25th September 2012 Archive

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  • Half of Milky Way's mass found in million-Kelvin gas cloud

    Our galaxy is but a mere speck inside a ginormous ball o' baryons

    Science 25 00:49

  • Scientists: 'Castration is the key to a longer life'

    The secret to a long life is knowing when to let them go

    Science 25 00:53

  • iPhone 5 Lightning cables sticking in USB ports

    Wires revealed, tempers frayed

    Hardware 25 01:03

  • Oracle woos open sourcers with free Java web framework

    ADF Essentials gives away the basics

    Developer 25 01:08

  • What does Steve Wozniak do at Fusion-IO?

    Reg hack bemused by Woz at down under appearance

    Storage 25 02:03

  • Most biofuels fail green test: study

    Swiss research pours cold water on eco claims

    Science 25 02:18

  • Cisco scores AU$38m NBN win

    MPLS routers, switches and firewalls will power Australia's NBN

    Business 25 04:30

  • Meet Shenzhen, tech capital of China

    El Reg journeys to the city where much of our tech is made

    Business 25 04:55

  • Myspace mutates Windows 8 with new look

    Video demo would do Redmond proud

    Networks 25 05:26

  • Apple Maps to the rescue in China/Japan conflict

    Two sets of disputed islands depicted, one for each nation

    Bootnotes 25 05:32

  • Huawei wants to be telepresence king

    Dethroning Cisco and massive domestic retail rollout to chase US$100b revenue goal

    Business 25 06:40

  • 7 English cities grab £12m for 'cash back' Green Deals

    Property owners can double-glaze away... pay nothing upfront

    Government 25 07:27

  • Brocade's former $2bn sales boss joins Riverbed

    Golden goose to flog WhiteWater, Steelhead kit

    Business 25 08:01

  • Last remaining reason to order an iPhone 5 disappears

    Taking so long to ship, it won't even be fashionable

    Mobile 25 08:24

  • Cash-rich SimpliVity bets the farm on rip-'n'-replace boxen

    Will enterprises junk legacy IT for virtual data centre-in-a-box?

    Storage 25 08:45

  • Nokia out $99 dual-Sim Asha

    Android alternative

    Phones 25 08:52

  • Man City drags Big Data into Big Football

    And Google+ grabs sweaty ballers for its Hangouts...

    Management 25 09:02

  • Samsung slams Apple patent jury, wants new trial in US

    South Koreans' filing blasts jurors for $1bn payout

    Law 25 09:43

  • Mmmm, delicious new sugar batteries keep gadgets up all night

    We.. like... full-fat batts and we cannot lie

    Science 25 09:44

  • Analogue TV snuffs it tonight on UK mainland

    Freeview to drop out briefly - but not as a mark of respect

    Hardware 25 10:24

  • Facebook denies Timeline publishes punters' private posts

    It's just a Web2.0rrhea rumour... bitch

    Networks 25 10:25

  • Curiosity rover blasts, grabs and fondles its first Martian rock

    Lump of Mars thoroughly investigated in drive-by examination

    Science 25 10:43

  • Motorola's Razr design daddy legs it, gets inside Intel

    Why bagging top electronics bod is a coup for chip giant

    Mobile 25 11:01

  • DON'T PANIC: Arctic methane emissions have been going on for ages

    'Surprising' finding of scientific survey mission

    Science 25 11:19

  • Eric Schmidt: Ha ha, NO Google maps app for iPhone 5

    'Apple should have kept ours. But what do I know?'

    Mobile 25 11:42

  • Microsoft flashes fat mobe wallet, whispers: 'Just rub our hub'

    But don't mention NFC nor Windows Phone

    Windows 8 25 12:03

  • Resellers eye up £60m-a-year UK uni software deals

    Southern University Purchasing Consortium issues the tender

    The Channel 25 12:14

  • BT to fibre up another 163 exchanges, coy on exactly where

    Keen to bag more UK.gov funds to lay cable across Blighty

    Broadband 25 12:31

  • Brave copper single-handedly chases 'suspicious' Moon

    Mystery light source baffles werewolf plod

    Bootnotes 25 12:44

  • Samsung scribbles in UK Galaxy Note II debut date

    Stylus council

    Mobile 25 13:04

  • Wikimedia UK trustee quits amid conflict-of-interest row

    Hangs on to his QRCodes, though

    Media 25 13:09

  • Nintendo confirms Wii U region lock

    Cross-border sales crossed out

    Games 25 13:30

  • Elon Musk's new re-usable, hovering rocket ship in first test liftoff

    Grasshopper hops

    Science 25 13:32

  • Dell spills beans on biz app rejig after software gobble fest

    Texan titan also polishes control-freak appliance KACE

    Software 25 14:01

  • Sony to fling $642m at scandal-hit Olympus

    Electronics firm to bag a stake as camera-maker's execs go on trial for fraud

    Business 25 14:19

  • Einstein's brain FOUND ON APPLE iPAD

    Secrets of super-boffin's mind locked in fondleslabs

    Science 25 14:36

  • Why Oracle must kiss goodbye to its database past

    Moneybags Larry hopes cloud will shower him in cash

    Management 25 15:04

  • Xbox Live gamers blown offline by 'Virgin Media routing balls-up'

    Telco and Microsoft investigating cause of outage

    Broadband 25 15:25

  • A single web link will WIPE Samsung Android smartphones

    Magic number in URL triggers factory reset

    Security 25 15:36

  • Micro Anvika Stratford goes titsup - 2012 Games 'boom fell flat'

    Samsung takes over branded store in London's East End shopping mall

    The Channel 25 15:55

  • White House 'wants Feds to draw up cyber-defences' for power plants

    Crack council to oversee water and electricity supplies

    Government 25 16:01

  • Chip strip reveals 'handmade' Apple A6

    Dual-core CPU, three GPUs exposed

    Phones 25 16:09

  • iPhone 5 'jailbroken' ... before most fanbois even have it

    All this has happened before. All this will happen again

    Mobile 25 16:28

  • iPhone 5 sales curbed by lack of smashable screens – report

    Not because demand is dropping, then?

    Mobile 25 16:48

  • Tesla Motors falls behind in Model S production, issues more shares

    Can't seem to get anything out of the door but paper

    Science 25 17:18

  • SHA-3 hash finalist Schneier calls for halt in crypto contest

    'No award' in algorithm bake-off would be best, says Bruce

    Security 25 18:02

  • Caching outfit Terracotta gives away freebie Java doritos

    Once you pop, what can't you do again?

    Servers 25 18:32

  • Ex X-IO exec Alan Atkinson takes reins at Dell's Compellent

    Just suddenly appears behind desk one day

    Storage 25 19:06

  • RIM seeks to woo developers with REO Speedwagon cover

    Shows off latest Blackberry 10 build, preps app store

    Mobile 25 19:47

  • RackWare uncloaks self, unveils cloudy control freakery

    Getting physical as well as virtual

    Virtualization 25 20:00

  • Google, Microsoft butt heads in browser benchmark battle

    Will the real real-world test please stand up?

    Applications 25 21:14

  • NASA releases stunning image of our universe's distant past

    A 13.2 billion year peek into the past

    Science 25 22:24

  • Sam Palmisano exits IBM

    New CEO Rometty has the reins, spurs, and saddle now

    Business 25 22:25

  • Nextgen on the block as Leighton seeks cash

    Metronode and Infoplex also up for sale

    Business 25 22:41

  • Intel CEO thinks Windows 8 isn't ready, insider claims

    But at least it will ship before the holidays

    Software 25 22:55

  • Microsoft extends Windows Server 2008 support

    Eighteen month stay of execution for ye olde pre-cloud OS

    Servers 25 23:03

  • Google promises autonomous cars for all within five years

    New California law clears driverless cars from 2015

    Science 25 23:13

  • Chambers says Cisco is mulling succession plans

    Top brass get out their running shoes

    Business 25 23:19

  • IEEE slips up, leaks logins

    FTP server logs unsecured, leaving Apple, Google, IBM and Oracle details exposed

    Security 25 23:37