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Half of Milky Way's mass found in million-Kelvin gas cloud

Scientists have just discovered that the extreme drought bedeviling America's midsection is being caused by a gigantic halo of hot gas surrounding the Milky Way.
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Scientists: 'Castration is the key to a longer life'

Bollocks boffins studying the effects of male sex hormones on life expectancy have concluded that becoming a eunuch may be the key to living a lot longer.
Lightning to 30-pin adaptor

iPhone 5 Lightning cables sticking in USB ports

Owners of the new iPhone 5 are reporting a sticky problem with the new "Lightning" cable used to connect their handsets to power sources or computers sticking in USB sockets.
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Oracle woos open sourcers with free Java web framework

Battling against an increasingly crowded field of Java web development frameworks, Oracle – ordinarily never one to turn away a buck – has decided to bite the bullet and offer a version of its Application Development Framework (ADF) as a free download.
Steve Wozniak with Reg Hack Simon Sharwood

What does Steve Wozniak do at Fusion-IO?

Fusion-IO rolled into Sydney this week, with CEO David Flynn and other execs duchessing media and customers with tales of super-fast flash speeding things up inside the data centre.
Cows in a North Carolina field

Most biofuels fail green test: study

A Swiss study has reconfirmed a common criticism of the use of biofuels as a replacement for fossil fuels: often, the “green” alternative merely replaces one set of environmental problems with another.

Cisco scores AU$38m NBN win

Cisco has sunk its claws deeper into NBNCo, after the networking giant picked up a tender to provide routers for the NBN's operational networks.
Shenzhen downtown

Meet Shenzhen, tech capital of China

Welcome to Shenzhen, a geek wonderland at the heart of the technology manufacturing hub of China and the world – the Pearl River Delta (PRD).
Facebook v Myspace, source:comScore

Myspace mutates Windows 8 with new look

Myspace* has released a video that shows off a new look that, at first glance, owes a fair bit to the design thinking behind Windows 8, with a dash of Pinterest thrown in for good measure.
Apple iPhone 5

Apple Maps to the rescue in China/Japan conflict

The increasingly vitriolic bun-fight between China and Japan over a disputed set of islands in the East China Sea got an unusual tech arbiter recently after it emerged that the much-maligned mapping app in iOS6 has been undertaking a rather unusual kind of virtual diplomacy.
Huawei Shenzhen headquarters

Huawei wants to be telepresence king

Chinese telecoms and handset giant Huawei has its sights on dominating yet more markets, with plans to leapfrog Cisco to top spot in the video conferencing space in three years and to expand its retail presence in thousands of domestic bricks and mortar stores to boost handset sales.
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7 English cities grab £12m for 'cash back' Green Deals

Seven English cities will receive a share of a £12m funding package to allow them to support and test the launch of the government's flagship Green Deal programme in their regions, the energy secretary has announced.

Brocade's former $2bn sales boss joins Riverbed

Brocade's recently departed worldwide sales boss Ian Whiting has popped up at Riverbed as its senior vice president for sales in the Americas region.

Last remaining reason to order an iPhone 5 disappears

Opinion OK, so it's well known that buying an iPhone 5 is a foolish decision if you want a fully-featured smartphone with any useful new technology in it (the new Apple phone isn't one, and doesn't have any). Also Steve Jobs actually died as the last one came out, so his followers would in many ways be disrespecting his memory by upgrading. It's surely too soon - it may always be too soon - for anyone with good taste to start suggesting that Tim Cook could possibly fill the shoes of the departed master, and purchasing an iPhone 5 does rather imply an endorsement of that position.

Cash-rich SimpliVity bets the farm on rip-'n'-replace boxen

SimpliVity is betting its business on the idea that existing layered server/storage and networking boxes-style IT is heading towards the crash barrier. The company has bagged $25m in funding to market and sell the hell out of its OmniCube product, the one-trick pony that does it all for virtual machines.
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Nokia out $99 dual-Sim Asha

More low-cost Asha phones from Nokia. Out in Q4, the Asha 308 and 309 will both come in Sim-free at under $100, Nokia said today.
Hard Reg, 25 2012

Man City drags Big Data into Big Football

Open ... and Shut Football is the world's most popular sport by a crushing margin. Yet for all the money and attention it gets, the beautiful game has remained doggedly anti-technology, eschewing video replays or goal-line technology despite the prevalence of such tools in other sports. One club, however, is opting to make technology a central hallmark of its game, and may well force other clubs to follow suit.
Matt Asay, 25 2012
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Samsung slams Apple patent jury, wants new trial in US

Samsung wants a new patent trial with Apple in the US, claiming the jury couldn't and shouldn't have come to its $1.05bn verdict for its iPhone-maker rival.
Aln Sugar's not a Sugababe

Mmmm, delicious new sugar batteries keep gadgets up all night

Boffins have discovered they can improve battery capacity by using sucrose - aka table sugar - to create the anode material.
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Analogue TV snuffs it tonight on UK mainland

Tyne Tees will switch off its analogue TV transmission at midnight tonight. The shutdown will mark the last region of the mainland to go entirely digital despite the obituaries written in April.
Bill Ray, 25 2012
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Facebook denies Timeline publishes punters' private posts

Facebook has denied claims it has exposed its users' private messages on their profile pages.
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Curiosity rover blasts, grabs and fondles its first Martian rock

Mars rover Curiosity has completed its first contact with the Martian surface, successfully fondling a rock with its robotic arm.
Motorola Razr i

Motorola's Razr design daddy legs it, gets inside Intel

Roger Jellicoe, the veteran engineer behind Motorola’s greatest hits – the MicroTAC, StarTAC and Razr – has joined Intel as a vice president at the newly formed Devices R&D team within its Mobile Communication Group (MCG). It's an awesome coup for Intel, and a loss for Google, after mass redundancies signalled the Chocolate Factory’s effective closure of Motorola as a top-tier phone manufacturer.

DON'T PANIC: Arctic methane emissions have been going on for ages

Scientists returning from a seaborne expedition to the Arctic say that the ongoing panic in some quarters regarding runaway emissions of methane from the chilly polar seas - and associated imminent global-warming disaster - appears to be unjustified.
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Eric Schmidt: Ha ha, NO Google maps app for iPhone 5

Google has not made a maps app for the iPhone 5, its chairman Eric Schmidt said this morning - and his company is not working on one.
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Microsoft flashes fat mobe wallet, whispers: 'Just rub our hub'

Microsoft has showed off its Windows Phone Wallet - which sits in version 8 alongside the Games and People Hubs, but stores payment and loyality cards rather than games and business cards.
Bill Ray, 25 2012
Higher Education and Further Education

Resellers eye up £60m-a-year UK uni software deals

The Southern University Purchasing Consortium (SUPC) has issued a tender to resellers for a software framework worth an estimated £60m a year.
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BT to fibre up another 163 exchanges, coy on exactly where

BT has indicated another 163 exchanges will deploy fibre in 2013 as part of its £2.5bn broadband upgrade for two thirds of the UK.
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Brave copper single-handedly chases 'suspicious' Moon

A Worcestershire copper is apparently taking some serious stick from his fellow officers after heading off into the Clent Hills to investigate a "suspicious bright light" which turned out to be nothing more sinister than the Moon.
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Android smartphone hands-on review

Samsung scribbles in UK Galaxy Note II debut date

Samsung has said that its Galaxy Note II 5.6in, 1280 x 720 smartphone-cum-tablet, which was launched earlier this month at the IFA show, will be out on Monday, 1 October.
Hard Reg, 25 2012
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Wikimedia UK trustee quits amid conflict-of-interest row

The IT consultant at the centre of the latest UK Wikipedia scandal has resigned his position as a trustee of the £1m charity Wikimedia UK.
Wii U

Nintendo confirms Wii U region lock

It's official: Nintendo is to region-lock the Wii U.
Hard Reg, 25 2012
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Elon Musk's new re-usable, hovering rocket ship in first test liftoff

SpaceX, the upstart space startup founded and bankrolled by famous internet nerdwealth kingpin Elon Musk, says it has carried out the first test of a new rocket craft which could lead to development of fully reusable spacecraft.

Dell spills beans on biz app rejig after software gobble fest

Software wannabe Dell is rejiggering the divisions within its burgeoning Software Group to rationalize them in the wake of a number of acquisitions which have seen it gulp down a serious amount of software IP. The Round Rock firm has also launched an updated KACE management appliance for both PCs and servers.
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Sony to fling $642m at scandal-hit Olympus

Sony is reportedly about to invest ¥50bn ($642m) in beleaguered digital camera-maker Olympus, giving it a 10 per cent stake in the firm.
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Einstein's brain FOUND ON APPLE iPAD

Albert Einstein's brain can now be downloaded to your trusty Apple iPad, should you own one.

Why Oracle must kiss goodbye to its database past

Open ... and Shut A few years back Apple opted to drop the "Computer" from its corporate name, and instead became "Apple Inc." Last week, Oracle made a similar move, quietly stopping its decades old practice of reporting database revenues. Oracle chief executive Larry Ellison was quick to point out on Oracle's earnings call that for its database sales force "it's business as usual." But is it? By opting to stop breaking out its database numbers, Oracle is telling the market that it's no longer a database company.
Matt Asay, 25 2012
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Xbox Live gamers blown offline by 'Virgin Media routing balls-up'

An unknown number of Virgin Media customers have been locked out of Xbox Live due to unconfirmed reports from users suggesting that routing issues are affecting the telco.
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A single web link will WIPE Samsung Android smartphones

An enterprising hacker has demonstrated how a simple web page can reset various Samsung phones back to the state they left the factory - enabling a click, bump or text to take out a victim's mobe entirely.
Bill Ray, 25 2012
frustration_anger_irritation_annoyance pain

Micro Anvika Stratford goes titsup - 2012 Games 'boom fell flat'

Micro Anvika Stratford (MAS) is in the process of being liquidated, just months after opening its first Samsung-backed and branded East London store in readiness for the Olympics.
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White House 'wants Feds to draw up cyber-defences' for power plants

The White House is reportedly getting all federal agencies together to develop voluntary cybersecurity guidelines for power, water and other critical infrastructure companies.
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Chip strip reveals 'handmade' Apple A6

Electron microscope photos of an Apple A6 processor lifted out of an iPhone 5 confirm the presence of a dual-core ARM CPU within the system-on-a-chip plus a trio of Imagination Technologues PowerVR graphics cores.
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iPhone 5 'jailbroken' ... before most fanbois even have it

Hardware enthusiasts claim they have already figured out a way to jailbreak the iPhone 5.
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iPhone 5 sales curbed by lack of smashable screens – report

Sales of the iPhone 5 on the first weekend of its release were lower than expected because the phone is so innovative, not because customer interest is tailing off, reports newswire Bloomberg.
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Tesla Motors falls behind in Model S production, issues more shares

Quality control and supply issues have slowed down the production of Tesla's Model S sedan, as the firm tries to avoid the fate of Fisker's Karma.
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SHA-3 hash finalist Schneier calls for halt in crypto contest

A US government agency will soon announce which of five remaining candidate algorithms will become SHA-3, the new hash function to replace SHA-1 and SHA-2. The latter is a key component in various security technologies, from SSL and SSH to PGP and IPsec, and must be used by law in certain US government applications.
Terracotta BigMemory Go

Caching outfit Terracotta gives away freebie Java doritos

Sometimes you have to give to get. And Terracotta, which specializes in caching programs for Java applications, has decided to give away a freebie version of its BigMemory in-memory caching appliance to try to expand its base of customers who are willing to pay for the full-on and much more scalable version of the product.

Ex X-IO exec Alan Atkinson takes reins at Dell's Compellent

X-IO's chairman and ex-CEO Alan Atkinson has joined Dell to run its Compellent operation.
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RIM seeks to woo developers with REO Speedwagon cover

Crumbling Canuck smartphone vendor RIM has taken to song in an effort to keep developers writing for the platform.
RackWare logo

RackWare uncloaks self, unveils cloudy control freakery

The market for tools to manage virtual servers and the clouds they underpin is crowded, and it just got a little more so now that startup RackWare has uncloaked with its RackWare Management Module (RMM) tool and elbowed its way into the game.
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Google, Microsoft butt heads in browser benchmark battle

Google Chrome has finally met a web benchmark suite it can't master, and no one could be happier than the Internet Explorer team at Microsoft, which has used the occasion to suggest that the Chocolate Factory's browser is not really the speed demon it's cracked up to be.
The Hubble Extreme Deep Field (XDF): an image of a small area of space in the constellation Fornax, created using Hubble Space Telescope datafrom combined Space Telescope exposures taken over a decade

NASA releases stunning image of our universe's distant past

Photo NASA has combined 10 years of deep-space photos to create what it dubs the "eXtreme Deep Field" (XDF), an image of a tiny slice of the sky that contains well over five thousand galaxies, some almost unimaginably ancient.
Palmisano Rometty IBM

Sam Palmisano exits IBM

This is Sam Palmisano's last week at the top of IBM, a company he has been running more or less since he was tapped to be president and chief operating officer back in July 2000.

Nextgen on the block as Leighton seeks cash

Some prime pieces of Australian IT&T real estate are on the block, with construction company Leighton Holdings announcing that it intends to sell network subsidiary Nextgen Networks.
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Intel CEO thinks Windows 8 isn't ready, insider claims

To hear Microsoft tell it, work on Windows 8 wrapped in August and the final version of the new OS is already shipping to PC makers. But according to a source close to Intel, Redmond's closest hardware partner thinks the current Windows 8 code is still only half-baked.
Windows Server Roadmap, Microsoft

Microsoft extends Windows Server 2008 support

Sysadmins can plan a more relaxed schedule for 2013, after Microsoft extended support for Windows Server 2008 to January 15th, 2015.
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Google promises autonomous cars for all within five years

Sergey Brin is promising Google's self-driving cars will be available for everyone within five years, and says that his company's current fleet of vehicles has managed to drive 50,000 miles without humans having to take the wheel.
Cisco CEO John Chambers

Chambers says Cisco is mulling succession plans

John Chambers has been running networking giant and systems wannabe Cisco Systems for so long that it's hard to remember the vendor existed for seven years before he came on board in 1991 to run worldwide sales and operations after spending a decade and a half at Wang Laboratories and IBM.

IEEE slips up, leaks logins

IEEE members will be scrambling to change their logins after it emerged that more than 100,000 members’ names and plaintext passwords were left in plain sight for more than a month.