast Hadoop logo

Quantcast gives the boot to Hadoop's HDFS

There's no shortage of complaining about the limitations of the Hadoop Distributed File System that underpins the MapReduce algorithms of the Hadoop Big Data muncher, which is why quite a few companies have come up with alternatives. And now there is a new HDFS alternative from internet click counter Quantcast called – you guessed it – the Quantcast File System.

Fuming fanbois flood 'flimsy iPhone 5 Wi-Fi' forum

Punters on an Apple support forum claim they are struggling to use Wi-Fi networks with their iOS 6 gadgets. The trouble seems to affect new iPhone 5s as well as iPads and older iPhones updated to the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system.
Anna Leach, 27 Sep 2012
European Union Flag

European Commission: Cloud will save us from economic doom

The European Commission is to create cloud computing standards across its 27 member states to spur customer adoption and boost local economies.
Paul Kunert, 27 Sep 2012

Canonical bungs kill switch onto Ubuntu's Amazon 'adware'

Canonical is reining in its Ubuntu Linux distro's new Amazon "adware" desktop search feature after penguinistas vented their rage.
Gavin Clarke, 27 Sep 2012

AI game bot HUNTS DOWN ENEMIES, passes Turing Test

A gaming bot has passed the Turing Test for the first time ever by successfully mimicking the traits of human gamers including irrational grudges and poor aim over long distance.
Anna Leach, 27 Sep 2012

New Zealand Prime Minister apologizes for Dotcom spying

The Prime Minister of New Zealand has formally apologized for the illegal spying on Kim Dotcom, saying that the Government Communications and Security Bureau (GCSB) had "failed at the most basic of hurdles".
Iain Thomson, 27 Sep 2012

Curiosity photographs evidence of ancient streams on Mars

NASA has announced that the Curiosity rover has found evidence of a fast-moving stream that once flowed over the Martian surface.
Iain Thomson, 27 Sep 2012

Portugal’s prosecutor punts P2P case

Portugal has decided that personal P2P file-sharing is legal, and that an IP address isn’t sufficient evidence to launch actions against users, reports Exame Informatica.
Richard Chirgwin, 27 Sep 2012

Adobe scrambles to revoke stolen cert

Adobe has revealed an attack that compromised some of its software development servers, resulting in its code signing certificate being used to disguise malware as Adobe software.
Richard Chirgwin, 27 Sep 2012

ASIC chimes in on data retention, seeks more intercept powers

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission has dropped a stink-bomb into the data retention debate, asking the government to give it intercept powers covering e-mail, social media, text messages and phone calls.
Richard Chirgwin, 27 Sep 2012

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